Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Doctors Appointment

"So guys" Zayn looked at us , "Do you guys know what it is yet? or did you just find out" I finally peered at Zayn after kissing Harry."Uhm nup , i'm hoping it's a girl but i don't are as long as it's healthy" I looked at Harry he just nodded at me then started to talk to Nialler.I joined in to the convosation , Nialler looked at me as if he didn't want me to know what they were talking about.I backed away and looked at Harry nervously.He just looked at me with a conserned face.I turned around to see Liam , he was about to talk to me."Hi Resmay" i smiled at him , what did he want?."Um since me and Danielle broke up , we haven't been talking much.And um" he stopped , i knew what he wanted.He wanted me to talk to her for him , make them become really good friends again."You wanted me to talk to her and say that you guys wanna be friends" he just nodded.I understood."Well Lee , do you wanna come to the docters appointment with me and Harry? to see the baby?" he had a spark in his eye , "YES!" he screamed and hugged me.Maybe that was what he needed , to stop thinking about Dani.

I walked over to Niall "Hey Nialler" , he looked at me with excitment."Yes ma'am?" i laughed at him , he was so weird at times."Okaaay? but do you want to come and see the baby with Me , Harry and Liam?" he jumped up with excitment "Yes! Yes!" , he pulled me close and hugged me tight then bent down to my belly."Hello little one" he got back up."Can't wait" he kissed my cheak and walked away.I walked over to Harry , he grabbed my waist and pulled me in , tight , i looked up to him and kissed him.


We rang up the doctor , finally i can see this baby!

We hopped in the car on the way to the docters.Harry started the engine and pulled the break back.We started to drive there when i looked at Niall , he looked nervous and didn't know what he was doing."Nialler? are you okay?" he looked at me and shook his head.We just looked out the window the whole time.We didn't talk , it was complete.Silence.


When we arrived to the docters Nialler helped me out , i said thanks but he didn't say anything back.We rushed into the place , it was all white.Atleast it wasn;t like a dark nightmare.

"Resmay?" we all walked in and the docter directed me to the seat , i sat down and listened to him."Well we have to put jelly on your stomach." He smiled at me and i smiled back , he grabbed the jelly stuff and rubbed it on my cold belly."After this it might make you wanna go to the toilet" i just nodded and looked at the screen.All the boys looked nervous and Harry held my hand.At times he would get shakey but he would calm down after i kissed him.

The docter found a head , and another....and another.

Me and Harry were shocked but i knew that it wouldeither be twins or triples , i do have a twin sister.The babies hearts were normal , everythinh was just fine.The docter was so surprised to see triplets.He told us how many weeks\months i was and that i could have a miscarraige.I didn't want to think about that know so i thought of happy thoughts of Harry playing with them and having a great time.

I was 2 months at this stage and my belly was pretty big , but i just thought i was bloated for most of the time.

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