I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


4. Pizza time!

Frankie's P.O.V

Monday Morning

I stirred as i felt the duvet on me slowly get pulled back. wait, duvet? i shot up confused and instantly wished i hadnt. my head hit something hard and i fell back but not fast enough to hear a mumbled bad word. I slowly opened my eyes, allowing them to adjust to the light that was somehow flooding the room. I looked around to see niall clutching his head in pain. i instantly jumped out of bed and ran over to him

"oh my god, i didnt mean that, it was an accident, im so sorry"

he laughed and put his hands on my arms and i soon found myself staring into his, very beautiful, blue eyes.

"its ok, ive learnt not to disturb girls when they're sleeping"

"so, why do it again?"

"i thought you would be different and liam told me to tell you that breakfast is ready and that your mum and dad have gone shopping for the morning, ruths gone to see her boyfriend, nicolas gone house-hunting and i cant remember the other thing"

we both laughed and i slowly looked around the room that i was in. Niall noticed this and sat down on the bed

"we painted this a few weeks ago"

i smiled and sat down next to him

"its perfect"

he laughed

"thanks but we're not painters and decorators, thats matt although come to think about it he did give us a few tips and pointers"

i smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck and leant on his shoulder. i felt his head lean against mine

"like i said... its perfect"

we sat there in silence for a few minutes before he slowly stood up and reached out his hand for me to grab. i accepted and he pulled me up

"anyway lets go and get breakfast, liam didnt want to start without you"

i smiled but then looked down at my clothes

"but im not changed"

he eyed me up(not in that way, dirty people) and nodded

"good point... get changed then come and get breakfast"

i nodded and he walked out, closing the door behind him. I walked over to my bag, unzipped it and pulled out the first things i could reach. a one-shoulder, beige, silk top and a pair of black skinnys. i quickly got changed and flung open my door and ran out straight into, guess who? yep, niall. i smiled even though it hurt, he had waited for me. we both stumbled back but ended up laughing

"we need to stop doing this"

he nodded in agreement, still laughing.

"it was your fault that time though"

"how was it?"

"you werent watching where you were going when you flung open the door"

"you shouldnt have been in the way"

"im sorry i waited"

i smiled at the thought. I walked over to him and gave him a hug, he hugged me back. When we let go i found myself, yet again, dreaming into his eyes. he was just so adorable. i realised what i was doing and quickly snapped out of it but not before he realised himself and winked. I rolled my eyes, sighed and walked past him towards the stairs, he soon followed.

"you were daydreaming about me, werent you?"

"no, of course not"

i said that way too quickly. he laughed as we walked down the corridor about to enter the kitchen, As we were about to enter he spun me around to face him. our faces were millimetres apart and he had the biggest grin on his face.

"if its anything i think your cute too"

i froze to the spot. he thought i was cute, he winked again before going into the kitchen. i was so shocked i couldnt do anything but jump about punching the air with delight. Finally, a guy thought i was cute. maybe my life was turning around, i really need to tell elena this.

"now that would be great cutie"

i froze, again, theres only one person with a voice like that. niall. I turned around to see him smiling

"nice dancing by the way"

i felt myself go red as he went back inside laughing to himself. I waited a bit until i had calmed down before opening the door and walking in. There were cupboards above the sideboard, that pratically covered the whole kitchen perimetre. There was a sort of table in the middle with high stools around it, which was where the boys were sitting. There was a spare chair inbetween harry and liam and opposite niall so i went and sat down there. Although ive favourited niall at the moment the others were just as good-looking, especially harry. those curls are just god-like not joking. Liam slid a plate in front of me with 3 pancakes.

"zayn cooked so dont blame me if you get ill"

everyone laughed except zayn

"i can cook, rebecca taught me"

louis piped up

"she can cook but hannah's are perfect"

i sat there confused as zayn and louis continued to argue over who was a better cook, hannah or rebecca. Although i had no clue who either of them were so i leant closer to harry

"whos hannah and rebecca?"

he leant closer

"rebecca is zayn's girlfriend, she came 2nd in the X Factor and hannah is louis' girlfriend, shes not famous but she should be with her looks"

"why is he going out with someone that isnt famous?"

