Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


2. Chapter Two: A Flash Back

Hayden walks out and rubs his eyes "Sissy!" he moans.

I run up to him and give him a monster, bear hug. He giggles and smiles, I get up and go to the kitchen.

"Hayden? I'm cooking! What would you like for breakfast?" he runs up and grabs my legs.

"Bacon? Ewggs?" I laugh at his childish ways and go to the cupboard, I search up and down when I realize that I'm at the wrong thing. I make my way over to the fridge and open it, I scan all the food that we have and grab the eggs, milk and bacon . I get Hayden to grab the pan out and he hands it to me.

"Okay. Aw, little chef, do you wanna crack the eggs? " He nods and I hand him the eggs. He carefully cracks them like I told him to like a professional. I run up the stairs and take Hayden with me.

"Time to get dressed , mawaha" He laughed at my evil monster laugh . I grab him some trackies\Sweat pants and a blue striped t-shirt. I pull the t-shirt over his head and pull his pants up, he is already 3 and potty trained.


I laugh at my weird thought and go downstairs, I pulled the pan off and turned the stove off . I cut the fat off Hayden's bacon then slid some eggs on, I got mine ready and put the on the table.

"HAYDEN? Were did that little monster go to?" I walked around the house screaming his name, he was no-where to be found.

I walked to the lounge room to see that the front door was open. I froze and had a flash back, Mum and Dad were here, they were so happy. A tear trickled down my eye, I wiped it and got my keys than ran out the door.

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