I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


2. I'm going home

just a quickie, as i wrote this ages ago Zayn is with Rebecca Ferguson and Louis is with Hannah Walker, yes it was that long ago and ive only just signed up to this site... my bad :P


Liam's P.O.V

i sighed again(for about the 50th time) as my parents continued to talk to sarah about different things. The rest of the boys had all sat down next to me and we were constantly checking our watches/ phones(louis was texting hannah) or rolling out eyes. Eventually after about an hour of talking Sarah stood up

"well, maybe now is the time to bring her downstairs"

my parents stood up too and turned around to face me. We all stood up and watched as sarah walked out. my mum put her arm  around me

"now rememeber your manners"

i nodded "yes mum"

"now its been about 16 years so she might have changed"

"might have?"

my dad stepped in

"you know what your mother means"

i nodded and turned to face the boys and my parents went to nicola and ruth

"you'll be fine bud"

"cheers niall"

he nodded and i smiled. i was still so nervous. i mean, its not everday you have to meet your sister that you never knew you had.


Frankie's P.O.V

i had just got changed into my blue shorts and white crop top when i heard a knock at my door. i walked over slowly, Elena had gone to get changed too but i knew that if that was her she wouldnt have knocked and just came in. I opened my door to see sarah standing there smiling.

"frankie hunny, i have some really great news"

for some reason i felt myself light up


she smiled and tapped her nose

"its a suprise"

i sighed " oh c'mon you know how much i hate suprises"

not exactly true because when she organised my suprise 16th birthday party at the local hall with a special performance from the kixx, although i hate it when girls squeal at boybands i have to admit that i do feel happy when i watch them. She grabbed my hands, which broke me out of reminising my party, and looked into my eyes.

"your parents are here"

ok, not exactly the kixx. i was speechless all the same, i didnt know what they wanted but i was pretty sure it wasnt me. my mouth opened, as if to talk, but no words came out except

"they... they are?"

she nodded and carried on smiling, wow i never knew someone could smile that wide.

"but... but dont they hate me?"

she shook her head

"no they dont, they realise that what they did ages ago was wrong and they had a few problems but they want to change it"

i thought about it for a bit before smiling.

"fine, just dont expect a good outcome"

she sighed but pulled me downstairs, she pushed open her office door and walked in, pulling me along

"frankie, id like you to meet your parents, shaine and olivia payne"

the man and woman that i saw earlier with elena stepped forward, the man spoke first

"hello frankie"

i dont know much about anything but i definately know that the tension and awkwardness could have been cut with a knife, even a blunt one.

"hello dad"

he opened his arms as if for me to hug him, i looked at sarah who nodded, i turned back to him

"do you love me?"

he looked confused "what do you mean?"

"its a simple yes or no question, do you love me?"

"of course i love you, your my daughter"

"so why do it?"

i was met with another very very awkward silence. the man looked down at the floor and sighed so my mum put her hand on his shoulder and looked at me

"we had terrible money problems but we've sorted it all out now and we want to be a proper family again"

i looked at the 5 boys(i still thought that they were fit) and the 2 girls behind them

"7, but you couldnt deal with 8?"

they quickly shook their heads and pulled forward one of the boys and the 2 girls stepped forward

"no, just this boy and the girls"

"so, who are they?"

i gestured to the 4 boys behind them, the boy who was supposed to be my brother stepped forward

"they're my bandmates"

"your in a band?"

he nodded "yeah, one direction"

my face went blank "one who?"

the one with hair like my brother only darker and longer pretended to faint into the curly haired boys arms. everyone laughed but my brother walked up to me and put out his hand


i looked at it and instead of saying frankie i wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me closer. i smiled as i inhaled his heavenly scent. this was my brother, my true brother and i adored him already. i leant closer to his ear and whispered

"im frankie"

he slowly pulled away and smiled. now that is one hell of a killer smile.

"its a pleasure"

we smiled and he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the 4 boys. he gestured to each of them as he told me who they were

"this is harry"

harry stuck out his hand, i shook it as i found myself dreaming into his big green eyes, i hate it when the eyes get me, he must have noticed it as he winked and i found myself going red in the face. i let go of his hand and liam pulled me closer, protectively.

