I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


16. My new life

Liam's P.O.V

me and the boys walked into the studios as we had been called in due to excellent news as simon had put it, the receptionist showed us to simons room. she knocked 3 times before someone answered, the door was opened by simon, he greeted us all warmly and gestured for us to sit down. we did as he said and he sat opposite us behind his desk

"so, how are you all?" he asked

"glad to be doing something" louis replied, that was the reasonable answer. he smiled and continued

"now, i know this is a bit late but you are wanted to perform at an opening ceremony tonight"

we all glanced at each other and nodded, it didnt sound too bad

"but your going to have to leave in half an hour otherwise you wont make it in time and you'll miss the soundcheck and then you wont be able to perform"

we nodded

"so, where is it?" zayn asked, we all turned to simon

"Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum."


Frankie's P.O.V

i woke up to peter gently shaking me

"wake up princess, we're here"

i sat up and looked outside the window to see a big building. my mouth dropped as he got out and opened my door for me, i climbed out and stared up at the building whilst he came up behind me

"you like?"

i nodded slowly "its huge"

he laughed "its my life"

i turned to him, he was smiling and slowly leaning in. i could feel myself leaning in too, which i dont know why i was but hey i dont know why i was doing anything in this life. Suddenly this man came running out

"PETER! oh peter, there you are, you mother and i have been looking everywhere for you"

i was guessing this was his dad but instead of hugging him he shook his sons hands then turned to me

"and who is this young lady?"

he took my hand and softly kissed it, whilst i just stood there completely confused but luckily peter saved me

"erm father, this is frankie jones, shes with me for tonight"

"oh well i must say peter, you made a good choice, shes just beautiful"

i felt myself blush as peter slowly moved me away from my dad and held my hand as we walked up the path towards the huge house. When we got inside a young-ish lady came running up and this time hugged peter.

"oh peter, ive been so worried about you and i-"

she paused when she saw me sort of hiding behind him, she took my hand and pulled me forward

"and who is this lovely lady?"

"this is frankie jones"

she looked from peter to me, still smiling "well its lovely to meet you, i hope you will be staying very close to our peter these next few weeks, hes a very buzy boy"

"mother im 18 now"

"oh i know i know but your still my baby boy"

she began playing with his cheeks but he pulled away and grabbed my hand. he walked me upstairs and along many corridors before we reached a closed door, he turned to me with a cheeky smile on his face

"you ready?"

i nodded slowly, enjoying the excitement. he smiled and opened the door. my mouth hit the floor when i saw his room, there was a huge king sized bed with red velvet covers, he had a big window that covered one whole wall with a beautiful view of the life below. i walked in slowly completely in a daze, he followed and put the bag on his bed and sat down

"you like?"

i nodded and tryed taking it in. this guy lived like this every day, it made me think about liam. one day he could end up living like this, a big house, lots of money. i broke out of my daydream to see that he was pulling the dress out of the bag and laying it on the bed.

"you truly looked amazing"

i smiled and felt my cheeks go red, he was about to continue when there was a knock at the door.

"come in" he shouted, the door opened and three women, dressed in maid uniforms came in, one of them was carrying a box 

"your mother said we should dress the girl and that your father has a suit for you"

he nodded and walked out but turned to me at the door

"relax princess, you beautiful"

i nodded and he winked then walked out, the maids closed the door and walked over to me and the dress

"well, i must say that you are a very beautiful young lady"

i felt my cheeks go redder as i stretched out my arms and they began to undress me and put me in the pink dress peter had brought for me.

15 minutes later and i was fitted in the dress and standing in front of his mirror that covered practically half a wall. the maids stood behind me smiling

"you truly look amazing mistress jones"

i turned, mistress jones?

"im frankie"

she nodded "the mistress asked that we should call you mistress jones whilst you are here"

i nodded slowly and turned back to face myself. peter was right, i truly was a princess. yet again it made me think of liam, i was his princess. i shook him out of my head as i turned to the maids

"what about my hair? and i have no shoes?"

they smiled, and one of them walked over to the box they had brought in. she pulled out a pair of pink heels that would match the dress perfectly and a pair of straightners and curlers.

"hair and shoes"

i smiled and sat down on the stool they gave me, two of them plugged in both hair untensils and began combing my locks whilst the other one slipped my shoes on. i felt myself smile and realise that this was the life i wanted.

