Live While Were Young

When Kaelee is sent to boarding school in England for her bad behaviour back in Canada she quickly finds that all 5 members of One Direction also attend St Cloud Academy. Being a huge fan of One Direction she egerly wants to get close to them. But with many girls to choose from. Kaelee thinks it will be a pretty hard task for a plain girl like her to get any attention from any of them. So when they all become friends Kaelee is completely Shocked. When they start to fall for her is a totally different thing..


2. St Cloud Academy

The next morning i checked my iPhone 4s. I had a text from everyone in my school.They had all heard about it on the news. My boyfriends also texted me with some not so good news. He heard about it and thought he didnt want to be dating someone like that. He broke up with me. over a text. Thats low i thought.. As i walked out into the kitchen to await my parents and the punishment. i saw a box for the new iPhone 5 and a note that said "Kaelee, This is your new phone. This morning we recieved an email saying you were expelled from school. We have already signed you up for St. Cloud Academy in London England. we got you this phone so you can keep in touch with us better. Pack all your things, Your flight for london leaves tomorrow morning. Love Mom And Dad"  I was so shocked. i never thought my parents would do something like this. Now im off to London England. Which isnt exactly a punishment. other then all my friends and my boyfriend.. -wait... exboyfriend .. -live here. I cant imagine what life will be like in England.... One Direction  my favorite Boy band lives in England so thats a plus. But what are the chances of me ever finding them? as i went back to my room to pack while setting up my new phone I started to worry about England and what was in store for me there.

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