One direction love story

Hey everybody, this story is about two girls called Lisa and Sophie. They are best friends and live in London. They both love one direction even if Sophie is a bigger fan than Lisa. But what happens when they go to they're new apartment with their family? What happens when they find out who they're neighbors are? And what happens when they fall in love?
Read it to find out, and please tell me what you think(-:


2. neighbours

I woke up around 11 a.m . Everyone else were still sleeping, so i just went straight to the badroom and took a shower. It always cleared my thoughs when the hot water touched my skin and went down to the sink. I turned of the water and stepped out. I blow dried my hair, when i suddenly heard noises from outside. I turned of the hairdryer and listened. "Should we say hey today?" i heard some boy say. i didnt really think more about t and just took a towel around my body. I had orded some breakfast to come and when it knockedd on the door i opened, but it wasnt the breakfast man. no it was our neighbours. It was 5 boys, with hoodies, hats and suncclasses on, who were around Sophies and my age. "Omg im so sorry" one of them said. Only now i realised i was still in only a towel so i quikly slammed the door shut and pulled on some clothes. "Erhm. Sorry about that" i said blushing. I could tell that they thought it was really funny. But it really wasnt. "Its okay. We wanted to introduce us self" another of them said. then i realised it. "omg!" i said loudly and looked at them. "Your are" before i could finish out speaking Harry Said "one direction" i just stod there. i could do anything and when i snaped out of my dream world i realised they saw that i had ben in some kind of trance. "Hahah, well we gotta go now, but we wanted to ask if we could show you guys London sometime?" Naill said and smiled at me. "Sure!" i said an nodded. We said goodbye and then they went down the hall.  closed the door and when i turned around Sophie was standing behind me. "Who was that?" she asked.

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