I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


1. Your family are here

Frankie's P.O.V

"c'mon frankie, breakfast is ready" Elena said as she came running into my room . most people would think we're sisters but we're not although we could be. i nodded as i closed my laptop down and jumped off my bed. i followed Elena along the corridor and into the dining room. 10 other children and 2 adults were all sitting around the table. along with thinking that me and elena were sisters people thought we were all a family. see, im a kid in a care home. yeah, i know what your thinking 'poor little Frankie Jones, stuck in a care home waiting for something that wont ever happen' wrong. well a few things were wrong with that. Firstly although my first name is frankie my surname isnt jones, to be honest im not too sure what it is, my care worker thinks its best that i dont know. secondly living in care isnt as bad as it sounds. we all look out for each other so in many ways we are all a family, we all keep secrets and mke sure everyones ok.

I took my seat at the ened of the table next to elena and opposite ryan. When we had all eaten me and elena excused ourselves(it wasnt our day to do the washing up, we did it tuesday) and went up to my room. we flopped on our backs on my bed and sighed. boredome is a huge part of any care kids life.

"so, wanna go shopping?"

i shook my head

"no money" not entirely true, i had money but i was saving it for something that i hadnt decided on yet.

"boy scouting?"

i sat up and stared at elena, she sat up and faced me

"well, can you think of anything better?"

i shrugged

"think about it El(my nickname for her) not everything is about them boys you have on your wall that you could talk about for days on end and i mean days on end"

she paused, i won that, she cant deny it. she definately has a huge crush on them boys. i got up and walked to my window, my room was one of the few in the house that had a window seat. i sat down and leant my head against the glass. she walked over to me and looked out at the scene below(i was on the second floor) my room was facing the front so that meant i could see all the cars as they drove past, completely unaware of my presence. However today the only thing that caught my eye was a lady and man holding hands pushing a pram lovingly. i sighed at the thought that was what i might have looked like ages ago. Elena sighed too, i could tell she was thinking the exact same as me. we were both wishing, if only for 5 minutes, we could be that baby with a family.

I've never known love. yeah, friends say they love me, my care worker(sarah) says she loves me but thats not real love. thats not love from a mum who you could go to with boy problems. thats not love from a dad that is the only true man you can depend on. thats not love from a brother or sister that you could constantly fight with yet defend till the worlds end(wait, i sorta do that with elena but still it counts)

we sat up and i broke out of my daydream, about a real family, when 2 cars turned into our driveway. we looked at each other, confused, it was a sunday and no visitors ever came on a sunday. ever. a man, a woman and 2 girls got out of the first car and 5 rather good-looking boys got out of the second. little did i know that these people were about to change my life. forever.


Liam's P.O.V

I took a deep, heavy breath as i got out of louis' car and stared up at the huge building in front of me. Harry whacked me on the shoulder

"you ready for this?"

i nodded slowly

"yeah... i just hope she isn one direction crazy"

we laughed as i followed my mum, dad and 2 sisters, ruth and nicola, up to the doors. i had brought along niall, zayn, louis and harry as moral support, just because im so nervous. Louis had brought his car because there wasnt enough space in my mum's so we had music blasting out trying to comfort my nerves. My dad knocked a couple of times and we waited. Suddenly the door was opened by a tall brunette woman. She instantly stuck out her hand to my parents

"hi, im sarah, head care worker"

she ended up shaking all our hands before opening the door wider and gesturing for us to step forward. She closed the door behind zayn, who was last to walk in then she turned to my mum

"well, i must say you have a rather big family"

my mum quickly shook her head but pulled me into her

"no, no, no, no, just this boy and nicole and ruth are mine, the rest are liams bandmates here for moral support"

"oh i am sorry"

we followed her into an office which was so tidy you could have seen yourself in the desks polished surface. She sat down and gestured to the other seats opposite her

"please sit down"

now, i havent been in a band for ages but when someone says something like that your always in for a long chat. i looked at the boys, who gave me the we-know-exactly-what-you-mean look, except louis he just gave me the im-hungry look. i sighed as i crouched down on the floor and put my head in my hands. this is going to be a very long day..

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