Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


30. Chapter Thirty: I Can't Believe You..

I woke up with back pains , i was in a bad mood.I slowly walked out of bed and stretched , over the past weeks i went in a class with Harry , it told us how to have '$ex' with a baby or babies in your over-grown stomach.It was a funny class , he had to massage me which i loved.

I slowly walked out of the room my over-grown belly dangling over my pants.I was so close to the moment they are gonna be born , they caused me so much pain , i felt like exploding!.

I slowly walked down the stairs , they creeked as i stood on one.I held my back in pain , i was nearly dieing here!.Harry raced over and helped me down the stairs , he grinned at me.I sat on the lounge , nearly screaming in pain.Wow , they we're hard on me today.Harry raced back to the kitchen , i smelt bacon.I tensed and walked over to the table , eager to eat.I am inlove with his cooking.


He brang over two plates and rushed back into the kitchen , i peered in to see what he was bringing.He walked over with some eggs and bacon.

He slid the eggs on and passes over 3 peices of bacon.

I scuffed it all down , i said 'thanks' to Harry he just nodded and contiued to eat.I ran up the stairs as fast as i could go , 'Granny Style' i laughed at my joke and pulled out some clothes and a towel.

I rushed over to the bathroom and locked the door , eager to have the water refreashing my cold body.I slowly took my P'J'S off then turned on the water , my hand instantly washed it's self in the water.I put it at the right tempreture and walked in.I let out a sigh.

I washed my hair slowly with shampoo and constitioner.I garbbed the soap and washed myself , i turned off the shower and slowly walked out.Trying to be craeful so i didn't slip and fall , i walked over to my blue and white towel laying on the towel rack.I rapped myself up and grabbed the hair dryer , i blow dried my hair and grabbed my clothes.I wore an oversized top and some long trckies.

I walked out to see Harry sitting watching tv with all of the boys , Niall looked at me and told all the other lads i was finally out , they came over to huge me slightly then Harry pulled me in and i sat on his lap.


Me and Harry walked out to the kitchen , i started to clean and wipe away the dirtyness.I grabbed my belly and groaned , when will these babies come?!."Stop moaning and groaning it's annoying" i looked over to Harry with a confused face."I'm leaving for awhile!" i rolled my eyes and walked back out and sat in Harry's old spot.He was probably going to the shops or something.



I had enough of her , her moaning , and the stupid groaning!.She should know i want them to come soon too!.I drove to a hotel and wanted to stay the night , there was a really hot lady there.I couldn't stop myself from flirting , it's just what i do!.I slowly walked to her , she looked at me with a blank face."I saw you and i thought you were the prettiest girl here" she glanced at me then smiled , i knew she wanted more."Wanna go up?" i looked up at the building and she grabbed my hand.

The next thing i knew , i was on the bed.Naked.With the girl laying on my bare chest.What have i done?.


I started to worry about Harry so i told the boys , they told me that they have a phone tracking device.

We raced to the car , knowing were he was , was tense.He could have hurt himself?.We started to drive away , Niall holding my hand in the back and Lou driving to where he was.

We finally got there after half an hour of worrying and pressure , i was happy to see he was in a hotel.Safe.

We ran into the hotel , knowing which room he is in.Lou knew how to unlock hotel doors with keys , god he could be a robber.We slowly walked to his room.Lou ran infront and the door slowly opened , i walked in , shocked.There he was with another girl , sleeping.Naked.

I ran and woke him up , "how Harry?" all the boys standing there , gaping at what they saw.Harry had a sad face , tears streamed dowm my eyes.He couldn't explain what he did.He couldn't even look at me , i cried even harder, "you said that you wouldn't hurt me".My eyes stung from all the crieing , he finally looked at me.He just looked at me , said nothing."WE'RE OVER!" i spat at him , i ran over to Niall , he hugged me.The boys looked at ashamed and walked away.Closed the door and left.



I Know Harry would never do that to his girlfriends , but i had to make the story more interesting :)

What do you guys think is going to happen? will they get back together or not?

Love you all ,

#Hazza'sMofo146 , known as Taya :).




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