I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


7. Shopping time

Hannah's P.O.V

Tuesday Afternoon

I walked out of the cinema screen with one hand in louis' and the other was linked in frankie's arm. we looked around to see that liam and niall were still in the screen, harry was about to go and check that they were ok when liam came out

"wheres niall?"

he looked at frankie

"just coming"

he then began top walk off, which was strange so i gestured for all the others to follow liam whilst  i went into the screen to see niall sitting on the steps with his head in hands.

"so, this is why liam looks angry"

he looked up and smiled and shook his head

"nah, we're fine"

i walked over to him and gave him a hand up.


he nodded "yeah but thanks anyway"

i smiled

"no problem"

we began to walk out o0f the screen but i stopped him near the door

"can i ask you a quick question?"

he nodded "fine"

"do you have a small crush on frankie?"

he looked shocked "what? what has liam told you?"

"nothing, i was just wondering because you dont really hide it well"

he looked down "maybe"

i smiled "its ok, no-one else knows, they're guys so they cant really tell"

he smiled and looked up at me "you wont tell her will you?"

"of course not, its your choice to tell her or not, but does liam know?"

"unfortunately yes"

"whys that bad?"

he looked upset and his head fell "he doesnt want me to ask her"

i pulled him into a hug and he hugged back "im sure he doesnt mean it, its just hes just got his sister back and you know how protective he can be"

we pulled apart and he nodded "yeah i know, thanks hannah"

i smiled "no problem, now c'mon they will get suspicious"

we laughed and walked out. Louis and frankie were waiting, and laughing about something, i walked over to louis and wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss but he moved making it a full on snog. It was only then a few minutes later that i realised that frankie and niall were still standing there. we pulled apart and smiled at each other, then turned to see niall and frankie slowly walking off. we laughed as louis grabbed my hand and pulled me along to them, they turned and laughed


louis shoved niall "as a matter of fact no"

he spun me around and gave me a kiss, i heard frankie and niall laugh so i moved away, louis looked downhearted so i gave him a kiss on his cheek and he smiled. He slowly put his hand in mine and we walked along with frankie and niall, who kept stealing glances at each other and trying not to blush. We walked outside where liam, zayn and harry were engullfed by fans, as soon as they saw louis and niall they practically jumped on them. louis tryed to keep a firm hold of my hand but i let it go so he could deal with his fans, it hurts having to do it but i adore lou and i wouldnt change him for the world, and im so proud of where he has come so i suppose i just have to deal with it. Frankie looked a bit scared by all the fans so i walked over to her

"you'll get used to it"

she nodded and tryed to forge a smile but i could tell that she wasnt going to get used to this any time soon. I noticed the way that she kept watching niall as he posed for photos, signed different things then kissed a girl! frankie instantly turned away and i knew we had a new couple in the making. About 10 minutes passed and the boys were still buzy with the fans, i looked at frankie's sad face, this was supposed to be her day, with her brother, not with his fans. i turned to her

"fancy going shopping?"

"but the boys... dinner"

"oh lets just leave them, they're not going to finish any time soon"

she looked from me to the boys then back to me

"do you think that liam will mind?"

i shook my head "probably not"

she thought about it for a moment

"we can buy you a nice dress... dress to impress, thats what i say"

she turned to niall and smiled. that was when i knew she couldnt resist, she faced me and nodded

"ok then"

i smiled and made my way to louis, a few of the girls got a bit angry that i was pushing through but then they recognised me and let me through, i leant in to louis' ear so i could whisper

"me and frankie are going shopping because liam wont finish soon."

he looked at liam then at frankie then turned to me

"yeah sure"

he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. he opened it and handed me his credit card.

"there you go"

i smiled as i took it, i hate spending his money but he refuses to let me use my own. i was about to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pouted his lips, i laughed as i gave him a kiss. a few fans aww'd and ooh'd as we pulled apart, i smiled

"love you"

he gave me another quick kiss

"love you more"

more ooh's and aww's erupted as i walked off and over to frankie, she smiled a smile that meant that-was-the-cutest-thing-ever i hit her gently and we walked off. We had gone into three shops and i had brought 4 new tops and a pair of jeans to match and frankie had brought 2 tops and a skirt, we were about to walk into jack wills when the boys appeared from around the corner. They all ran over to us and louis pulled me into a hug

"oh my god, i thought you were dead"

i pulled away confused "what are you on about?"

"lou took it too far but you just werent answering your phones so we got abit worried"

liam pulled frankie into a hug "but now we know your ok, its fine."

i looked at frankie and we both pulled out our phones, i had 7 missed calls; louis, louis, louis, harry, louis, louis, louis. i laughed as i out it back in my pocket and kissed lou on the cheek, he worries too much. We all stood there in silence until zayn's phone went off, he went and sat down to answer it, with the way he was speaking im guessing it was rebecca.

"so, do you want to go home or find somewhere to have dinner?"

i looked at liam, who had just asked that to frankie, she shrugged "i dont know... home?"

he nodded "anything you want"

she smiled and he turned to us

"we're going home"

we all nodded and louis turned to me "you coming?"

i thought for a second. i wasnt doing anything, so...

