I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


9. I give you permission

Frankie's P.O.V

Wednesday Afternoon

We arrived home at about 6 after louis came and picked us up and dropped Elena off at the home and i said i quick hello to everyone. Me and Hannah walked into the lounge carrying our 8 odd bags each, the boys were all flopped on the sofa watching a film, they looked up at us when we walked in but just turned to back to their film. We both looked at each other, smiled evily and walked past them, chucking our bags at them as we went past. they tryed kung fu-ing them off but it didnt work. Our stuff went everywhere so we nodded at each other and flopped on them. I landed part on harry, part on liam and part on niall and hannah landed part on harry, part on louis and part on zayn. they all laughed as they tryed to push us off but we held firm.

"ha! be jealous guys, i got a bit of both"

we heard harry shout out which only made us laugh even more. Eventually i gave up and let the boys push me onto the floor. I slowly stood up and everyone joined me as me and hannah started picking up our stuff. Louis helped hannah and as i looked up i noticed niall picking up a few of my things, i looked at hannah, who had clearly noticed this, and she smiled and made an aww face. I shook my head at her, trying not to smile. The saturdays - Notorious began playing somewhere and all the boys looked at harry with raised eyebrows, i soon realised that it was his ringtone for his phone

"what? shes fit" harry said, 

i looked confused until niall appeared on my shoulder

"he has a HUGE crush on frankie"

i laughed at the fact that she had the same name as me but i bet she was a million times prettier.

"shes not the best girl in the world"

i turned to face him,

"who is then?" damn you hannah. i turned to face her and she just smiled, i looked back at him and he just blushed and looked away

"well.... errr, i dont know"

the other boys all recognised this and began to try and jump on him, whilst saying stuff like

"aww, little nialler has a little crush"

"our baby boy is growing up"

"if you fancie frankie too then your dead" gotta love harry

"so, is she fit?"

"shut up liam, hes not going to answer"

they all ended up firing questions at niall whilst i walked over to hannah, she leant over to me

"ok, maybe saying that was a bit of a bad idea"

i laughed but nodded


we both laughed and i turned to her

"do you think we should save him?"

she thought for a moment and we both smiled

"nah" we said that at the same time and just burst out laughing. The boys pushed niall down on the sofa and sat around, blocking all ways of escaping. We laughed as they held him down and carried on interigating him, i wasnt sure if he did but i swear he looked at me. I turned to hannah,

"i need to take my stuff upstairs, coming?"

she nodded and turned to the boys "better than watching this"

we laughed as we picked up all our bags and headed out the door and up the stairs. Hannah sat on my bed as i began putting some of my clothes into the wardrobe. When i had put most of them in and folded up neatly in the drawers i went over and sat next to hannah, she was about to say something when i heard a knock at my door. I slowly stood up and walked over and opened it to see niall standing there

"err... hi?"

he smiled


"ermm.... is there anything you want?"

"um.. yeah, i want to say something"


he paused, maybe nerves

"well... you know, maybe... i was wondering"

"wondering what?"

"if you wanted to-"

he was interupted by harry bounding up the stairs and charging into niall

"did you do it?" he asked as he got his breath back, hannah walked over to my door

"did he do what?"

harry winked at hannah

"oh nothing special, my mum said we could all go and stay at mine so he was coming to tell you"

i breathed a sigh of relieve, thank god. hannah nodded

"yeah that sounds fine"

we nodded and he ran off but returned to pull niall away, who was sort of staring at me. When they had gone hannah looked at me

"he has it bad"

i blushed slightly, i knew exactly what she meant

"i dont know what you mean"

"you do and you know you do because you have it bad for him too"

i laughed

"maybe i like him a little but its never going to happen is it?"

"whats really stopping you? your heart or liam?"

i sighed "both"

"me and lou will talk to liam at harrys later and only you can talk to your heart"

"i sighed again, she was right

"yeah i suppose so"

she gave me a quick hug and walked off downstairs. i sighed as i slowly shut my door and followed her. I dont think ive ever been so confused in my life.


