together forever???

rated p g 13when alexa goes to england to descover her dreams and get away from secret drama will she find the the dream she wants or be tugged back in to more trouble with more scary secrets and will she find some unexpected love with someone she never thought she could have...... if you read it and i know people are tell me what you think plz


7. the toy story duel/ the game

  alex's point of view

omg i cant belive it i am inside harry styles flat this is so cool i gotta tweet i pull out my phone and start tweeting when i feel a hot breath on my neck omg its niall horan and hes touching me he whispers in my ear something i cant hear and spins me around hi im niall and u r


hi alex im hungry are you

um sorta

god let me show you my favorite room THE KITCHEN  and he grabbed my hand and we walked into the kithcen to eat


i spun around and stuck my tongue out at him

he goes and sticks his tongue back out at me then makes a silly face you better take care of my bff

oh yeah im the bff and i did a little dance

louis asked for a air five and pretended i missed and started fake crying saying i hit him i start to play along and run up to him and go i sorry baby are you ok he pouts at me and in a childs voice says no i dont like u go away and with that i go with niall to the kitchen

alexas point of view

boys this is alexa alexa this is the boys hey hi sup they say to me besides liam he is to busy starring at the television screen i go and run over to harry and start having a tickle tag game with him when i notice louis starring kinda jelously like so i stop and poke him and then go sit in between louises legs on the floor he asked if i wanna sit on the sofa and i say no i was puurrrfectly comfortable being anywhere near one direction  so i ask liam who is still starring at the tv screen who is better buzz lighter or woody he says buzzlighter so i had to prove him wrong so he came and sat ont he sofa besides louis and we start arguing who is better 2 hoours later niall and harry and zayn and alex are all sitting in the hot tube chatting while even thought the move is over me and liam sit on the floor still arguing and now louis is playing with my phone and my hair he asks if we wanna go to the hottube i say yeah liam goes to change so we can finish the argument louis goes to his room to change and i go to the bathroom to change good thing i reminded alex and myself to pack swimsuits but before i walk into the bathroom i stop louis and ask him

are we friends?? he answers with a playful slap and says how dare you question me and with that he girly walks to his room turn around and goes hmmp like a snotty girl and shuts the door and i start laughing and change to find louis waiting for me as we walk and talk i notice him starring i take my index finger and stop him and decide to play a game i get all up and personal and put him to the wall and put a hand on his hip and move it down to his thign and trail closer to the dick put my head onto his as our lips just about touched and we where nose to nose sense he was still starring i took his chin and made him look at me i took my hand off his lower tigh and point at my toppys this is mine to have not yours and my eyes are up here and with that i walk into the hutube room leaving louis to trail right behind me.hat a fun day i think i might just take him to bed after the hottube.NO ALEXA my consions yelled HE MAY NOT LIKE U AND U MAYBE A FAN BUT HE COULD BE THAT PLUS HE IS DATING ELEANOR

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