Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


13. Chapter Thirteen: Happy-Chappy

Harry and i woke up inches apart , i smiled as i saw his sparkling eyes open."Morning babe" he half smiled still half asleep , i sat up and yawned . my arms reaching above my head."Coffee babe?" he nodded and stretched feeling satisfacion , "Usual?!" I yelled , "Yes babe" he yelled in his cute sleepy voice.I looked around . Where did he put the food? , I walked into the room , Hazza getting dressed."hey babe ? where's the food?" , after putting his pants on he walked out and grabbed the food."Thanks babe!" I smiled and started to pour the water in-to the kettle , I started to heat the stove thingy up and put the kettle on.


I walked into Harry getting dressed , "you look sexy today" he laughed and toke my hand "where now?" , outside to see the beautiful sunset.I started to blush , I loved watching the sunset and he knows that , "how'd you plan this trip so amazing?" he just smiled and kissed my forehead.he started to point to his lap , so i got up and sat on Him."Harry I know it's only early in our relationship but i love you , so much." he smiled "same with me!" I kissed his cheek and watched the sun come up.


"Oh babe ! i've gotta get the coffees ready! i'll be back!" i ran to the kettle and toke it off the stove "OUCH!" , Harry starts running in "what happened?! are you okay?" I looked at him holding my hand , putting it behind my back."Nothing i just burnt my hand abit" he looked at my hand behind my back "Come on let me see it." I Smiled cheekishly and said "No" , He took a step towards me and grabbed me , he tackled me down on-to the bed "I've got you now" i started giggleing as he tickled me "stop Babe" i scream inbetween the laughing , "now hand?" He said with puppie dog eyes.I handed him my hand.

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