Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


31. Chapter Thirty-One: Heart-Breaker.

I ran to the car Niall running after me , the boys slowly hopped into the car and closed the door shut.They we're still shocked about what they saw.I held on-to Niall , he was the one i could hold.We slowly drove away , tears escaping my eyes.



I can't belive what i just did ! , but her beautiful body laying on me , her soft heart-beat.Beating on my chest.When my girlfriend , well ex now.She was shattered , i did tell her that i would take care of her and protect her.I can't belive! what i had just done!.

What if she were to tell the world i did that! my career will be crushed.A tear fell from my eye , i wiped it before the girl in my bed saw it.

She looked up at me and gazed at me , "hey?" i painted a fake smile on my face.She came closer and kissed me , passionatly.She started to get her clothes on , and started to walk off.She just left me? didn't say anything , well thanks.

I have no-one , the lads saw and they were crushed.I couldn't ever show my face again.Resmay is having MY babies? mine.She won't have a father figure for them , they would grow up without a father?.I slowly sat down , thinking about what i should do.But she'll never again exept me , what i did was horrifieing.Even to me.

I was going to propose , but thats never gonna happen now.I ruined my own life! I should just crawl in a hole and die , right there.



I can't belive , i actually saw Harry.With another girl , when Resmay left , tears escaping her eyes.I felt some bad for her , imagine how she felt.But i knew would would happen.They aren't ment for each-other , well thats my opinion , and i already knew that Niall and Resmay had something going on.Love triangles , uggh they are so confusing!.



My best mate? , did something so.Undescribable.

I would never ever in my life betray my own sweetheart , the way he did that it's mean , rude.UGH!.I don't even know what was going through his mind!.



Why couldn't the world just be a peaceful place? , that people could never do that?.I wish i never seen that.




I hoped you liked this chapter!

Who should she be with? Niall loves her! you already knew that but will he get his girl?



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