Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


3. Chapter Three: Hayden!

I start running towards the car, memories flooding back.


I shook them away only needing to think of my poor little brother.

I jumped into the car , my mind racing. Thinking of all the good memories that we had and how someone had to take them all away from Hayden and I.


I can't even say his name it scares me to think of him and what horrible thing he did to my mum and dad and that now he is locked up, away. Forever.

I turn on the engine and pull the brakes, I know that I will find him, I know it!

He can't be that far? Please God.I start to reverse backwards, I forget all the things that we went through and go. I start heading up - to where I think he might of went, Kirra's House. His best friend. Tears start to rapidly escape my eyes.


I know I'll find him, I know I will.


I pulled into Kirra's house to see no-one, not a single soul. I run up to the door and knocked quietly, No-one answered. I ran to the windows and they were all down, every single one.

I jump back into the car, thinking of how im supposed to find my lost little brother. Maybe at the house, waiting for me? Is he that smart or is that just me.

I start driving around wondering where he could be, My thoughts wonder and then stops when I see a little boy, Hayden's age trying to cross the road. I get out of the car and grab him, not to speak a word till we got home.


I popped him in the car and jumped in the front seat, I didn't know what he was thinking. I started the engine again.


We drove home.


In silence.

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