Another 15 minutes later and my hair and makeup were done, my hair had been straightened then curled and the top layer was bunned up but strands were falling loose which made it look better, i stood up and faced the new me again in the mirror. if only the boys could see me now. if only elena and sarah could see me now. i shook the thought out again as i rememebered that they didnt want to see me now, or ever.

i turned to the maids and was about to say something when a man walked in, he smiled and nodded when he saw me

"mistress jones, ladies, your ride is awaiting your arrival"

they nodded and came over to help me with my dress. we walked down all the corridors until we reached the big staircase. i could see peter at the bottom but he had his back to me so i smiled and began a slow walk down, making sure i didnt trip.

halfway down peter turned, his face instantly lit up and i felt mine do the same, he reached out his hand and i gracefully took it. i reached the bottom and our faces were close

"you look amazing"

i smiled "thanks, you dont look too bad yourself"

we laughed and leant in, before i could kiss him we heard two people walking up to us. His mum and dad looked amazing too, her mum did the whole two kiss, one on each cheek thing with me and peter whilst his dad shook his hand and kissed mine again. The butler opened the front doors and his mum linked her arm in her husbands and they slowly walked out. Peter offered me his arm and i accepted, we both began walking outside whilst i was trying to hold up my dress.

we got into the limo and it drove us off, his mum and dad were talking quietly between themselves so i leant over to Peter

"where are we going?"

"my dads having an open evening at the museum"

i nodded slowly and he contined

"apparently theres going to be guest singers"

i smiled and kissed him gently on the cheek

"thank you"

he smiled and kissed me on the lips, softly. i felt butterflies in my belly as he looked into my eyes

"no, thank you"

i smiled and gently layed my head on his shoulder and sighed. maybe i really didnt need liam to be happy.


Liam's P.O.V

we had got a lift up there in the van so we could carry all the equipment and clothing we needed. We had set it all up and just finished soundchecking when a smartly dressed man arrived to see us, we jumped down from the stage and went to greet him. we shook hands and i realised that this was the owner of this place and he was the one who asked for us

"hello boys, my name is Daniel Holling, im the owner of this museum"

"well, it is a wonderful place" louis said, letting go of his hand, daniel looked us up and down

"well the party is in an half an hour so you can stop pracitising and get changed if you like?"

we nodded thankfully, i was getting abit worn out by all the singing.

"well, im afraid i have things to do but my wife is around here somewhere and if you cant find her my son and his lady are also helping about"

we nodded and he walked off and we all stood there

"well... i say we get changed" harry said and we all laughed, nodded and put our microphones on the stage before walking off. zayn and niall picked up our bags with our clothes in and we all walked to the mens rooms but just before we went in i could have sworn i heard a laugh that i recognised, but couldnt remember where from.


Frankie's P.O.V

Peter helped me out of the limo and we walked up to the big building, there was a van outside and i looked at it confused

"thats the bands"

i turned, peter was leaning over my shoulder, i smiled as i felt his breath on my neck

"so, whats the band called?"

he shrugged, it seemed like he cared more about my neck than the actual evening itself

"not sure, dad chose them, apparently theyre very popular"

i nodded and we walked in, even though the building itself was huge he showed me a map and gave me a quick tour of where everything was.

"and this is the stage"

i smiled and he took my hand and spun me but pulled me closer

"i heard they do slow songs"

i felt myself giggle as he leant in and planted a kiss on my lips, i kissed him back. we smiled and i looped my arm around his and we walked out and over to his mother.


Niall's P.O.V

We walked out of the toilets dressed in suits and ties. we hadnt worn stuff like this since the X Factor and it made us giggle at how smart we looked, a few people had began arriving and they all looked so smart, we all glanced at each other. we could tell that we were thinking the same thing, that we had to act posh. I had to admit that the girls all looked amazing but there was one girl that stood out for me, she was wearing a pink strapless dress and half her hair was done up and it was all curled.