"yeah sure, im free"

he smiled and kissed me, i smiled and kissed back. We eventually pulled apart and zayn joined us

"im going to rebecca's tonight"

we all nodded except harry, who got him in a headlock

"nuts in buddy"

they began to playfight whilst we all just laughed. Until louis spoke up

"are we going today or not?"

we all nodded and headed towards the car park, halfway there frankie's feet began to hurt so niall offered to give her a piggyback. she smiled as she accepted and hopped on his back, no-one else noticed but liam gave niall a wierd look as frankie jumped and niall grabbed her legs. Maybe i should talk to him. When we got to louis' car zayn turned to us

"im getting the bus to becca's, its not far from here"

we nodded and he put his hoodie up and walked off. Liam turned to frankie, who was still on nialls back, i have to admit he is proper strong to have not let her go yet.

"are you sitting on my lap again?"

she nodded and tapped nialls head "you can let me go now leprechaun"

we laughed as he slowly bent down so she could jump off safely. Louis unlocked the car and opened the passenger door for me, i got in and niall, harry and liam got in the back. Louis shut my door and got in the drivers seat as frankie climbed in on liam, he held her tightly the whole journey back. When we got there we all clambered out and headed indoors liam's house. We all sat down on the sofa but frankie stood up

"im kinda tired, so im going to go to bed but today has been great"

liam stood up and they hugged each other

"good, im glad you enjoyed it"

she smiled and they pulled apart, she turned to us all on the sofa

"night guys and thanks for a great day"

we all smiled and nodded and mubbled 'night' she smiled back and slowly walked out but im sure her smile lasted longer when she was looking at niall. She walked out and liam walked over to the TV, he switched it on and chucked louis the remote, he began flicking through whilst i just lifted his arm and cuddled up to him, resting my head on his chest. i closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh as i felt louis' hand slowly rubbing up and down my back. I do love him and he knows it.


Niall's P.O.V

I smiled at frankie as she left to go to bed, why does she have this effect on me, especially as i cant have her it only makes it hurt even more. I sighed as i leant back against the sofa whilst louis began flicking through the channels and stroking hannah's back as she had cuddled up to him. see? thats what i want with me and frankie but i cant. god sometimes i hate over-protective brothers, although he does have a point. i wouldnt want anyone dating her if i was in that situation so i can see where he is coming from. I felt my eyelids close after a long day, which eventually led to sleep overtaking me,

I woke suddenly, that was the wierdest dream ive ever had. I mean, of all the things that could have chased me down the M27 why did it have to be jaffa cakes? there not even scary. I sighed at my stupidity, i dcided to go and get a drink so i got up and walked out, leaving everyone fast asleep in the lounge. I was still really tired so i sort of slumped along the corridor and into the kitchen, i walked to the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice. Shaking it about i realised that there wasnt alot left so i just drunk it all before chucking the carton in the bin. I was about to leave when i realised that i had missed something. i spun around to see Frankie, facing the other way, standing in the open doorway.

I walked over to her and ended up being right behind her, she moved slightly so she was leaning against the doorway, our faces were really close i couldnt believe it. I could feel her breathing fasten(or was that mine?) She slowly smiled and i did the same

"we're kinda close"

i laughed at how cute she could be "is that a problem?"

she shook her head "not at all"

i smiled and she smiled back, i know liam said not to but what he doesnt know cant hurt him right? I dared myself to lean closer, but instead of me doing it she leant closer and closer. i felt my heart race as i leant closer as well. I closed my eyes, ready to feel the magic and she did the same. As soon as our lips met fireworks exploded over us, it was slow but passionate as i felt her tongue run along my bottom lip, i shivered as i flicked my tongue along her lips, she granted me access and we began dancing along. I ran my hands along her back and she ran her fingers through my hair(it was probably messed up by now but i didnt care) we kissed for about 5 minutes when she pulled away, we were both slightly out of breath but i still didnt care. she turned and faced outside again, i wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close whilst i rubbed my lips along her neck. nothing can ruin this moment


ok, maybe not nothing. i let my arms drop off her and stepped back slightly

"he doesnt want us together, does he?"

i shook my head "no"

"how do you know?"

i paused, should i tell her? "because i asked him if i could"

she turned and walked over to me. She smiled and gave me a kiss, i quickly pulled back and she looked hurt

"im... im sorry, we cant"

she nodded "i understand"

"but we can still be mat-"

she interupted me by putting a finger over my lips "no"

she sighed as she let her head drop as she walked past me and back upstairs. i sighed as i realised that doing that was the most stupidest thing ive ever done. I lifted my hand up to my face and let my fingers trace my lips, where her soft lips had touched. i felt myself call out for the softness of her body against mine, i longed for her fingers to run quickly through my hair again, i prayed she would come back down and run into my arms, i felt my heart scream her name... if this isnt love then i dont know what is but that girl is more beautiful than any other ive ever seen.

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