I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


13. On the run

 Friday Afternoon

Liam's P.O.V

Hannah came back downstairs without frankie, i looked at her confused and she looked up, i nodded and stood up

"i wanna go for a run"

the boys stood up too

"we'll come"

i shook my head "nah, its ok, i wanna get my head around things"

they all nodded slowly and sat back down, i walked out leaving them chatting to my parents and flicking through the TV, i ran upstairs and into my room, i took my top off and chucked it on the floor, i reached into the wardrobe to get my trackies and tight top out(i usually work out in those) i chucked them on my bed then turned back to the wardrobe and froze. my bed had a bump in. i turned slowly and looked over to see frankie fast asleep with my ipod on, holding a picture of me on a photoshoot for 'BLISS' a smile creaped on my face and i reached over and gently kissed her forehead.

in no less than five minutes i was changed and walking out the front door, i didnt have my ipod because i left it with frankie but this time it felt like i didnt want to listen to any music, i had stuff to do. i started out with a gentle jog but as i thought more about what i was about to do i felt myself go faster and faster.

roughly 10 minutes later i was outside the big building. i checked my hair in my phone then walked in. i was immediately greeted by several people offering me different things eg. drinks, food, photos. i didnt care so i just walked up to the receptionist. she was a rather pretty girl but i didnt let that distract me.

"welcome back liam, how can i help you?"

i was about to start flirting when i realised that i needed to focus.

"i need to see someone"

"ok, who?"

"a certain person that wrote a certain article on a certain person and his SISTER!"

she looked slightly shocked as i shouted the word sister.

"well? can i see him?"

she slowly nodded

"well then get him on the phone NOW!"

i felt anger rush through me, i dont think ive ever been this angry. this is definately my first temper tantrum(outside my house obviously) the lady was speaking to someone and i tapped my fingers on the desk, trying to calm myself down. a few seconds later she put the phone down and looked up at me.

"3rd floor, room 12"

i nodded and ran off, i got told off for running but as soon as they were out of sight i carried on, i reached the lifts and pushed the button. i tryed muttering under my breath to make the lift go faster but it only made it slower, but eventually it arrived. the doors slid open and standing there in the lift was Danielle Peazer. she smiled awkwardly and i smiled back,

"i'll get the next one"

she shook her head "no its fine"

i slowly nodded then walked in and pressed 3. the doors closed and the lift slowly moved

"so, what brings you here?"

i turned to face her, she was always so beautiful

"i... ermm, my.. um, well"

she put a finger on my lips and i felt my legs about to give

"its ok, im guessing you want to sort out what happened in the papers?"

i nodded slowly and she let her hand drop, and looked away slowly

"shes a lucky girl"

i froze, was she really saying this? is this real? i shook myself back to reality

"shes my sister"

she laughed and looked at me "liam, shes not ruth and shes not nicola, how is she your sister?"

"my parents put her in a care home when she was younger"

she turned to me "oh... i didnt know, im sorry"

i shook my head "its ok, most people now think shes my girlfriend"

"well... so does that mean your still single then?"

i turned back to her, without realising i felt myself leaning in and to my suprise she did the same. our lips were millimetres apart then the lift doors slid open. we quicky pulled away and looked at the two people that were waiting to come in, without wanting to arouse suspicsion i quickly walked out of the lift and walked off. i felt terrible leaving danielle like that, i was about to turn back but i was too late. the doors shut and the lift began moving, i looked up at the numbers above, which told you what level the door was going to when i remembered what i was supposed to be doing. i stopped and thought. frankie or danielle. sister or girl of my dreams. frankie or danielle.


Niall's P.O.V

liam had gone off for a run and everyone was sitting in the lounge, except frankie who had gone upstairs, i slowly stood up and walked to the door

"niall bud, where are you going?" harry asked

i turned to face them, they all looked expectantly at me

"ermm... im going to check on frankie"

they all nodded and went back to talking or the film that was playing. i walked out and made my way upstairs, i knocked a few times on frankie's door but there was no answer. i slowly peeked in, no-one was in there, i walked in and looked around. for some reason it looked emptier than usual. then it clicked. her stuff was gone, all of her stuff was gone. i quickly walked out again only to bump into someone. i rubbed my head as i looked up to see frankie carrying her bag, her very full bag. she had just came out of liams room. i looked in shock, she looked like she was about to go somewhere for a week.

