together forever???

rated p g 13when alexa goes to england to descover her dreams and get away from secret drama will she find the the dream she wants or be tugged back in to more trouble with more scary secrets and will she find some unexpected love with someone she never thought she could have...... if you read it and i know people are tell me what you think plz


5. omg im sorry

              alexas point of view

as we where driving through england in our new rental car just for now intill i can get my own car .... first i need a job...

omg i cant belive we are actually in england was all i could think about and alex was over there giberring on as usal she of corse had the radio on when my favorite song came on omg i love this song i told alex turn it up. she cranked up the music and we started belting the lyrics. OHHH IM BROKEN DO YOU HEAR ME IM BLINDED BUT YOU ARE EVERYTHING I SEE IM DANCING ALONE IM PRAYING THAT YOUR HEART WILL JUST TURN AROUND AND AS I WALK UP TO YOUR DOOR MY HEAD  TURNS TO FACE THE FLOOR CAUSE I CANT LOOK YOU IN THE EYES AND SAY WHEN HE OPENS  HIS ARMS AND HOLDS YOU CLOSE TONIGHT IT JUST WONT FEEL RIGHT CAUSE I CAN LOVE YOU MORE THEN THIS YEAH WHEN HE LAYS YOU DOWN I MIGHT JUST DIE INSIDE CAUSE I CAN LOVE YOU MORE THEN THIS IF LOUDER WOULD YOU SEE ME  AHHHH HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SREACH CRASH BOOM!! OH MY FUCKING GOD  i had just rammed into the back of this beautiful car his brakes screeched and he jumped out and started towards the car i looked at alex ohh fucking shit was all i could say


      louis' point of veiw

omg this dude seriously just ran into the back of my car thats it hes dead no not dead hes going to jail he clearly saw my car. i walked up to the car and was about to knock when i fell down did he seriously just open the door onto my face god damit this dude was so screwed i opened my eyes and saw her face she was so beautiful ....wait what was she talking to me?? what i asked the beautiful girl she started to cry she bent down beside me oh my god are you ok i am so sorry i didnt mean to i was in the car and wasnt paying atention and i i i i..... i couldnt hear her i was to busy staring at her god i could look at her all day then i  noticed her tears i sat up and and said hey hey hey its ok it was a accident shh shhs shh quit crying its ok she looked at me god she was hot i couldnt get her out of my head i just keeped thinking about being with her.. naked... i shook my head stop it lou you dont know her and shes crying so  so fix it hey hey quit crying its ok she looked up at me im sorry its ok heyy ur car got worse damadge then mine let me give you to a ride she nodded and her and her friend got in my broken bumpered car

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