together forever???

rated p g 13when alexa goes to england to descover her dreams and get away from secret drama will she find the the dream she wants or be tugged back in to more trouble with more scary secrets and will she find some unexpected love with someone she never thought she could have...... if you read it and i know people are tell me what you think plz


1. come with me!!!!

oh alexa i dont want you to go,cried alexas best friend alex. i know alex ill really miss you but i gotta get out of here away from the secrets and trouble. i just wanna start fresh maybe ill come back and we can go SHOPPING. alex stopped she started to laugh. you never miss a chance to shop do you?? nope alexa said secretly wishing alex would stop being a baby. the  girls then got outta their secret hide out in the back of alexas closet and went down for some breakfast.when the where almost downstairs  alexa got a idea. OHH MY GOD ALEX I HAVE A IDEA I HAVE A IDEA. what is it??  COME TO ENGLAND WITH ME!! U COULD GET A PLANE TICKET AT THE AIRPORT AND WE CAN STAY TOGETHER!! ok let me call my mom. and with that alex went back upstairs to grab her cell phone and call her mom. then alexa walked into the kitchen. hello sweetheart her mom said. hi alexa are you gonna go see garrett and tell him bye before you leave for england. alexas back stiffened to the call of his name. then she remembered the memories and last nights dreams. NOOO ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME!!! alexa screamed. her mom quickly spun around and yelled DONT USE THAT TONE WITH ME YOU LITTLE BRAT.she stopped took to breathes and calmly asked alexa why?.umm alexa fogot her mom could never know. i just dont wanna see him and then cry because ill really miss him. then before jody ( alexas mom) could say anything else alex came screaming and trooting down the stairs ALEXA ALEXA ALEXA SHE SAID SHE SAID SHE SAID... then sense alex was as big a cluts as alexa she fell and hit her butt on the ground. she stopped and just sat there staring at alexa and her mom.they both waited for her to do something. alex started busting out laughing then so did alexa she suddenly tripped over alex's foot  and fell they started laughing louder. alexas mom turned around and put bacon on the table you two girls are crazy she said. the girls stopped and sat at the table they both eyeballed each other then yelled at the same time BACON!! and both raced for the bacon ( alexas mom didnt like breakfast) then there was only one peice left the both retced for it alexa growlled alex hissed then they both laughed and split it in half. OH YEAH  MY MOM SAID YES!! they both got up and jumped and screamed GIRLS BE QUIET AND IF UR MOM SAYS YOU CAN GO YOU BOTH BETTER GET READY THE PLANE LEAVES IN 2 HOURS BUT YOU BOTH GOTTA GET READY AND WE GOTTA GET ALEX SOME BAGS AND ITS A 20 MINUTE DRIVE SO CHOP CHOP then the girls ran upstairs to get ready

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