For some reason i seemed to know her but i shook the thought away as i clearly knew no-body here besides the boys and the owner. Although i didnt want to i found myself staring at her, i couldnt help it, she was just so beautiful, i was just zoning out when liam whacked me on the back

"dude, you got your eye on ne already?"

the others just started laughing and louis followed my gaze to see who i was looking at, he froze to the spot and harry hit him

"dude, you got hannah, stop looking at-"

he turned to her but stopped halfway through his sentence to stare at her, zayn did the same and soon liam was staring at her too. she sipped her drink and looked around, it was like she was looking around for someone. Before any of us could do anything Daniel appeared in front of us

"boys, your on in 5 minutes"

we shook ourselves out of whatever we were in and nodded

"of course sir" liam replyed, daniel nodded and walked off greeting different people. we all looked back to see that the girl had a guy with her now and he had his arm around her waist. we all sighed and walked slowly to the stage, we all walked on and everyone crowded around. This was it


Frankie's P.O.V

The band walked on stage and my heart skipped a beat, it was one direction. Liam was standing there looking out at the crowd. his eyes caught me and i couldnt take my eyes off him. he continued to stare at me, as if trying to place a name to the face he now saw, peter took my hand and leant over to my ear

"is there a reason why that one keeps staring at you?"

i turned to him

"yes... peter you need to know some things about me"

he nodded "well considering you know everything about me, that seems slightly fair"

i looked at liam who was still staring whilst singing, i noticed that the others were as well but were trying to hide it and concentrate on the crowd. I looked at niall and he looked at me and smiled weakily, he knew. i smiled weakly back and turned to peter

"peter, liam is my brother"

he looked from me to liam, then back to me again

"your being serious?"

i nodded and he looked taken back

"your names frankie payne isnt it? not jones?"

i shook my head but then nodded

"no, well yes but its more difficult than that, i was put in a care home where my name was changed to frankie jones then i went to live with liam for a week but it didnt really work so ive kept it as jones."

he smiled but then looked away

"will you be leaving with him?"

i shook my head "no, im with you now"

he looked at me then smiled "good"

he leant over and kissed me, i kissed him back but then remembered the boys. i pulled away and turned to look at them, none of them were looking at me. they looked everywhere but me, it was like i had just vanished. although i can understand why, i kissed another guy in front of them all, and this time it wasnt niall. oh niall, i looked at him, he was trying to hold back tears whilst singing and the boys had tryed to make it part of their routine but kept putting their arms around him. Everyone was enjoying the show, everyone except me and the boys. i turned to peter

"i need some fresh air"

he nodded "i'll come with you"


he looked upset "im sorry.. i just want to think about things on my own"

i looked at liam, he noticied this and nodded

"ok princess, remember im always here for you"

i nodded, took one last look at the boys and walked off. The back door to their garden was open and i walked out, holding up the front of my dress. there was 2 men smoking on one of the benches so i walked over to the other bench and sat down, i leant back and let out a deep breath and stared up at the starry sky.

I had been sitting there for some time now and the boys had stopped singing and wierd classical music was playing, there was probably a band as well. i sighed and stood up. i turned to go and walk back inside when i saw the boys standing there, staring at me

"you look amazing frankie" liam broke the silence, i sat back down and sighed


they came over and sat down(well liam and niall did, harry, zayn and louis just stood up) i sighed again

"you guys are good at performing"

they nodded and smiled, i smiled back weakly but could tell that this situation couldnt get more awkward.

"FRANKIE!.... oh frankie there you are, i was getting worried"

it just got more awkward. Peter rushed over, the boys instantly gave him bad looks so i decided to go and stand with him,

"boys this is peter"

they nodded and peter put his arm around me

"pleasure to meet you"

they nodded again and liam stood up

"frankie, can i have a word?" he looked at peter, still giving him a death glare "in private?"

i nodded and sighed, me and liam walked away from the others and i turned to liam


"and a proper hello to you too"

"seriously though, what do you want?"

he looked down at the floor

"i want you to come home"

i felt daggers slice my heart in half "this is my home"

he looked up at me, tears had instantly pricked his eyes and his mouth turned into a frown

"fine. just dont expect us to be there when lover boy over there tosses you out."

i nodded "fine. i wont."

and with that he stormed off and went back over to the boys,

"hey, whats up dude?"

he looked at me, still trying to hold back the tears

"we're going home."

they all looked at me and their smiles disappeared as they walked off following liam. when they had gone Peter ran over to me, his arms enveloped me in a hug. i instantly began crying into him. he made soothing noises and spoke softly

"its ok, you can live here"

i looked up at him

"really? i can?"

he nodded, smiling

"of course, id love it"

i paused "what about your parents?"

"they want you to move in more than i do"

i chuckled

"is that possible?"

he laughed "no but you know what i mean"

i smiled and nodded

"then i will" he smiled and i buried my head deeper into him and we just stood there hugging and staring out over the gardens. this was my my new life.

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