I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


10. Laser quest!

Liam's P.O.V

Thursday Morning

i woke up flopped on the sofa, i looked around just to chuckle to myself at how the others were flopped on each other. Louis was flopped on harry and hannah was snuggled into him, zayn was fast asleep on the floor. I was about to lean back and go back to sleep when i realised that two very close people werent here. Niall and Frankie. i shot up and quickly woke up the others angrily. They all looked around confused but slowly sat up

"what? couldnt you see i was dreaming?" louis moaned

"yeah i know right, i was so close to getting a kiss from frankie" i sighed, harry has it bad.

i sighed as i gestured around the room "havent you noticed anything?"

they still looked blank but then louis sat up

"we all want to go back to sleep" i sighed again, god these people need things spelt out for them.

"oh, well then, maybe we should ask niall, oh wait, hes missing, lets try frankie, oh wait shes missing too"

they all looked around then it finally clicked and they all stood up.

"where do you think they are?"

i shrugged, i didnt care where they were... wait, think a lie, i did but i cared more about making sure that frankie wasnt hurt and that niall hadnt broke any of the rules. i could feel myself tensing up but stopped when i felt two hands on my arms. i broke out of my daydream and looked right at hannah who was smiling

"im sure theyre fine"

i nodded slowly, trying to reassure myself "yeah, fine"

she nodded and gave me a hug. i hugged back but ended up holding her close as i tryed to calm myself down, she clearly noticed this and hugged me back tighter too. i was about to go into over-protective-brother-mode(although i probably was already in this) when i heard zayn laugh, we all looked over to see him staring out into the garden. we all walked over and looked to where he was pointing. Frankie and niall were fast asleep cuddled up on a sun lounger, everyone aww'd but i just stormed out, through the hallway, through the kitchen, outside and over to the chair. The others quickly followed, trying to stop me from killing niall. i leant over the couple, i was about to do something when everyone came barging into me. they were probably supposed to stop but obviously forgot so i went toppling onto them, along with everyone else on my back.

niall and frankie woke up suddenly and tryed to push us off, although it was more like frankie burying herself into niall and niall pushing everyone off her. jesus, i need to get used to this. we all fell on the floor and niall and frankie sat up and began laughing at the way we were all piled up on top of each other. we all sorted ourselves out and stood there in a big circle. it was quiet until louis spoke up

"can we go inside please cause i dont know about you guys but im kinda cold"

he shivered, making all of us shiver too. although we were allowed to be cold cause we were all still in bikinis and shorts, we all went inside and sat down. me, niall, frankie, hannah and louis sat on the sofa, zayn sat on the floor and harry pulled up a chair from the table. The girls began gently shivering so harry ran off but came back with a blanket for them. They put it over themselves and it slightly covered niall and louis too. i sighed

"so, what are we doing today?" zayn asked

we all shrugged as we all had no idea, then louis jumped up

"i have an idea"

we all laughed and he came over to me and whispered two words in my ear that made me smile and nod my head.


Frankie's P.O.V

louis had an idea of what we should do so he told liam and now all the boys know, which isnt fair on me and hannah. we couldnt be bothered to get changed so we all walked out to louis' car in practically nothing. We all climbed in and yet again i got to sit on niall(which truthfully didnt bother me) he pulled the seatbelt up and locked us in again as harry pulled away, we all waved goodbye to his parents and sister and drove off back to liam's. I leant back on nialls body, which was just so warm. i didnt want to fall asleep again so i tryed gently humming to myself to keep myself awake, it didnt work and i felt myself drifting off.

i was close to closing my eyes when i felt soft fingers gently rubbing the side of my leg, not moving my head i looked at my leg closest to the car door, only to see nialls fingers slowly rubbing up and down. i smiled to myself as i lowered my hand so it met with his. he realised this and began stroking my fingers instead and i couldnt help myself but stroke his too. in the end we had interwined out fingers but let them hang so no-one could see...unfortunately someone did. and that someone was liam. he turned around to tell us all something when he caught sight of our hands locked together, i quickly let nialls hand go but it was too late. liam had turned back around

zayn tapped him on the shoulder "oi liam, werent you going to say something?"

liam didnt turn around but spoke facing the front

"i was just going to say that i think it would be best to go off in twos when we're there"

everyone nodded except me and hannah, we just sighed cause we still didnt know where we were supposed to be going. the rest of the journey was fairly silent besides the radio and a bit of quiet singing from one of the boys. harry pulled up at liams house and we all jumped out, liam came straight over to me

"you and hannah go and get changed"

he looked a bit annoyed so i just nodded and ran off with hannah to pick something to wear.


Niall's P.O.V

the girls went off to get changed and we all walked into the lounge, zayn, harry and louis ran off to get changed. i was about to follow when i saw liam sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands, i walked back to him slowly and sat down next to him. we sat in silence until he looked up

"its wierd niall, like really wierd"

i knew he was talking about me and frankie and i could understand where he was coming from, he was having to put up with seeing his best mate and his sister act all lovey dovey and he wasnt used to it. i nodded slowly

"i know, it feels kinda wierd too"

he looked at me confused "how?"

"cause i fancy the hell out of my best mates sister, no-one ever usually does that"

he nodded and leant back in the sofa

"but i said you could date her so im not going to have a go at you"

i leant back too

"but if its wierd for you then i'll stop and just stay friends with her"

he chuckled "niall buddy, you know you wouldnt be able to do that, your in a trance"

i sighed, he was right. i couldnt get enough of her.

"well, are you sure?"

he nodded "yeah and besides she likes you too"

"you think so?"