"they were going out before he went on the X Factor"

i nodded, personally i thought that it was cute that he hadnt dumped her because of who he was now. i went back to my food leaving the boys to debate. When i had finished i got up and carried my plate to the sink. They eventually got the idea and shut up. I turned to see liam piling up all their plates. harry, louis and zayn had all disappeared leaving me, liam and niall to do the washing up. i filled the bowl up and began to wash up the plates that niall was passing me. We washed up in silence and when we were finished i sat down on one of the stools and put my head on the table. Liam sat down opposite me and niall went outside to be with the others, we sat in silence for a while before i lifted my head up and looked at him

"so, do you have the week off then?"

he nodded and flashed that killer smile,

"thats good then"

we both nodded and before either of us could say anything else louis burst in through the door

"are you two coming or what?"

liam stood up

"what are you doing?"

"football der, what else is there?"

he gestured to me "you can play too, that way the teams will be even"

i sighed but nodded, boys will always be boys, Louis ran off and liam followed but before he left he turned and pointed to a pair of black converse shoes

"you can wear them, it saves you from having to go upstairs"

i nodded and he ran outside. I walked over to the shoes, who im guessing were his, I could slip them on quite easily as they were absolutely huge compared to my tiny feet. I tied up the laces and clomped my way outside. If i trip up liam is going to pay.


Louis' P.O.V

we had decided that liam, niall and frankie would be on one team and me, harry and zayn would be on the other. We had all taken off our tops and used them as goal posts, Frankie came outside, wearing liams shoes(strange choice) Her mouth fell open at the sight of us but we just burst out laughing. She soon realised and shut her mouth and walked over to us. We told her about the teams and began playing.

About half an hour into the game the first goal was scored

"and that was an example of how skilled Mr Louis Tomlinson actually is"

everyone burst out laughing but i just did my little victory dance

"lady and gentlemen, i give you the man himself, is there anything he cant do?"

everyone carried on laughing but niall came up to me

"dance is something that comes to mind"

even i had to laugh at that, and pretty soon we were all sat down on the grass and looking up at the sky. It looked like it was about to rain as the skies were grey and black in some parts.

"do you want to go back inside?"

liam said half talking, half putting his top on. We all nodded and slwoly stood up, we grabbed our tops and put them back on before running inside and joinging Frankie who was flopped on the sofa. We all flopped down next to her and sat there in silence. A few seconds later harry jumped up

"its lunchtime and im kinda hungry"

zayn stood up, followed by niall

"we could order a pizza?"

liam nodded, jumped up, pulled out his phone and walked out into the kitchen. It was only then that i realised that me and frankie were still flopped. I turned to face her, she looked like she couldnt be bothered to do anything. I was about to ask her if she wanted to watch a film with the meal when i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and opened the text

hannah - hope meetin liam's sister went well, say hi to every1 4 me :) lovee youu <3 <3 xxxxxx

i smiled, i do adore my hannah, i sat there dreaming about her beautiful face before realising that she might want a reply

Louis - yea it went cool, shes called frankie n shes with us for a week, u should meet her soon :) love youu mooooooree ;) <3 <3 xxxxxxxxx

i laughed as the notification saying 'message sent' popped up. I can only imagine her reaction. I turned to frankie

"want to watch a film?"

she smiled and nodded. I clambered off the sofa and walked over to TV, pulling out  'Jaws'  i put it in and went back to frankie, who turned to me

"what film did you put in?"

"you'll see"

she nodded and turned back to the TV. Niall and zayn came back and sat down next to us, harry ran off but returned in a few minutes(he probably went to the toilet before the film started) liam came in a few seconds later

"ive ordered 3 pizzas and they should be here soon"

we all nodded and he sat down next to frankie, who was next to niall. We started the film and about 15 minutes into it the doorbell went and liam stood up

"thats our pizza"

harry paused the film and ran out to help him whilst me, zayn, frankie and niall just sat there. Harry and liam brought it the pizza and a couple of bottles of coke to share. We unpaused the film and laid the pizza out over the 6 of us and tucked in. Halfway through the film i felt my phone buzz, i moved lsightly so i could reach my phone

hannah - yea that would be greatt :) havee fun <3 <3 xxxxxxx

i smiled and put my phone back into my pocket. i looked out the window to see rain pouring down and splattering the window.

"guys its raining"

they all sort of shrugged it off, probably because it wasnt affecting us. i nodded and went back to the film. I checked the pizza boxes, there was just enough for what i was planning. i smiled evily as i picked up a piece of pizza and turned to zayn, who was next to me...

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