"frankie, what the hell are you doing? why have you got your bag? why were you leaving liams room? whats going on?"

she put a finger on my lips and allowed herself to speak

"im leaving niall"

i felt my heart skip a beat.

"you... you cant leave"

she nodded "i believe i can"

i felt tears well up in my eyes and she pulled me in a hug

"i have to, i thought i could deal with all of liams fame but i cant... i tryed"

i pulled apart and kissed her, she automatically kissed back which made me feel worse, i never even asked her out. i felt her crying but i was crying too, i was loosing her way too soon. she pulled apart and looked at me

"can i borrow your phone?"

i nodded and pulled it out, i gave it to her and she dialled a number

"who are you cal-"

she cut me off by putting a finger over my mouth again. i stood in silence as she spoke to whoever it was.

"hey its me frankie.... not really.... im coming home.... not anymore, can yo-.... your amazing, thanks..... yeah sure bye"

she hung up and handed me the phone, she pulled my face closer and gave me a softer kiss then smiled

"bye niall"

i didnt want to say bye, i couldnt say bye. her smile disappeared as she realised that i wouldnt say it. she picked up her bag and walked down the stairs, she slowly opened the door, trying to do it as quietly as possible so that she wouldnt get heard. i dont know how she could do this, i know why she would i just dont know how.  i felt my world crash around me as the door closed, i walked in a daze back downstairs. hannah walked out of the lounge, i turned to her slowly. she noticed my eyes and gave me a hug, i squeezed her tight as i tryed to hold onto frankie. louis came out and raised his eyebrows

"ermm... is something going on?"

hannah pulled away and louis saw my heart-broken face. he quickly pulled me into a hug, i know its wierd two guys hugging but i needed my friends, louis pulled away

"are you ok?"

i shook my head

"shes gone"

they looked confused. hannah put her hand on my shoulder

"whos gone niall?"

i stared at the floor as i struggled to admit it

"frankies gone home"

their mouths dropped

"what.. what do you mean, gone home?"

i looked up at louis

"she couldnt deal with the fame, shes gone home"

louis quickly let go of me and ran in the lounge

"guys, frankies run off"

they all quickly jumped up and came out to me, her parents gave me a hug

"wheres she gone hunni?"

i looked up at olivia "back to the care home probably, its where she always called home"

they quickly got their coats on, the boys all did the same. everyone ran outside to the cars but i just stood there, harry turned to me

"she may have gone off but surely she'll want to see you"

i shook my head and walked slowly upstairs, i didnt know what to do but i ended up going into frankie's room and sitting down on the bed. i closed my eyes and allowed flashbacks of the first time when i had properly met her fill my head.


Frankie's P.O.V

i had to leave. i just had to. i couldnt stay. i just couldnt. sarah had arrived with elena to pick me up. i quickly got in and told them to go before anyone at liams house found out i was gone. we pulled up at the care home and i got out, sarah got my bag whilst elena put her arm around me and slowly led me up to the house

"lets get you into bed, you look tired"

i nodded, she was amazing. a few of the kids, mostly younger, came up and gave me a hug. i smiled at how lovely everyone was being but i really wanted sleep. i was halfway up the stairs when the doorbell went. i looked at elena, who gave me the same worried look, we both looked at sarah who smiled and went to the door. Elena ran up the stairs and we both went into my room and shut the door. we heard voices downstairs and i was hoping that i wouldnt have to go with them

"its ok sugar, you'll be fine, sarah wont make you go anywhere"

i nodded "i know El, i just feel kinda guilty about it all... i never said goodbye properly"

she sighed and gave me a hug, we pulled away and sat down on the bed, she grabbed my hands

"now, tell me the whole story"

i looked up at her

"the whole story?"

