Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: WHAT!

After the docters appointment we had to sort some stuff out , like about our 3 monthly check-up to see how our wonderful babies were.The docter said i can't lift and bent , i sighed i needed to lift.I asked the docter if everything will be okay? he just said that it was at a critical stage right now.He asked us if i wanted to know the genders.But i said , no.It was our first 'ones' and we wanted it to be a big surprise.


We walked out of the Place and walked over to the car.Harry opened it and i hopped into the front next to Harry , he started to talk about how our lifes are going to be diffrent and how happy he will be.I just agreed with him , he told me that he'll  there every step of the way.Lou , Niall and Liam just sat there . maybe thinking about how Harry can't go out and party , get drunk and even going on tours.He couldn't spent nearly a year away from his children.That would be hreat-breaking.The kids would hardly even know him.They wouldn't even know what he looked like.I just hope that the Directioners have a big problem with this.But it is our choice and not theirs.Harry said that he might even spilt with the band.I told him no! this was his life-dream and he wanted this.But just some things had to change , this was a huge step in our relationship.It would prove if he was good with kids or not.

We parked the car into the car into the garage.We jumped out of the car and headed inside.Liam walked inside and sat on the lounge and started to talk with all the boys.They looked at us with gleaming eyes."What happened there?" i braced my self and took a deep breath."Well Zayn , it isn't just one bubb it's acctually um three" i had the biggest grin on my fae but his face was lifeless , he might think Harry will split and go solo or just quit.



Sorry this is a really bad chapter , i don't have much time , i'm so sorry.This was a really crap chapter.But please comment what you think and what YOU want to happen :)

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