Just war time boy ( staring Zayn Malik )

Its May 1945 , Zayn Malik age 17 had a dream .
That dream ended world war 2


1. Bombs

The first bomb dropped from the sky and you could hear people from the village screamming and running . All you could see was buildings falling from the ground and grey smoke crowding the air. A few yards away another bomb was dropped , you could feel the land vibrating which caused more buildings to start crumbling to the ground. Extrordinary numbers of people where coming from all directions were running into the air-raid shelters, young mothers were running out of homes with crying children who have just been woken up to get out the house. Zayn and 14 other men ran to them and grabbed the children without hesitation  to try and get everyone to safety as quick as possible . Everything was happening so quickly and the noise was almost deafening .

The home guards took a list of everyone in the air raid shelter , the list went on for miles but when they finally took note of every man women and child inside , they read out two peoples names that where not on the list , Penny Blackworth ; the old woman than owned the sweet shop at the end of the road , most probally killed by the runble of her house as it fell , and the last name made the entire air raid shelter , of 1200 people , go silent

" Tricia Malik "

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