together forever???

rated p g 13when alexa goes to england to descover her dreams and get away from secret drama will she find the the dream she wants or be tugged back in to more trouble with more scary secrets and will she find some unexpected love with someone she never thought she could have...... if you read it and i know people are tell me what you think plz


8. sorry

ok so i am gonna give u a heads up i am at a block and usally i dont write anything with sexual contact but im at a block so im taking all my favorite books and kinda adding some of there stuff so i would probably stop here if u are a child or a grown up who cant act like one so yeah i would stop reading if u cant even go through the last 7 chapters so yeah if u keep reading i hope u enjoy also u guys should also read a book called

FAULT AND BLAME super god i mean amazing and also u should comment on it the write wrote it for a compition and its super good so give them positive feed back because it is super good

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