I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


20. Stop that wedding!

1 month later

Zayn's P.O.V

21st March

its been one month now since we've seen frankie and one month since she got engaged. it was slighly frustrating that he hadnt asked liam or her parents for permission but i suppose he didnt like us as much as we dont like him, which in my mind is still alot. we were all flopped on the sofa, danielle was snuggled up to liam and he was stroking her arm softly but we could all tell that he wished that it was frankie. seeing her like that a while ago just sent a shock to the system.

niall flicked through the channels and stopped at the news, there was some detail about riots then a picture of frankie and peter holding hands walking through the street came up. great. a close up of her hand, meaning the ring came up and niall quickly turned the tv off and walked outside, accidently slamming the door behind him. we all sighed and slowly got up, liam stood up and turned to us


we turned to him slowly, we were still slightly mad at him for driving frankie away again but we had to be mates with him,


he pulled out some sheets of paper and harry stepped forward

"arent they nialls?"

he nodded and turned to danielle

"sorry but this truely isnt working and to be honest you distracted me from my best mates and my sister"

she stood up shocked and was about to slap him when harry grabbed her arm

"no no no, i dont think thats a nice way of dealing with things, just because frankie is his true princess and your nothing doesnt mean you have the right to slap him"

louis tapped him on the shoulder


"not now lou, im on a roll"

"no haz but thats generally what girls do to guys when they split up"

he paused and slowly let her go

"oh well, um.."

harry pulled him away and she was about to slap liam again. he closed his eyes tight and turned slightly but just as she moved her hand the door flung open and niall came in

"guys im ba-"

he looked at us and danielle sighed heavily

"oh for gods sake can you stop interupting, im trying to slap liam"

we all nodded and she moved her arm into postion again, niall came up behind me

"whats he done?"

i leant over

"he dumped her then pulled out some sheets that are yours apparently"

he looked at me confused then down at the sheets liam was holding. before danielles hand reached liams face niall burst forward

"woah woah hold up"

danielle looked very displeased and even liam sighed.

"look, i know this might sound wierd but im not going to let you hit liam"

she laughed "well im letting myself"

she reached up and brought her hand down... onto nialls face! we all gasped and she stepped back, niall had pushed liam out of the way and took the slap. not as heroic as a bullet but a slap from a girl counts the same.  niall grabbed his face and louis tapped danielle

"i think you should leave our house now"

she huffed then walked out, at least shes gone. we all turned to niall and liam(who was flopped on the sofa cause niall pushed him) niall turned to liam and he stood up

"er... thanks mate" liam said whilst niall was still holding his cheek, that definately sounded like it hurt.

"no worries, i had to stop her, you cant have a bad face when you record MY song"

liam looked down and tryed hiding the sheets behind his back but niall took them

"it doesnt matter" he turned to us "are we going to record them or what?"

we all nodded and rushed out.


Jess' P.O.V

22nd March

well, frankie said yes and of course the four of us all celebrated in her room that night although frankie had a little tearful moment when she told us that liam was there and what happened with him but overall id say she was fairly happy. Sharon and Daniel had knew it was coming and got straight into planning it when they got back with the news, in some ways i feel sorry for frankie as she hasnt had a proper nights sleep since it due to Peters parents planning it all.

It was the morning of the wedding and me, lottie and abbie were on our way up to frankies room to get her ready, we opened the door expecting to see her up and waiting when instead we saw her flopped on her bed, still in yesterdays clothes. she wasnt even under the covers, just flopped fast asleep. she had been up most of the night(as always) and must be shattered. We all looked at each other and decided to try and leave her asleep for as long as we could.

Lottie went over to her dressing table and began getting her hair stuff ready whilst i helped abbie with the dress. i had to admit it was huge, we were all trying to be really quiet so we wouldnt wake her. she didnt even wake up when lottie dropped a bottle of hair stuff. When we were all ready we went over to frankie and slowly shook her, she stared up at us, still half asleep

"do i have to get up?"

we nodded "yes babe, im afraid so, your getting married today"

she sat up slowly

"oh whoopy doo" we laughed at how sarcastically she had said that, she giggled along as she got up and we began to get her ready for her big day.


Niall's P.O.V

22nd March

we all walked out of the studio at 3:30am, we all laughed at each other and i held up a CD, it had a sticky label on it that was entitled Frankie's Song - What Makes You Beautiful. i smiled and we all drove off home, as soon as we arrived we all ran up to our rooms.

