your amayzing

Lilly Laurence gets her whole world turned upside down and inside out, just because she drops a packet of Noodles. (life really does have funny ways of making fait)


1. Beautiful Eyes

"you forgot the Noodles!" said my house mate "its ok ill get them" i said as i ran into the Noodles isle. i tried to find the Noodles but i just couldn't see them, there they are. I leaned forward and grabbed the Noodles. i was running back to the checkout, when i bumped into a boy. "I'm so sorry!......" i said as i looked up. it was Harry Styles, i never really noticed but he has the most beautiful eyes in the whole world. "its alright" said Harry as he bent over, picked up the noodles and handed them to me, "thanks" i said as i took the Noodles "I'm Harry" he said "I'm Lilly" i replied "sorry, but i really have to go" i said as i ran towards the checkout. as i gave my house mate the noodles all i could think about were Harry's beautiful eyes, they were a blueish greenish colour. "come on" said my house mate "oh, sorry" i replied as i moved out of line and followed her to the car, "whats up with you" she asked "nothing" i replied "sure?" she asked "well its just, when i was running back to give you the Noodles i bumped into Harry.. as in Styles and he had the most beautiful  eyes and his voice was so deep and husky and sexy and i" i said as i stopped myself "i what....." she asked "i really hope i see him again" i finished "you'll see him again" she assured "maybe" i said "hopefully" i whispered.  

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