"this is niall" i shook his hand

"its a pleasure frankie" i smiled as i casually admired his rather sexy irish accent.

"this is zayn" wow, now thats a model in the making. i turned to the last boy

"and im louis!"

definately the most bubbly, i shook his han and turned to the two girls

"and you two are my sisters?"

they nodded and both of them pulled me into a hug, when they let me go sarah walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders

"now, why dont you show them around the house? i need to have a private conversation with your parents"

i sighed but nodded but my mum spoke up

"you can show the boys, ruth and nicola can stay here"

sarah nodded and continued

"ok then, just the boys, give them the grand tour then"

i smiled and headed to the door

"c'mon then"

they nodded and walked out, i followed and closed the door behind me, leaving sarah, my mum, my dad, ruth and nicole in there to decide my fate. i turned to face the boys, although one of them was still my brother i had to admit that those were some hotties. my brother stepped forward

"so, are you going to show us to your room?"

i had to think about this one because i had left it in a bit of a state when i came downstairs/ Luckily i didnt have to answer because elena came running downstairs, wearing what looked rather like my playsuit,. she stood in shock when she saw the boys so i grabbed liams hand and moved to the bottom of the stairs.

"elena, this is my brother liam"

she was still in shock but managedf to open her mouth

"your... your a payne?"

i made an angry face

"im not a pain"

"yes you are"

liam and his mates were all laughing, liam pulled me into a hug but i pulled away confused and elena slowly began her decent down the stairs

"your brother is liam payne, as in p-a-y-n-e, hes in one direction"

she had reached us but my mind was miles away, wait, she knows my brother

"how do you know my brother?"

"he was on the x factor and came 3rd and has a record deal and is on posters all over my wall"

i stared at him shock then turned back to elena

"why do you have pictures of him"

"cause hes fit"

i sighed as he smiled

"do you want them signed?"

she squealed and nodded, she began heading up the stairs and liam followed. i gestured to the others to follow and they all ran up the stairs with me. elena's room was definately cleaner than mine, she found multicoloured sharpies and gave he boys one each and told them what and where to sign, i couldnt be bothered to watch all the hassle so i just flopped on her bed and sighed. harry sat down next to me and whispered in my ear

"your friend is obsessed"

i laughed "yep, thats her, i bet your glad im not that bad"

he smiled and nodded


i sat up and ended up staring right at him. i felt myself slowly drift off into his eyes . we remained eye contact until niall fell in between us, snapping me, and suprisingly him, out of my daydream.

"i dont think ive signed that many things in my life"

we laughed as he lay there. exaughsted. i was about to say something when sarah walked in.

"we've been talking and we have some great news"

it was almost like she was blanking everyone else and concentrating on me

"shaine and olivia want you to go and stay with them for a week"

my mouth dropped

"they do?"

she nodded "yes, so what do you think?"

i turned to the others. i looked at liam, his eyes stared into me pleadingly. i sighed and got off the bed

"i'll think about it"

and with that i walked past sarah and zayn, who was signing elenas door(dont ask) and went straight outside. i walked slowly into my room and flopped on my bed, for some reason i began crying. I was about to get a tissue when i heard a knock at my door, i hadnt even opened the door fully when elena barged in and drew me straight into a hug. oh no, here come the tears again. tears flowed out of my eyes and onto her, well what im positively sure is my, playsuit. she pulled apart and gave me a tissue so i wiped my eyes. i walked over and sat on my window seat and she sat on my bed. we sat in silence for a few minutes until she spoke

"so, ive heard that the new pirates of the caribbean film is good, maybe we should go and watch it"

i stared at her blankly. shes terrible at taking my mind of things


she ignored me and carried on

"although we will have to go next weekend because-"


"- theres not alot left of this one, so yeah next weekend? good glad thats sorted-"


"-oh and dont take alot of money because sarah said she would pay"


i think she finally got the idea that i wanted to say something because she stopped talking and faced me


i laughed and walked over to my wardrobe, pulled out my suitcase and chucked it on the bed next to her

"help me pack."

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