Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


19. Chapter Nineteen: Boo Beear!

I heard some people running and voices , I saw Niall come in with a sad face.I ran and hugged him , he hugged back and i looked at him "Nialler , please never do that to me again!" We both nod agreeing.he put his arm around me and we sat down , i was on his lap.He looked at me and i burst out crieing , tears streaming down my eyes.He got up and hugged me.I put my head into his chest , he was so warm and gesturing like Harry , thats what i loved about Niall.


After a few hours the lady told the boys that they had to leave , I asked if BooBear could stay cause he is the closest and nicest one to me and i knew he wouldn't start hitting on me like the rest.The nurse said yes but keep it down , she branging in the matresses and i told her "thank you" she just nodded and left.boobear started to set up his bed while i set up mine , i put the pillows down and brought the blankets out , there was 6 enough for each of us.i gave three of the blankets to louis and two of the other blankets to me , i then gave Harry a blanket.

After i came out of the bathroom getting dressed to my P-J's i laid down on the bed and relaxed , i waited for Boobear to come back.He brought in some sandwitchs , and i skulled them down.He slightly giggled at me.


After we ate we talked about life and how much that has ahppened to us , all the pain and suffering.I felt good talking to Lou because he made me feel safe , like a person should.Even though Harry already did it felt good for a friend to help me. Lou talked with me all night about the stuff he wants to do when he gets older and how much he wants to do it , we stopped at about 12 when the nurse told us to quiet down.Before we went to sleep , i asked if BooBear could sleep with me for the night , of course he said yes.Then we were asleep.



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