Forgetting Forever

For Carissa McVeigh moving was nothing new, she lived her first five years of her life in a suit case - Staying in different hotels and apartments all around Ireland with her dad who was a work addict .
But this was her biggest move yet - from Ireland to America.
What would her new life bring?


8. Breakfast.

By the time I'd finished my breakfast, Lex had disappeared. Guess she got bored of sitting in silence. I put my plate and cup in the sink and walked up the stairs. How come dad offered for me to go over? He hasn't even seen me for more than 2 minutes in 2 days.

I looked at the grandfather clock at the top of the stairs, it came with the house. It was 4pm. I went to my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror on the back of my door. My blonde hair was now almost waist length and my natural waves, which always stayed in place, hung loosely down my back. Thats the one thing I've always loved about myself, my beautiful hair - It always reminded me of my mum. Her hair was exactly the same. I wasn't very tall - 5'4" but that's the height I liked.

    I ran my fingers through my hair, loosening up the waves even more. I opened my wardrobe and pulled out a rolling stones t-shirt, a pair of light denim shorts, grey vans and got changed. I looked at myself in the mirror again. I Looked OK. Lex appeared behind me in the mirror and smiled at me. "Lets go." she said, giggling. "Ok- What wait, you're not going anywhere" I replied, turning to face her. "Oh come onnn, nobody can see me. A girl gets a bit bored wondering around this house for a hundred years doing nothing!"She cried. I sighed deeply. "Alright, no distracting me though - That means no speaking" I said.

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