One direction love story

Hey everybody, this story is about two girls called Lisa and Sophie. They are best friends and live in London. They both love one direction even if Sophie is a bigger fan than Lisa. But what happens when they go to they're new apartment with their family? What happens when they find out who they're neighbors are? And what happens when they fall in love?
Read it to find out, and please tell me what you think(-:


3. The note

After i had told her everythink she just looked at me. "Wait, what did you just say?" "i said-" "I know what you said, but how can that be posible?!" she said loudly and looked at me, while she made an 'o' shape with her mouth. " I dont know?" i said.

Harry's Point of view:
I couldn't forget her blue, green eyes. I didnt know her name, but she was so beautiful. And her brown hair, it was still wet after she was out from the shower. "HARRY!" i quikly turned my head, and realised that i had ben daydreaming about our new neighbour girl. "Yea?" i answered back, and looked at the boys. "We just asked if you wanted to go to McDonald's later?" Niall said, and looked worried at me. "yea sure." i answered and looked out of the window. We were on out way to the studio and record a new song. I had ben a while since we were there, so everyone was exited to go. I was also exited, but not as much as the other boys. I had ben thinking about the neighbour girl, that i even barely knew since we went down the stairs in the hallway. I just couldnt get her out of my mind, and i knew that i had to do something about it. I had to go to her apartment and talk with her. Find out about her interests and her name. Just thinking about her smile, and the way she blushed when we stod in the door made me smile. I couldnt wait to see her again.

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