I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


15. I'm Peter

Saturday Morning

Niall's P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes to realise that i was still on liams bed, we all were. as i got up i nudged the others and they slowly sat up as well. we looked absolutely terrible and we're a boyband for gods sake! louis stood up and stretched

"im going to go get breakfast" we nodded and he walked out,

liam flopped back on the bed

"i think im going to go and becca" zayn said standing up "need to clear my head"

we nodded and he began to get changed. harry stood up

"what are we going to do today?"

we shrugged

"go downstairs and get breakfast with lou?" i suggested, the others slowly nodded and we all went to the door. we walked out then realised that liam wasnt with us. i poked my head in his room to see him still flopped on his bed.

"you coming?"

he shook his head "not hungry"

i sighed but nodded and walked out, harry and zayn gave me a questioningly look and i mouthed the word 'frankie' before we all began walking downstairs into the kitchen. Louis was sitting on the island eating some cereal, we all made ourselves bowls and began eating in silence. ruth and nicola walked in together, still in their pajamas. they had both clearly been crying and it didnt take einstein to figure out what was wrong. they made themselves cereal and we moved about to make space for them and they sat down. it was still silent until ruth looked up

"wheres liam?"

"upstairs" i said, not looking up to face her

she nodded slowly and carried on eating. louis finished first and we eventually followed. we all put our bowls on the side and walked out, zayn was changed already and went to the front door

"im going to see becca"

we nodded and he walked out. we were walking upstairs when there was a knock at the door. for some reason i had a strange hope that it was frankie but it wasnt, it was zayn. louis opened it and zayn ran upstairs whilst trying to say

"left my jewelry" hes such a girl sometimes, although we do like our silver and gold. i tryed feeling my finger for my claddagh ring(A/N irish ring as a token of love - see picture) my parents had gave it to me so that when i was away on tour or something i had something to remember them by. it wasnt there, i was getting confused when i realised that i had taken it off the other day. i had put it on liams bedside table and told myself to get it later but i had obviously forgotten. i walked upstairs to get it, zayn came out of liams room looking shocked, liam followed

"guys, ive found everything but the necklace that rebecca brought me, you know the half of the heart"

we looked shocked

"well, where did you put it?" harry asked

"on the windowsill but me and liam have searched there, and everywhere else"

liam nodded and we all stood confused

"well lets make one more search, it has to be here somewhere" i suggested, everyone nodded and we walked into liams room. we all began searching but i went straight to the table to get my ring, only to see it wasnt there. i began looking through the draws for it but it was no-where to be seen. i turned to the others

"guys my rings gone too"

they all stared at me, they knew what ring i was on about because it was the only i ever wore and i never usually took it off.

"look, my rooms a ess, if we tidy it im sure we'll find zayn's necklace and nialls ring ok?"

"and my chain"

we all turned to look at louis, who had pulled his top down so we could see he wasnt wearing it.

"lou, i swear you never take it off?"

"i dont normally but i took it off when i went for a shower"

we looked at him confused

"hannah might have it"

he shook his head

"she didnt have it when i dropped her off at her house yesterday and i havent seen her since"

we all nodded slowly and sat down on the bed, trying to think. suddenly liam stood up and went to the bedside table, he moved his photo frame and looked at us

"my photo from BLISS has gone"

we stared at him blankly, he shook his head and smiled

"havent you noticed anything?"

we all shook our heads and he laughed


we still looked at him clueless so he smacked his head

"shes taken them"

we nodded slowly, trying to understand why

"shes taken the things that are most important to us"

we nodded, at least we understood

"but why?" louis asked "i miss my chain"

it clicked "but thats why shes taken them"

now it was my turn to be looked at wierdly

"shes taken them because she knows she will miss us so theyre for her to remember us by and she knows that we will miss them making us miss her"

they all nodded but louis still looked confused

"so, she done it so we would miss her?"

i nodded slowly "sounds like it"

harry quickly jumped up "so, if shes taken something important to everyone whats she taken of mine?"

we all shrugged but harry quickly ran to the wardrobe. of course, his beloved clothes. he began frantically searching through but turned to us, disappointed

"its gone"

"what has?" louis asked, harry turned to him

"my hoodie, the new jack wills one i brought a few days before she came"

"it was your favourite?"

he nodded slowly and sat back down on the bed. yet again we all fell back at the same time and sighed

"what are we going to do? we cant exactly get the police" liam shot up and slapped zayn

"we wont get the police involved. shes my sister, remember?"

he nodded slowly and i sat up

"of course we're not going to get the police involved but we have two main options"

they all looked at me confused so i continued

"either we let it go and let her keep the stuff and get new ones or we go and ask for them back and see if we can sort things out"

they all looked confused but liam spoke up

"we go for the second option, she doesnt want to see us again remember?"

we nodded slowly, he was right. it was what she had said.


