Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


12. Chapter Twelve: Romance

After our kiss we got our bed and stuff ready , then Harry said he Has a surprise for me.

We walked out of the tent , to my surprise he set up a beautiful romantic dinner."Awh Harry!" , He smiled and grabbed my waist and kissed me , sparks flew and i felt alive.For once in my life.

Harry sat me down and pushed in the chair I said "thank you" in a classy voice and Harry just laughed.he served us lobster and for our drinks 'Fire-engines' I laughed at Harry's childish ways and started eating.

After our amazing dinner that Harry 'Apparently' made us.We got dressed Into our P-j's and had a wrestling fight.He toppled me over and we both started to laugh historically.Then i pretended to hurt my foot , which he fell for.I Then pushed him over and he pretended to be asleep , I walked over to him and he grabbed my let like a vampire.i fell over and he clibed up and yelled out "I'm the king of the world!" he jumped down and laied on the bed with me, then i got a piggy-back ride and i tried to give him one but i wasn't strong enough.After all our fun and games , we settled down and brushed our teeth we did the tooth brush dance , Brushed our hair (Even Harry joined in) then got in bed , all cozy and warm.Harry cuddled me in his arms so i didn't get cold.We watched eachother all night and talked about family and what is gonna happen when we get married.How much kids we want , and i even opened up to Harry.Everyone tried to but they couldn't I wouldn't let them.I told him about my mum and dad and his name , Harry was being so sympathetic.I loved him so much , and after that he told me about his life , his plans for a job and how much kids he wants.We share alot of things in common , that was the good things.He told me what happened in his life that was his worst nightmares , I loved that he opened up to me too.After our chats we fell asleep.

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