"dude your blonde if you cant see it"

i thought for a moment, we had made out and she was always staying with me. i nodded

"yeah i suppose your right."

he nodded and before he could say anything else the others walked in, including frankie and hannah. frankie took my breath away, she was wearing a white strap dress that was just the right length. i sighed in desire, i had to have her, just had to. i needed her so badly. liam hit me on the back, snapping me out of my daydream and louis chucked me a top, it was his red jack wills one and i slipped it on as quick as i could so i could look at frankie again. we all walked out to the car and i couldnt help myself but watch her bum as she walked along. i ended up slapping myself rather loudly as everyone turned around and stared at me wierdly. i quickly shook it off and we all got in the car and harry drove off for the second time today.


Frankie's P.O.V

The journey was about an hour but everyone was singing along to the radio and i was holding nialls hand again, every now and again he would give me a little squeeze and i would gently squeeze it back and we carried on like that for most of the trip, which just put a smile on my face. When Torn came on the boys all began to sing along, and we just had a laugh the whole way there, where-ever 'there' was. We all soon parked up and got out, in front of me was a building with a big sign above it saying "LASER QUEST"

the boys all seemed happy but i just stood there blank until harry came up to me,

"you alright?"

i nodded but he raised his eyebrow "sure? you dont look it"

i shyed down and looked at the floor but he lifted my face up

"whats wrong babe?"

i smiled but whispered "whats laser quest?"

he smiled and pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear

"you'll see"

i pulled away and sighed

"not fair, please tell me"

he laughed

"i wont, but theres something i will tell you"


"watch your back at all times"

he made me more confused than i was before but i shook it off as we all walked in and liam gave the person at the reception his card. louis wrapped his arms completely around hannah

"hannahs with me"

we all laughed and she gave him a kiss on his cheek, harry started to fake cry

"what about me? lou i thought we had something"

we all laughed and louis jumped into harrys arms. im suprised they can actually pick each other up, it just shows how fit they actually are

"you can come with me too"

 we all laughed and harry let lou go and they walked over to hannah, liam took his card and the person showed us into the room where loads of equipment was. i looked at niall wo was whispering to zayn, who then went and whispered in liams ear. liam looked at me then at niall then nodded to zayn. zayn turned to face everyone

"im going with liam then and frankie, you can go with niall"

i nodded and everyone began putting on their weapons. i picked mine up and just stared at it all blankly, not knowing how to put any of it on. the big double doors next to us opened and louis, hannah, liam, zayn and harry ran in and disappeared into the blackness, i was about to say something very rude when i heard a small chuckle behind me. i turned to see niall all kitted up, holding his laser in a james bond position. i laughed and he picked up my uniform

"not wearing it?"

"not knowing how to put it on"

he laughed "your cute"

i felt myself blush so i just nodded and looked at the floor, he lifted my head up and smiled

"not a bad thing" i smiled and he smiled back

i picked up a random piece of my kit and handed it to him

"show me"

a cheeky smile formed on his face and i found myself doing the same, he took it off me and stood right in front of me so our faces were millimetres apart

"you dont need it"

i nodded "your right, i dont need it... i need you"

his smile reached his ears and he leant in, the next thing i knew i was pushed up against the wall, kissing niall very passionately. i spun around and pushed him against the wall, his hands were running all over my body as i began to undo his equipment. 10 minutes later and we were still kissing, his equipment had been taken off and was left everywhere, and i was against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist. he had a firm grip of me and was gently rubbing his thumb along the bottom of my legs. we were kissing vigorously now and it truely felt like i couldnt get enough of him. finally we slowly pulled away, we were both breathing very heavily and he chuckled slightly

"your one fiesty girl frankie"

i smiled and bit my lip "i could say the same for you"

he smiled and kissed me again, only softer this time. after finally breaking away again he gently lowered himself down so he was on his knees and i was sitting on the bench, he rested his head on my leg and i leant my head against the wall. he looked up at me and was about to say something when we heard voices that sounded very familiar coming from the black room. niall's face mirrored my worried one, we had spent the whole time kissing! he quickly jumped up and ran over to the other side of the room and grabbed hannahs bag, he chucked it to me

"your makeup"

i raised my eyebrow at him "well, your hair"

he looked worried but to be honest i was worried too. our thoughts were interupted as the others walked in, they all stood there frozen and confused so niall stepped in

"ermm.. frankie felt ill as we were walking around so we came out"

they all slowly nodded, i hope that works. it obviously did on louis because he shrugged and walked past and began to take his kit off, harry and hannah soon followed and zayn did the same. liam looked at me with a confused look on his face, i smiled fakely, trying to make him shake off any ideas. he came and gave me a hug, over his shoulder i could see the others quietly asking niall and cheering him. he looked at me and smiled, i smiled back and liam pulled apart

"whats wrong then?"

"erm... my head hurts"

he kissed my forehead "there"

i smiled and gave him another hug and he hugged back. but i soon pulled apart

"can you take this stuff off, its really annoying when i want a hug"

he laughed and walked over to his stuff and began taking his stuff off. When we were all ready we walked out, thanked the person on the reception desk and went to louis' car. we all got in and i leant back on nialls chest again, as harry drove off, liam told him to go somewhere but i wasnt listening. i was too buzy thinking about what happened with niall, i felt his fingers slowly trail along my leg and instead of holding his hand i let my hand relax next to his leg, and every now and again began tugging and playing about with his trousers. The Saturdays - Higher came on and harry instantly turned it up and we all sighed but laughed, as he began singing along to frankies part as we drove off to where ever liam had planned.

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