Frankie's P.O.V

i was awoken by light filtering into my room. i opened my eyes and saw elena opening up my blinds,

"wake up sleeping beauty, breakfast is ready"

i grumbled and turned over, pulling the duvet over my head. she ripped it off and stared at me confused

"why? why are you wearing that hoodie and holding a picture of liam?"

i quickly put it under my pillow and got up

"just felt like it"

i walked over to my wardrobe but she stopped me from opening it

"you miss them dont you?"

i shook my head

"god no, glad to get away, what makes you think that?"

"well firstly thats not your hoodie, secondly you slept with a picture of liam, thirdly your not irish yet your wearing a claddagh ring, fourthly you never wear chains yet your wearing one and fifthly you couldnt afford a necklace with half a heart on."

i stopped and sighed

"ok. ok, you got me, i miss them"

"so go back?"

i shook my head

"they wont want me"

"how do you know?"

"because... because i just know"

i pushed past her and began looking through my clothes. i pulled out a plain top and some trackies. i walked over to the bed and began to get changed

"so, this is it? your just going to give up?"

i stopped, i didnt want to turn around and face her. i didnt say anything, she sighed

"your not the frankie i know anymore, she wouldnt give up"

i still didnt say anything or turn around, she just walked out and closed the door. i slowly turned to see no-one. thats who i had in my life, no-one. i sighed and got changed and put the hoodie back in, i went to my pillow and pulled out liams picture. i pulled the picture out and folded it up and slid it in my pocket. i put the hood up and walked downstairs, everyone looked at me wierdly but i ignored it. i walked to the door but got stopped by sarah

"where are you going?"


she sighed

"ok but be back at 12"

i nodded and walked out, it was a fresh cold morning and it made me walk faster. i walked to the cafe and sat down on one of the chairs that was outside, there was a guy on the table opposite but i just ignored him and began fiddling with my fingers thinking different things through.

i thought about the dream i had, with the way things were now it might have well as been real, the boys hated me. i knew it, they couldnt like me after that yet i felt the complete opposite. i missed them so much but i didnt go back, i dont know why i didnt go back, theres nothing stopping me.

i looked up to see the guy from the other table had moved and was now sitting opposite me, he looked about the same age as me. he had dirty blonde hair that was a bit messier than liams, his dark brown eyes were definately a heavenly welcome. he handed me his cup of coffee

"here, drink this, you look like you need it"

i smiled weakly but shook my head

"not thirsty"

"well, let me buy you something to eat then"

"not hungry"

he chuckled

"your a touch cookie i see?"

"im an upset, angry and miserable cookie"

he laughed "that why you arent eating?"

i thought for a moment, there was something about his laugh and the way he spoke.

"yes, im not in the mood"

he smiled and nodded "i understand"

i smiled back. something about him made me feel safer i just wasnt sure what it was

"are you from around here?"

he shook his head "no, im afraid not, i live up north"

i nodded slowly "whereabouts?"


 i made a 'touche' face and smiled

"very posh"

he laughed and nodded

"my dad owns the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum"

i raised my eyebrow "the what-what-what?"

he laughed

"your cute and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum"

only this time he said it slower, i blushed and nodded.

"thanks and im guessing thats some kind of big place?"

he nodded, still smiling,

"its the most popular free-to-enter attraction in scotland and the most visited museum in the UK outside London"

my mouth fell open "so im guessing your a rich boy then?"

he laughed "yeah i guess you could say that, but what about you?"

i held back for a moment "i dont really want to talk about it"

he smiled and put his hand on mine

"its ok but know that im here for you"

i looked up his hand on mine then up at him, from his facial expression i could tell that he genuinely meant it.


he smiled

"thats ok"

he moved his hand and offered it to me

"the names Peter, Peter Holling"

i smiled as i took his hand


he smiled and nodded

"lovely to meet you frankie no-surname"

i laughed "jones"

it felt wrong saying jones now, i was a payne. not jones, a payne.

"well frankie jones i would be delighted if you would take a walk with me"

i thought for a moment before nodding

"i would be delighted to"

he smiled and we stood up, he handed me his cup, there was still some drink in there

"will you drink it now?"

i nodded slowly and a huge smile appeared on my face as i gratefully accepted the cup and drunk it. i put it on the table and we moved away. he stared at me wierdly, i looked down to see i looked a mess, he smiled and offered me his arm. i smiled as i took it and we began walking

"well, lets get you some different clothes first"

i felt my heart fluster as i softly used the excuse of holding his arm to stroke his big arms. we got a few odd looks but im sure thats because there was a girl that looked like a homeless tramp walking arm in arm with a guy in a smart outfit. he stopped and turned to me

"lets get rid of this first"

he took off my hoodie and moved my hair so it fell down natural just below my shoulders

