together forever???

rated p g 13when alexa goes to england to descover her dreams and get away from secret drama will she find the the dream she wants or be tugged back in to more trouble with more scary secrets and will she find some unexpected love with someone she never thought she could have...... if you read it and i know people are tell me what you think plz


6. gibber gabber blah blah wink

alex's point of view

i cant belive we just crashed into the back of louis tomlinsons car. OMG WE JUST CRASHED INTO LOUIS TOMLISONS CAR . hi louis im alex her friend and shes alexa and ur obviouslt louis i like the color purple and she likes pink i already know you like red i have the same jeans  as you of course they are in women not men i love your hair today see my hair could SHUTTT TUPP ALEX alexa yelled at me meow alexa dang dont be mad at me cause you smashed the car louis coughed no its ok i like hearing her talk she talks a mile a minute its super funny. thank you louis i stuck my tongue out at alexa see i turned to louis omg alexa can talk faster then me i swear if u get her started she wouldnt stop sometimes it gets super annoying but i love her and she loves me but not like that im as straight as a circle... i mean square sorry blonde moment oh really louis said he looked at alexa and winked

louis point of veiw

this girl alex is super funny

so girls where are you heading

they both looked at each other and shrugged um we havent figered that out yet just drop us off at the mcdonalds

nonsense i exclammed you must come meet the boys i must say they are crazy but dont worry im crazier then them

i know you are alex said

GURL U MUST BE ACTIN ALL CRA CRA i said we all laughed and pulled into the drive way of harrys flat i knew all of the boys would be there to watch toy story with liam since he just got back from his mums for 3 months

well come in girls dont act shy and then i took them in

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