Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


24. Chapter Twenty-Four: I hate Surprises.

After i went downstairs i saw all the boys except Harry crowding around.I slowly walked up to see what they were talking about , " Resmay!"  they all turned around and looked 'Happy'.They had huge grins on their faces." Whaat?"  I slowly dragged the word and looked at them , they looked suspisious.Lou was looking at the ground while smiling like a total idiot , " Guys?"  they all looked at the ground." What were you guys planning?!"." Okay then don't tell me , i'll find out myself!"  i walked away slowly and ran upstairs." Hazza? Babe" , i ran to my room to see him sitting on the bed talking to Hayden " Awhhhhhhh".He grinned at me and i picked up Hayden "what were you doing while we were gone? how was being baby-sat?".He just nodded and we walked downstairs to make some food.To my surprise they weren't planning anything this time.I sighed and walked to the kitchen.


"Guys?! what do you want for lunch?"  I walked to the lounge room and asked them all , "PIZZA!"  I looked at Nialler and gave him a confused glare , he just smiled back."Okay then , PIZZA!"  , i smiled at Nialler then walked over to the phone."GUYS?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"  they started yelling answers at me "Meat-lovers!!"  , "bacon and cheese!"  , "EVERY KIND OF PIZZA!"  i laughed at Nialler then dialled the number.I gave them what Pizzas we wanted then i hung up."Guys it'll be here in about 20 minutes!"  they all nodded and i sat on Nialler's lap on the lounge.


The door bell rang and i grabbed some money for the Pizza , $50 apparently , 'wow alot of money' i thought to myself.I grabbed all the Pizza and put it on the dining table "GUYS! PIZZA IS REEEAAAADDDYY!"  they all started bolting to the kitchen\Dining room , i grabbed 4 peices of pizza then ran to the lounge room  to get the best  seat , Harry's lap."Hey babe"  i smiled at him with Pizza in my mouth.He just grinned and made me hop off , he grabbed at movie and put it on.He sat down again and i sat on his lap.

The movie was 'Scream 3' , all the boys thought that it was scary.I just laughed at them.

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