I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


14. To the studio

Friday Evening

Liam's P.O.V

louis pulled up into a car park and two seconds later niall was in the car. he drove off and i looked at niall, he had been crying too but he cryed more when zayn filled him in. we were driving for about 45 minutes when louis finally pulled up and we all got out. i looked up to see we were outside our studio, he came up behind me

"thought it might take your mind off things"

i nodded "thanks lou"

he nodded and we all walked in, the receptionist sent us up to our room where our sound producers were waiting. Ash and Rhyce(A/N not sure what their people are actually called lol)  were chatting and laughing about something whilst tidying up from who was in here before us. they smiled as we walked in but noticing the expressions on our faces came and gave us a man hug, rhyce walked over to the water fountain


we shook our heads and he poured himself a glass and came and sat down next to us, on the sofas onlooking the recording room. the others filled them in with what had happened whilst i just zoned out, focusing on all of the buttons that they used to change the sound. i wish my life was like a record, i could just change it with a flick of a button. i sighed and turned to the others.

"well, lets cheer you up and make some music yeah?"

i nodded and we all stood up, ash tapped me on the shoulder

"your up next, recording Save You Tonight"

i nodded and walked into the room, i put the headphones on and rhyce played the music, i began singing but stopped halfway through. they stopped and everyone looked at me through the screen

"are you going to sing or not?" harry asked

i shook my head "I could have saved Frankie"

the boys all lowered their heads and i took my headphones off and walked out to them

"im sorry, you lot sing first"

they nodded and niall walked in whilst i just went over to the corner, sat down and put my head in my hands. this sucks. alot.


Louis' P.O.V

we had been recording for about an hour and a half now and liam hadnt recorded since he began crying. zayn was in there with harry recording a bit that they sang together, rhyce and ash were buzy at the buttons. i looked at niall, he looked back and i nodded at liam, who was hunched up on the floor twidling his fingers. niall sighed and nodded, he came and sat next to me

"hes terrible" he whispered

"says you, your going to miss her alot too" i whispered back


"dont well me mister, you were in love with that girl"

he looked away but i could see that it was killing him too, although i had to admit that it was hitting me too, it was hurting harry and zayn and hannah as well but we didnt want to admit it in front of liam because it would only make him feel worse.

The time went by slowly and we all worked as hard as we could, even liam tryed to do different things, i looked at the clock, 1:30am. we yawned and rhyce laughed

"im guessing that you guys need sleep"

we nodded and he nodded

"you can go then, we'll tidy up here"

we all nodded and walked out. a few minutes later we were all buddling into my car, half asleep. i know i shouldnt have drove, being so tired, but i ended up getting us home safely. we all climbed up and went into liam's room. we all sat down on his bed and sighed. today has been very long, very long indeed. we all lay down at the same time, not saying a word we found ourselfs slowly drifting off to sleep, but im guessing that everyone was thinking about the same person. frankie.


Frankie's P.O.V

i shot up wide awake. i looked around, expecting to be in liams room. i wasnt, i was on the window seat in my room back in the care home. all the memories came flooding back and i sighed, feeling a tear fall down my cheek as i remembered my 4 brothers and niall. oh niall, how i missed him, i stood up and stared at my bag. it was calling out to me so i bent down and unzipped it. i pulled out a necklace and tied it around my neck, i pulled out a ring and slid it on my middle finger, i pulled out a hoodie and slipped it over my head, i pulled out a another chain and slipped it around my neck next to the other one and lastly pullled out a photo frame. a tear fell on the glass and i wiped it away before clutching it to my chest. i walked over to my bed and got under the duvet, and gently closed my eyes, allowing a dream state to take over me.

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