Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six: Um.

I looked at them with a confused look.I pretended that i didn't know anything , but it hurt inside to know that he didn't want kids yet.We were already about 22.But i did still want to do alot of stuff like travel and stuff.But we haven't got time for that! Harry already traveled.Ofcourse beause he has gone on tours and stuff , all the Directioners accept me into their group , i'm like Eleanor and Perrie and was like Danielle but Liam and her broke up.I was heart-broken they were amazing together and Liam has gone pear-shaped ever since , i feel for him.It's like me and Harry the love of my life breaking up but i don't think that we would , i hope.

But some directioners hate me , i recieve hate from facebook.Everything you could imagine , but no-one has ever sent me death threats.I have never betrayed Harry and thats why they respect me.We have already been together for a few years , i dunno maybe 1 and a half.


I ran downstairs , they sqeek as i go down them.I was about to grab my car keys when the boys yell out my name , i ran out to them and saw they were gonna go find him in their van.I ran over to Niall and he hugged me.He was nie and warm , like Harry.I knew he would protect me , whatever happens.


We ran out to the car i sat at the back-back with Nialler , we talked for awhile and then sat there.Silent.

When we finally found his car it was at a hotel , i was the first one to run and jump out.I walked into the fancy hotel and asked what room Harry Styles was in.The kind lady told me and i walked to the room , i walked into the elevator with Nialler.The boys behind us , we went up to his room , 3008.I knocked on the door and a handsome man opened the door "HARRY!" i screamed and hugged him.He wasn't that mad any more , he let us in and i got a drink.I sat on his lap and he held my waist.


After time of talking , they all asked Harry why he was like that , and why he left .He looked at me with a conserned look.I just nodded , He Looked at them and braced himself , "Do you need help Hazza?" he just nodded."Well , Um i am kinda" i looked at Harry he just smiled "PREGNANT" Harry yelled out all the boys gasped and congratulated us."Guys i don't know how many months or anything okay" they all nodded with huge grins on their faces. 

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