Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


25. Chapter Twenty-Five: I Can't Be Late..

I ran upstairs while the boys watch the 'scary' movie.I checked the date i was supposed to have my period , (i know it's weird)  I was supposed to have it a few weeks ago.I got worried , It's not! no! , i grabbed the testing packet and pulled one out.I ran into the bathroom and tested .'NEGATIVE' i sighed in relief , maybe just one more.I pulled one more out 'Please , please' i thought to myself as i walked into the bathroom.

I walked out , shocked NO!.


I nearly let out a scream.I ran to the other side of the room and sat in the corner , Harry came in "Babe? what's wrong" he ran over and hugged me.I looked at him and then the ground "positive" he looked at me , confused."Whaat?"  i looked over at the bed , he trailed his eyes the same direction , he slowly walked over to see what was clearly on the bed."NO!" he yelled and i cried even more , he rubbed his head and sat next to me "are you sure that it was positive , babe go check again" i slowly got up and walked over to the bed.'If we had one , then our lifes would be complete' i got a bit of hope this time but it didn't feel right.

I walked out of the bathroom trieing not to grin , but i couldn't stop.It was just shining through my face.I gave the test to Harry , he tried to smile but just stormed out of the room.I guess he didn't want one right now , just not now.

I could hear the engine of the car turn on , he was leaving.I don't even know where he was going but he seemed pretty mad.I walked out and all of the boys were looking out the window , staring at the car that had just reversed.

I slowly walked down the stairs , the boys stared at me , like i just commited a murder.Liam finally spoke up "Um whats wrong with your boyfriend?" they all started to stare at me.I don't wanna tell them that i'm pregnant , maybe later in the pregnancy but it's too early now.Well i think.

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