Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


17. Chapter Seventeen: Hope

I woke up to a smooth summer breeze , what time was it?.I got up and stretched my legs , only to see Harry not in his bed."Harry?" I start to get worried , "Harry?" I walk outside to see him laying on the sand."Harry" i shake him as hard as i can , "HARRY!" a tear escapes my eye "HARRY THIS IS NOT FUNNY! WAKE UP" I keep shaking him , no responce again , and again.I check his pulse and look around his body of anything that might have happened , i look at his chest.That is covered in blood , How could i not see that before? , I start to panic.What should i do? i decided to call 000

"Hello this is emergancy services how may i help you?"

"My boyfriend got stabbed and um. i just woke up" i start to cry.

"It's okay keep calm , and don't panic.the ambulance will be right with you.Where are you?"

shivers go down my spine."Littles beach "

"Okay now keep calm , i have to hang up now , okay?"

i hung up first and started kissing his forehead "Harry , please stay with me , please!.You dont know how hard life would be without my Hazza! comeon Please" i hear sirens and tell Harry thats they're coming so he's going to be fine , im sure of it.The ambulance came and took him away , i fell to the ground.crieing my heart out.

I got some of Harry's stuff and mine , i head up to the hospital consentraiting on the road , trieing not to thing any bad thoughs of what might happen to Harry.what if he dies? What is her is paralliesed forever ? no! No! i stopped the car and pulled over.I burst out crieing , putting my head in my hands.

No! i have to stay strong for Harry! be hopeful! i start the engine again and start to head up there.

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