I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


18. Time flies

1 month Later

Louis' P.O.V.

its been about a month now since frankie decided not to come home, well if you can even call it home now. life has changed so much without her, even hannah notices it. liams had his good moments and his bad moments, oh and hes got with danielle! yeah i cant believe it either, he was supposed to go and get frankie not leave her with peter!

i sighed, we were all getting changed after a show and we're getting ready to go to a signing in HMV. our single went stright to number one which was amazing, we all had a massive party but i know it would have been better if we had frankie. i pulled on my red jack wills top and walked out of our dressing room and followed the boys outside to the van, which would take us to HMV. we hardly talked about frankie anymore but i know that secretly we all missed her quite a bit.

we all got in and i got in the drivers seat, i sat there staring at the wheel whilst the others got ready. i could. i could take us to her. make everyone happy. i felt myself getting bubblier inside as i was desperate to get to frankie. liam got in next to me and was on the phone and by the sounds of it, its danielle. god she has him on a lead, always checking up on him, she never leaves us alone its actually annoying me now. eventually he hung up and turned to me

"after the signing im taking dani out for dinner"

i smiled fakely and nodded

"oh cool but i was thinking we dont go to the signing?"

he stared at me confused

"what do you mean? dont go, we have to"

i nodded but then shook me head

"well, we dont exactly have to go, people are just expecting us to go, we can go somewhere else"

he stared at me blankly

"what do you mean, go somewhere else?"

"well, like i dont know maybe someone called frankie?"

at first i thought he was going to hit me but then he smiled

"well... ok, but we dont stay long because i have to ta-"

"yeah yeah i know, you have to take danielle out for dinner"

he nodded, not fully happy i interupted him but i didnt care, i was fed up with hearing about her all of the time. i wasnt this bad with hannah. but i shook it off and put a smile on my face as i pulled out of the car park and began to drive up the lane. About 10 minutes in liam shouted


i slammed my foot down on the brake and turned to him

"what? are you ok? is something wrong?"

he turned to the others and me, we all stared at him clueless until he said

"i cant see her now"

the boys didnt know the plan but they must have guessed it because zayn leant forward

"you have to, your her brother and you love her with all of your heart"

he shook his head,

"i...i... i have danielle"

and with that he got out of the car and began walking off. we just sat there completely frozen, i turned to the others

"did he just say that?"

they nodded slowly and i sighed, this isnt going to work as well as i planned.


Abbie's P.O.V(one of the maids, if youve forgotten)

me, lottie and charlotte sighed as we knocked on frankie's door, we heard a muffled go away before we opened the door and walked in. she was lying flat on her bed with her face in her duvet(thats probably why her voice sounded wierd) we all gave each other glances before going over to her and sitting down, lottie put her arm on frankie

"hey frankie, its only us"

frankie sat up slowly, she had been crying hard. jess ran and got her some tissues and lottie moved and pulled her into a side hug whilst she carried on crying

"whats wrong?" i asked, hoping she would answer and she did

"i didnt go and see liam"

we all looked at each other shocked, jess handed her the tissue and sat down on the end of the bed

"why? you seemed so desperate"

"i was, i was but i went horse riding with peter and he seemed really sweet and i just forgot about it until now and he wants me to wear a nice dress because we're having dinner on the terrace with his parents"

we all looked at each other then i put my hand on her knee

"you have to go to liam"

she looked up at me with her tear stained eyes

"have to?"

i nodded "he needs you as much as you need him"

she shook her head

"but he doesnt need me, hes got the boys"

"but he doesnt have his sister"

she stared at me for a moment then smiled

"ok then"

we all smiled and she got off the bed, jess walked over to the wardrobe

"what do you think liam will like?"

she thought for a moment "well, have you got any one direction tops?"

me and jess shook our heads but lottie stayed quiet, we turned to her and raised my eyebrows

"what? i like them ok?"

we laughed and she stood up "i'll just go get it"

i smiled as she walked out. i sat down and wrapped my arm around frankie whilst jess began searching for some trousers and shoes. frankie looked up at me

"are you sure liam will want to see me?"

i nodded "of course he will, if he misses you half as much as you miss him im sure hes halfway up here already"

she smiled and moved away and as jess handed her some black skinnys and black converse shoes.  frankie climbed off the bed and got changed and lottie came in and handed her a top, she opened it up and there was the 5 boys smiling at her. she smiled as she put it on, when she was done she turned to us

"how do i look?"

we nodded



"like liams princess" she smiled at me then turned to walk out the door but quickly turned back and came over to the bed and picked up her hoodie

"how am i going to get there though?"

i stood up

"i can drive you there if you want?"

she smiled "you'd do that?"

i nodded "course, you miss your brother, why wouldnt i?"

she nodded and we said goodbye to the others and walked out. We snuck downstairs and out the back door, i showed her acroos the path to the workers car park. we got into my car and i drove off. It was silent so i decided to put the radio on, the news reporters voice filled my car

radio - "and now in latest news, its seems that young popstar Liam Payne from One Direction is clearly over this mistake about his sister as he was seen getting up close and personal with dancer Danielle Peazer."

i quickly reached to turn it off but frankie stopped me

"no, its ok, id have to get used to it anyway"

i nodded slowly "if your sure"

she nodded and we went back to driving but about 15 minutes later she screamed

"STOP!" i quickly slammed down on the brake


she looked about for a bit before looking at me

"i cant go yet"

"why not? its what you want"

"only partly, i like peter alot too, i cant just leave him"

i sighed, at least we got further than last time.

"fine, home it is"

i turned the car around and we drove back, i pulled up and she ran out. i sighed again before getting out and walking slowly back indoors. I got in and Sharon(The mistress) came rushing up to me.

"oh there you are abbie, i need you to tidy Frankie's room and then go and make sure that the table on the porch is ready for four"

i nodded

"of course mistress holling, i shall get straight to work"

she nodded "good" then turned and walked off. i sighed heavily before walking into the lounge to see Frankie and Peter snuggled up on the sofa, i shook my head in disbelief and walked off to tidy her room then prepare their dinner table. note to self - get a new job

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