Live While Were Young

When Kaelee is sent to boarding school in England for her bad behaviour back in Canada she quickly finds that all 5 members of One Direction also attend St Cloud Academy. Being a huge fan of One Direction she egerly wants to get close to them. But with many girls to choose from. Kaelee thinks it will be a pretty hard task for a plain girl like her to get any attention from any of them. So when they all become friends Kaelee is completely Shocked. When they start to fall for her is a totally different thing..


1. The Roof

Kaelees POV

As I slowly crept up to the school my heart was pounding. I had really always been such a good girl, with many friends, but for some reason I felt like I needed to do this to really fit in. The challenge all the girls had to do to get into a special club was sleep on top of the roof. it doesnt seem like a huge deal to many, but if you got caught -Which many girls trying to get into the club have- You got in deep trouble with your parents and the school. As I was getting closer to the roof  I was starting to question what I was doing. I had friends and a Boyfriend, i dont need to be doing this to get something i already have. but as i was climbing down to go back home it was too late. the Janitor had already heard me climbing and called the police. the police had shown up moments later as i was getting to the ground. as i tried to explain to them that i was coming down to go home and it was a huge misunderstanding they didnt buy any of it. they called my parents to take me home.

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