"the whole story"

we smiled and i began telling her everything, literally everything. from the moment i stepped into their house to the moment i left, and she listened, without interupting, the whole way through.


Liam's P.O.V

Leona Lewis - Run began playing. i sighed, people never stop these days. i tryed to ignore it but it carried on. i leant over and grabbed it, hazza curly. i sighed as i pressed the green button and held it up to my ear.

liam - "wh-"

i was cut off by all the boys, except niall, shouting at me

harry - "finally"

louis - "dude, what the hell kept you?"

zayn - "honestly"

liam - "woah, woah, calm down and tell me whats going on?"

louis - "your in shit"

zayn - "sort of anyway"

harry - "frankie ran away"

i shot up

liam - "what are you on about?"

zayn - "she couldnt deal with it so she left"

i hung up before any of them could carry on, i turned over to see danielle smiling

"hello gorgeous"

i smiled but it disappeared when i realised that i had to leave

"i sorry, but i have to go"

her smile disappeared too so i kissed her

"im sorry, my girl needs me"

"but i thought you said i was your girl"

i picked my top up off the floor and slipped it on, pushing open the cupboard door i turned to her

"frankies my girl... she always has been and always will be"

she didnt look happy so i just ran off, how could i be so stupid? i chose to make out with danielle than protecting my sister. i felt tears run down my face as i remembered my conversation with her earlier. she had left whilst i was making out with someone that doesnt even mean half as much to me. i stopped, slapped my face and went back to running.

i found myself running to frankies care home, im suprised i didnt stop but everytime i felt myself slowing down i thought of frankie's crying face and found myself running faster than ive ever ran before. i reached the house, out of breath, to see louis' and my parents car. i ran up to the door, and knocked. harry opened it and within seconds i had zayn, louis and harry shouting at me for letting her do that, luckily my mum and dad stopped it and pulled me into the lounge.


Frankie's P.O.V

Elena let out a deep breath

"wow... thats one hell of a story there frankie"

i nodded slowly and looked down at the floor

"yeah i suppose"

she lifted my face

"it will all work out"

i pulled away and walked over to the window

"no it wont el, im fed up with people saying that, look at me and my life, its over"

i sat down on my seat and leant my head on the window

"im a kid in care El, nothings going to change"

she was about to say something when i continued

"i never want to see them again."

"even me?"

i froze, that wasnt elena, i turned to see liam, he had clearly been crying. Elena quickly left and closed the door, i stood up and faced him

"even you"

tears fell down his face, as they did for me

"oh... well, it was nice knowing you"

i nodded

"same here"

he walked forward and put his hand out

"goodbye frankie...jones"

i shook his hand

"goodbye... liam payne"

we let go but it felt like i didnt want to let go. i turned and walked back to my seat, i sat down and leant my head against the window, trying to stop the tears


Liam's P.O.V

letting her hand go was the hardest thing that ive ever done in my life, i cant.. cant come to terms that ive lost her... she walked and sat back down and i slowly walked to the door, i opened it and stood in the doorway. i was about to walk out when i turned to see her, she was crying as much as i was.

"i love you, and always will... frankie payne" i whispered and let more tears fall down before walking out and closing the door.

i walked downstairs and everyone was waiting

"well? is she coming?"

i turned to louis

"not today bud"

the boys ran up and gave me a hug and i squeezed them tight. i quickly let them go and turned to my parents

"im sorry"

they nodded slowly, my mum was crying and dad had tears in his eyes,

"its ok... you tryed"

i nodded and we all walked out, we all got in our cars. the boys in louis' and mum and dad in theirs. i sighed and looked up at frankies window, she saw me and quickly closed her blinds. it felt like she had closed the blinds to everything we had, everything we were.

my parents drove off, they were going home, louis was about to start up

"where to?"

i shrugged

"anywhere but home"

he nodded and drove off, home wasnt home without her. everything became nothing without her. i leant against the window and sighed. harry, zayn and louis were talking and zayn got on the phone but i didnt care. i shut my eyes and tryed to shut out the fact that she wasnt coming home.. my frankie. my girl. my sister.

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