10 minutes later we all walked out at the same time wearing suits. we all nodded at each other before walking downstairs, louis made us all a cup of coffee and we quickly drunk it before rushing out to the car. we all got in and louis sped off, i turned to liam who turned to me smiling

"you alright Li?"

he nodded "course i am, im going to my sisters wedding"

Louis pulled up outside a house, he jumped out and ran to the door whilst harry got out and moved into the drivers seat. i had no idea what was going on until i saw louis pulling hannah along and they got in, with hannah on louis' lap. when they were all buckled up harry sped off. due to the press' nosy noses we had found out what church the wedding was at and before you moan we werent gatecrashing it just... stopping it.



Peter's P.O.V

22nd March

i got up and went straight and had a shower, i got my best suit on and was about to walk out when my dad walked in

"how you feeling this morning?"

"very well father, thank you"

he shook his head

"you nervous?"

i nodded slowly and he shook my hand

"you will be fine, she is a very pretty girl, you have made a wise choice"

i nodded again

"thank you father"

my mother came in

"hunnys the limo is here"

i was traveling there with my mother and father and frankie was coming later with her maids, who were also her bridesmaids. she had formed a very good friendship with them which was good. i smiled and walked out following my mother. my father came after me. We all got into the limo and drove off heading towards the church that my parents had booked.


Frankie's P.O.V

i was standing in front of my mirror in my dress, the girls were in their dresses as well. i got the choice to pick my bridesmaids so i had picked Abbie, Lottie and Jess as they had been there through everything. We all smiled as we walked out, it took my a while to get downstairs and into the car but we all laughed as the driver drove off, towards the church.


Liam's P.O.V

for some reason it felt like we werent driving fast enough, niall and zayn had fallen asleep next to me and hannah had nodded off on louis and even he looked like he was about to hit the sack. i couldnt sleep, not without knowing that frankie would be ok. i pulled out my phone and looked at the time, 7:00am. i sighed and leant back, we better be nearly there.


Peter's P.O.V

we arrived at the church, everyone else was there and i went with my dad and mum to the front, i stood there as everyone was seated and mumbling between themselves. all the press people were standing around, ready with their cameras. we were all waiting to see frankie in her dress.


Frankie's P.O.V

abbie, jess and lottie all helped me out of the limo and we were just sorting out my dress when a car pulled up and i felt myself smile as i recognised it anywhere. Louis, hannah, harry, niall, zayn and most importantly liam got out and stood there, i began laughing but ended up crying with happiness, liam walked through them and i walked up to meet him

"look fran-"

i cut him off with a hug, i wrapped my arms strong and tight around his neck and he pulled my waist closer and buried his head in my neck. oh it felt so good to be in his arms again. i could feel more tears falling down my cheeks so i pulled away, still holding on to him


he nodded "yes frankie"

"will you give me away?"

i heard sniffling and we both turned to look at the boys to see louis crying into hannah, we laughed and turned back to each other

"yes" he nodded and i leapt into his arms again, he spun me around but when we let go the girls and hannah had to sort out my dress because it had got tangled up. when we were ready we all walked up to the big doors, liam was by my side, i took his arm before turning and checking the others. the boys were all behind liam and the girls were behind me in pairs, hannah with louis behind me and liam, then harry and lottie, niall and abbie then zayn and jess. my eyes caught nialls and he forced a smile, i smiled back weakly and turned to liam

"you ready to get... get married?"

it seemed like he had a hard time saying that word, inside i dont think i was but outside i just nodded. we both looked at the doors as they opened and we slowly walked through.

everyone gasped when they saw liam and the boys, i smiled as i grabbed hold of liams arm tighter, he squeezed my hand and gave peter, who was looking very shocked, an evil glare. i laughed and he looked at me

"i thought you liked him?" he whispered, i leant closer and whispered back

"a little, i miss you lot more though"

he stopped walking and turned to me

"come home then"

i stared at him in shock, everyone was wondering what was going on so i hugged liam

"i...i... can i?"

he pulled apart smiling

"of course"

i turned to peter, who came me a whats-going-on look, i turned to his mum and dad who were giving me the same look. i turned to the boys, they all looked at me, their facial expressions begging me not to leave them again, i turned to my girls they smiled and nodded. so i turned back to liam

"im sorry... i have to do something"

and with that i walked up to peter on my own, when i reached him i turned to look at everyone in the church, i turned to liam

"im sorry....."

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