One direction love story

Hey everybody, this story is about two girls called Lisa and Sophie. They are best friends and live in London. They both love one direction even if Sophie is a bigger fan than Lisa. But what happens when they go to they're new apartment with their family? What happens when they find out who they're neighbors are? And what happens when they fall in love?
Read it to find out, and please tell me what you think(-:


1. The new apartment

"Come on Lisa , we are here" I opened my eyes. Finally we were in London, I looked at the car behind us and saw Sophie. I pointed at my phone to say we should text each other. I rubbed my eyes and looked out. It was dark and late night I there werent just as many people as at the day. I puttet some music in my ear, when I got a message from Sophie. "I'm soooo exited to see if any hot guys live next to us!(-;" I smiled at her text but agreed. Hopefully there was at least someone on our age, 16 and 17. A young age, but we were really mature already. We drove a half an hour before we finally pulled up at a parking spot. "is this the apartment?" I asked standing outside a big building, with a box with all my most important things in. "Yes it is sweetie" my mom replyed and smiled. I looked over at Sophie and made a stupid face. She just laughed at it and started to walk to the front door. We got up in our apartments and they were actually really cool, and had the most amazing view over a bit of London. I settled down in what I should start to call my room now. I pulled out my laptop to go on Facebook and twitter. I saw that I got a message on Facebook from my boyfriend Lucas. "hey boo, I already miss you like hell! I hope you have nice trip, call me when u got the Time, I love you!" was what showed up under the last messages. I missed him so much. I wish I didn't have to leave, but atleast Sophie could come with us. I went on twitter and tweeted one direction saying "just arrived in London. I have an amazing view, all I need right now is to see our new neighbors and you guys. I live you!" I tweeted it and turned on my phone instead. I've got some few messages but not really anything interesting, so I went on instagram and poster a picture of me with some small text in the corner saying "I love London". I got a madras from my parents, told everyone goodnight and went to bed.
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