Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


15. Chapter Fifteen: Perfect

After we set foot back on land , we had a shower.The hot water refreashing our bodies , i washed my hair because the sand was in my hair.After the wash my hair was nice , smooth ad soft.Harry and i got our swimmers and ran to the beach , "SUN BAKING TIME!" Harry laughed and looked at me as i laied the towel down and sat on it."Babe you don't need that" He looked at me consurely "Whatever you say Hazza!"


After we were at the beach it was about 9:30am now , 'Hazza! im gonna make us breakfast would would you like?" I yelled out , "um bacon? and some eggs please".

After trieing to find the eggs , bacon and the frieing pan i got to cooking.Everyone says i'm the best cook , i secretly know i am.After the slipping and the tossing and turning i finally got breakfast ready for me and Harry to eat , "Babe? breakfast is ready and i made something special for you!"

Harry ran through the tent and fell over.He started to laugh crazily.I looked at him shaking my head , i finally picked him up off the ground and helped him slowly get to his breakfast.


"PANCAKES!'"  he jumped onto the stoll and garbbed 3 pancakes off the plate , "Uhm *cough*" I looked at him "theres something you have to say to me?" He looked confused for a few seconds then he realised."Oh thanks babe"he said in-between mouthfuls."It's fine".

He stuffed them into his mouth , one by one.I just chuckled watching him eat.I sat down he handed me two pancakes , i smiled at me for even leaving me some! he jumped up and groaned "Awh that was fanbloodytastic!" i laughed.He ran to the bedroom to change.I started to eat. It toke me awhile but i finally ate it.


Harry walked out "You aren't finished yet?" i shook my head "but i can't eat it all , can you for me haaaarrryyy?" I stretched out his name , he nodded than ran to the plate and started to eat.I went into the bedroom to get changed "what to wear?" i thought to myself  , I finally found a see through blue dangling dress with my swimmers.i slipped them on and put on my stylish sandles.I walked out to see harry rubbing his belly.I giggled then went to the bathroom , i brushed my teeth and brushed my hair that sat with Harry.

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