Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


21. Chapter Twenty-One: Don't Make Me Cry!

I closed my eyes for a second , thinking about all the sleep i could get.but i don't wanna miss a thing , he looked lifeless laying in that bed.i'm used to one of his funny jokes and his curly hair jumping up and down as he walked.


Harry's P.O.V -

I was in a dark cell , i didn't know what was happening to me.I felt lifeless , i couldn't move.I knew the Resmay is there , holding my hand waiting for me to wake up , i tried so hard to get out.I heard Louis and my amazing girlfriend but i couldn't see them.I was still trapped , in this cell.Waiting for help.


Louis's P.O.V -

Resmay was going crazy.She needed to get out of here , somewhere to let everything out.Home.Somewhere she could let her hair down.She needed it.Bad.


Resmay's P.O.V -

I was watching Harry , he was looking bad , i called the docter.He had some news.

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