your amayzing

Lilly Laurence gets her whole world turned upside down and inside out, just because she drops a packet of Noodles. (life really does have funny ways of making fait)


2. The article

the ride home was pretty silent. When we got home i helped Kaley unpack the groceries then went to my room. I walked to my desk and turned on my laptop, i clicke donto internet, my homepage is a news sight. the latest article was a picture of me and Harry at the grocery store, how did they get those pictures? Kaaley walked into my room. "what yah doin?" she asked "well im on the news sight, look" i replied, she walked up behind me, "oh my gosh!" she said loudly "how'd they get that picture?" asked Kaley "i have no idea" i said in shock "what does the article say?" she asked "Harry and a girl at the grocery shop's, dont they look cosey? could this be Harry's new girl" i read to Kaley "isnt that queit the article?" said Kaley.  

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