Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


9. Chapter Nine: Surprise,

We walked over to the boys that were fooling around , we told them we have something big to tell them.They immediately sat on the couch waiting for us to tell them , BooBear was worried.You could see it in his eyes.I didn't wanna hurt Nialler but he's just not my type."So guys , you know how we just met resmay!" They all nodded "Well me And resmay's relationship has grown alot and um." He froze so i continued for him , "well we've fallen for eachother so ... we are boyfriend and girlfriend!" Harry smiled at me.Everyone gasped and said "congratulation" everyone except for Nialler , when everyone got up he ran out of the room , in tears.Louis followed him and gave me an angry look.I let go of Harry's hand and ran out looking for Nialler and BooBear.

I finally found them out the back talking and Niall wiping his eyes , he saw me coming so he shaded away his face.I looked at Louis , he didn't seem very happy , "Niall I'm...." I was cut off by louis "He doesn't wanna talk to you right now!" I looked at nialler.He seemed sad and depressed "Niall?" I asked.He didn't look at me "gö!" Niall answered , "but Niall" I looked at him , nearly in tears."I Said GO!" I walked away in tears , they were rapidly escaping my eyes through all directions.i just lost one of my best friends? Over who i loved? I ran past Harry.He tried to grab me as i ran upstairs , I closed the door and went in the corner.putting my head in my hands , Harry burst in "Resmay ? what happened?" I Looked at him with my teary eyes.He hugged me and asked what was wrong? "Niall" thats all i said , i guess he understood because he didn't ask anymore he just held me , tight.Wiping my tears away singing to my mum did , softly.We didn't care about school , all that mattered is me and Harry , Up against the big world.Fighting for our freedom.

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