Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


8. Chapter Eight: Schhooollll..

after yesterday Niall was acting really weird , he wouldn't talk to me.

I woke up and told Harry to get up because it was school , he groaned but he has to , i don't wanna face school alone.He grabbed his clothes and got dressed.He looked really hot.We had to wake up the others so we planned to put loud music on except Louis doesn't have to go but we feel like waking him up too.I ran upstairs to get my speakers while Harry flipped through the CD's , he finally found one that they would hate.


I put the speakers down and Harry inserted the CD , Harry put his arm around me while we listened to really loud Rock 'N Roll.Me and Harry start to bang our heads and do air guitars.They all groan and put the pillows over they're ears , Harry starts taking my hand then jumps on the bed.Boo Bear sits up "Now darling? why;d you do that?" Harry and me start laughing , Zayn gets up too."I need my beauty sleep!" I Looked at him and smiled "You sure do Princess!".I turned off the music and everyone cheered.I ran upstairs to see Hayden , he was awake crieing , I picked him up and he cuddled me tight."It's alright Hayden , Shhh Shh" I took him downstairs to meet the boys and my amazing boyfriend.When i took him down he instantly cheered up , Boo bear loved him like a brother , Zayn he started to make him look good.Niall loved his blonde hair , he said they're twins and Hazza came up next to me "You are so good with kids? you know that you're gonna be a good mother one day" I blushed and kissed him on the cheek "I hope so Harry , I hope so" I grabbed Harry's hand and led him inot the kitchen and closed the door behind us."What are we doing here?" He smiled at me , "Making Hayden's bottle , Do you wanna try to make it ? i'll teach you" He smiled and nodded.

After making the bottle Harry was a pro , I gave it to Hayden and told him Harry did it.He was so happy.I kissed Harry and told Hayden that we were going out , he was Overwhelmed.Me and Harry both giggled.we walked over to the boys to tell them too.

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