Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


29. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Harry.

3 Months later. :)



My stomach was getting bigger , each day.Harry slept with me and he cuddled my belly most of the time , i can't belive i found Harry.Well he found me.

The triples were going better than ever but they take everything out of me.They are taking whatever i have and i feel like fainting at times.

The morning sickness isn't that bad but i hate waking up in the morning and vomiting.I am now five months , and i don't have a long time to go.Harry has been setting up the cots well not really 'TRIEING" to set them up but he just gets fustrated and leaves.

Lou said that he could help but it was no use , i just laughed at them the whole way through it.They didn't look very happy.Harry is just over reacting.He is really tense if they hurt me.But it's what happens in every pregnancy , all the boys are really happy.Niall helps me , i feel like an old granny.The way Nialler helps me is so cute , i am so lucky to have him as one of my best friends , i haven't returned to college.It was no point in doing it , i am already older and i just didn't want to go back to , pressure and bulling.


Resmay is so strong going through this pregnancy.They take every single thing out of her but she still trys and pushs harder.

I can't wait till these little wonders come into the big world , i have been eager to know their genders but i do want it to be a big 'surprise'.



I Know it is a really crap chapter again  but i can't wait for these little wonders to come.Well i might do another chapter todaay.





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