Lexie's Diary.

This is where I write what happens in my life, and all of that. I don't really do this, but I thought you guys might like to see what I do in my life. :]


2. Oct. 13, 2012

Haven't updated in a while. I have some exciting news!! 

1. I won the knowledge bowl in all the schools in my state that competed!!! 4 people were on my team and we won $500 for our school!! We got a clock (Boo) but its actually pretty cool. And we all got $20! So we were VERY excited. But the coolest part, we didn't know half the questions! It was 50% FACS questions and 50% FCCLA (The club) questions! My teacher only printed the FACS questions!! And we still won!!! 

2. HALLOWEEN!!! I <3 halloween! I'm being the Cookie Monster! It's VERY cute! It's a dress that has a ribbon in the middle and a cookie where the knot is! And a headband that has his eyes on it and knee high socks! It's SUPER cute!! 

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