Live While Were Young

When Kaelee is sent to boarding school in England for her bad behaviour back in Canada she quickly finds that all 5 members of One Direction also attend St Cloud Academy. Being a huge fan of One Direction she egerly wants to get close to them. But with many girls to choose from. Kaelee thinks it will be a pretty hard task for a plain girl like her to get any attention from any of them. So when they all become friends Kaelee is completely Shocked. When they start to fall for her is a totally different thing..


3. London, England

I was at the Airport with my Parents about to Board my plane. My mom was bawling her eyes out at the thought of her little girl going to England herself. Even if it was her idea. i said my quick goodbyes and left to go on the plane. The flight took a while. i was sleeping during most of it. When i finally arived in England I got a cab to St. Cloud Academy. When i got there i was headed to the office.. wherever that was... as i was wandering the halls searching for it i saw something i was not expecting at all. I saw Niall Horan. THE Niall Horan. As i stared at him in disbelief he started to walk towards me. "Hello My name is Niall Horan, I havent seen you around here! are you new?"  i slowly shook my head up and down " My name is Kaelee.." i said nervously.. "Can you show me where the office is?" "sure!" Niall said as he started walking me towards the office. When i arrived i said thanks and headed into the office. I asked for my room and got my schedule. I headed to my Dorm room to walk in and find another girl in there. when i knocked on the door she turned around to greet me. and who else could it be but Louis's Girlfriend Elanor Calder. She quickly introduced herself " Hey im Elanor! i Guess were roomates" she said with a smile. This is so weird i thought. first running into Niall Horan in the hall and now im roomates with Elanor Calder! I started to Unpack my things as i thought about everything that happened so far.

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