"there, now i can see you properly"

i smiled and we began walking again. i didnt know how long we had been walking for but he had told me all about his long life whereas i kept quiet about mine, he explained how his parents expected the best of him, how he had always wanted to live a free life and how his parents had planned his whole life including the part where he takes over his dads museum when hes old enough. it seems im not the only one with problems, we sat down on a bench and i only then noticed that we were in a very classy clean street. there were shops with really posh and probably expensive dresses in the window.

i felt peoples eyes on me, as they walked past. they all had really clean, straight clothes and i felt very out of place. Peter smiled at me and then gestured to one of the shops id seen

"want to go inside?"

i shook my head quickly but he winked(making me melt inside) and pulled me up and towards the shop. the next thing i knew we were inside and three woman had rushed up to peter

"welcome back peter, here for something for your mother again?"

he shook his head and pulled me closer to him, he could tell i was nervous so he held my hand and gave it a little squeeze

"no thank you Anne, im here for something for this girl"

they gave me a look which made peter pull me closer and give them a glare

"shes my friend and needs something for tonight"

they all nodded and quickly shook off all wierd facial expressions, tonight? they pulled me away from peter and edged me over to the changing room whilst picking up many beautiful dresses on the way. i looked at peter just before the changing room curtain was closed and he just shrugged but smiled cheekily.


Peter's P.O.V

the first time i layed eyes on her i knew she was a naturally beautiful girl. although she smiled i knew she was hiding something, she had said that she didnt want to talk about her life but she listened intently to mine. the only time she really spoke was when she was asking a question. i wanted her to come with me tonight, that way father would be fine with me again. we had had a small arguement as he was unhappy that i wasnt choosing a woman to wed. i didnt want to get married yet, i wanted to live my life first. Out of all the eligible ladies he had brought to me none was as beautiful as the girl standing in front of me.

We had been in the shop for an hour and everytime frankie put on a new dress she looked more and more stunning. Until she came out with a dress that just took my breath away, quite literally too. it was a pink strapless one and was tight at the top but had a flarey bottom. she looked so unbelievably gorgeous, i couldnt say how amazing she looked. she smiled at me as she walked forward

"well, how do i look?"

i was frozen to the spot but my mouth dropped making her blush. i quickly shut my mouth and started smiling and nodding

"that one, thats the one"

she smiled and nodded

"definately, i love it"

i reached into my back pocket and pulled out my wallet, i handed the assistant, Grace, my card

"we want this one"

she nodded, took it and walked off to buy the dress. whilst the two other assistants began guiding frankie back into the changing rooms. i quickly thought that besides the dress she had nothing else to wear. I quickly looked around and found a pink top and a pair of boheimen jeans, i walked up to the changing room curtain and pushed them through without looking

"can you get her changed into these?"

someone took them so i walked over to the lady at the counter and told her what id brought. she cashed it all up to £1964 i smiled and nodded, this girl was worth that and more. She walked out wearing what i had given her and smiled at me. i took my card and walked over to her, she was carrying a bag with the dress in and holding her old clothes. i offered her my arm and we walked out together. we stopped at the road and i got us a taxi, before we got in she paused

"i have to do something"

i looked confused but she went over to a bin and chucked her top and trackies in there, i smiled to myself but got a bit more confused when she came over, trying to put the hoodie in her bag

"you didnt get rid of the hoodie?"

she shook her head

"i will never get rid of the hoodie"

i shook off all my concerns and opened the door for her, she climbed in and i got in after her. the driver looked at me through the mirror

"wher- oh mr holling, i didnt see you there"

frankie glared at me, slightly shocked that everyone knew me, i smiled back and winked

"take us home please"

the driver nodded and started up and slowly drove off, frankie moved closer and leant her head on y shoulder. i could tell she was tired so i kissed her head and whispered

"go to sleep princess, its a long journey"

she nodded slowly and moved further away but layed her head down on my lap. she looked up at me and i felt her eys swallow me whole

"excuse me sir, but would you like the radio on?"

i thought for a moment, looked at frankie who nodded so i looked up

"yes please"

the driver nodded and put it on, a song had just finished and the news was about to play but i didnt care, i just stared at frankie, who stared back

radio - "and now in the celebrity world Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have announced that they are engaged for the kids"

i blanked it out as i truly didnt want to think about marriages yet

radio - ".... also in the news young popband One Direction-"

frankie shot up at the name

radio - " star Liam Payne has announced that the mysterious girl was in fact his sister and that he wishes people would have just left them alone"

frankie sighed as liams voice came on he radio

radio - "frankie was my sister and thats it, and im afraid to say that due to this stunt she has left home and refuses to come home-"

he stopped talking and even i could tell that he was about cry, i looked at frankie, who had tears welling up in her eyes. she couldnt be? she had avoided any questions i asked about her family, she could be. i shook my head, of course she couldnt. she leant back down and closed her eyes, i began gently stroking her face until i was sure she had drifted off to sleep and i leant back and found myself doing the same thing.

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