Niall's P.O.V

The boys hadnt got it out of me, i had just told them that i would tell them when i spoke to the girl, they finally gave up but i know that i wont be able to talk to frankie again, i just get so nervous, like i proved when i went to tell her and hannah that we would be going to harrys. Me, Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis all walked out into the hallway, a few seconds later hannah came downstairs shortly followed by frankie. i sighed as she gave me a half-hearted smile. Hannah went over to louis and gave him a quick kiss before he held her hand and walked out of the house with everyone, for some reason i stood dead still as everyone filled out until i was on my own. A few seconds later frankie walked back in and came over to me

"your not daydreaming are you?" she whispered, i smiled and broke out of my daydream. damn that girl and her hotness

"no, of course not"

she laughed "thats a yes then"

she carried on laughing as she walked out but not before making me realise how stupid i can be

"c'mon Mr N. Horan"

my credit card will pay for this. Although im not quite sure how yet, i might try and put it in debt, god listen to me, trying to punish a stupid credit card. i sighed as i followed her out. Thats when i realised that there was 7 of us... getting into a 5 seater car. I walked over and everyone was standing around louis' car.

"niall, would frankie be able to sit on your lap and han will sit on mine and harry can drive?"

i looked at louis, who smiled cheesily, damn that boy too. I must have zoned out because harry hit me on the back

"dude? what is wrong with you? is frankie sitting on your lap or not?"

i quickly woke up and looked at frankie, she smiled and i nodded

"yeah, why not?"

they all nodded and we all got in, harry in the drivers seat, liam in the passengers, zayn in the middle of the back seats, i got in one side whilst louis and hannah hopped in together. Frankie smiled as she climbed in on top of me. I allowed my body to inhale her beautiful perfume. I felt her land softly on my legs and she turned so she had her back to me, i moved my arms and reached and grabbed the seatbelt behind me. i pulled it over her chest and locked us both in together, she lifted her arms and moved mine so they were on her belly, she then let her arms rest on mine and leant back in my chest. Zayn looked at me questioningly but i quickly looked out the window, trying not to get eye contact with everyone(except harry who was driving) that was looking at us wierdly. i have to admit that we probably looked like a couple. I sighed as i tryed to block out all my daydreams about the things that can never happen.


Frankie's P.O.V

good ol' hannah told louis a tiny bit about me and niall, but it was enough to make him get me to sit on niall's lap, which i must admit is rather comfortable. I leant back on his hard belly, boy he must work out quite a bit. i turned my head so i could out the window and every now and again, when everyone went quiet, i could hear a faint heartbeat. For some reason everytime i heard it i smiled inside and out. I closed my eyes tight as the sun was just practically blinding me, i was about to turn away when i felt the sun disappear. i opened my eyes to see a hand in the way, blocking out the sun. i looked up to see niall smiling down at me


i smiled back and nodded "much, thank you"

"your welcome" i continued to smile as i turned back to his hand and closed my eyes anyway, hearing the sound of his heartbeat, and feeling the softness of his body just makes me want to....


Niall's P.O.V

We pulled up in harry's driveway and his mum, dad and sister(Gemma) came running out. he quickly jumped out and ran to them, the rest of the boys, and hannah, got out but frankie didnt move. i looked down at her, she was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed. i smiled to myself as i realised that she had gone a really decent thing, fallen asleep stopping me from getting up. I nearly started laughing as the others began laughing, outside the car,

"yeah, ha ha, guys its not funny"

"yeah it is"

i glared at zayn

"but im stuck"

"thats what makes it funny"

i turned to louis and hannah tapped on the window and mouthed the words

"shut up, you know your loving it"

i blushed and turned away, i was loving it but i didnt want to make it obvious for Liam and the others who didnt know about my little crush on frankie, well i say little i really mean big, like very big. I thanked god when liam started laughing, at least he wasnt mad anymore, he came and opened the door

"want me to take her?"

i nodded and he reached his arms over her and undid the seatbelt, he wrapped his arms around her and gently lifted her up. She stirred and woke up, staring right into his eyes. i wish that was me she could have woke up to. He smiled his winner smile and she giggled as he helped her up and out of the car. When she was fully out he helped her indoors(everyone had gone already, except louis who was waiting to lock up his car) i clambered out and was about to go and see frankie, when liam drove her attention indoors by talking about harrys pool. when they were in i couldnt help myself but mimicking what liam had said in a childish voice. i only stopped when i heard the car doors lock, i turned slowly to see louis smiling and nodding his head.

"what? why are you looking at me like that?"

"cause your head over heels for her mate"

i felt my cheeks go redder than usual "am not, shes just fairly pretty"

"yeah, in a hi-im-niall-and-i-absolutely-love-liams-sister-frankie way"

i shook my head as i walked inside and louis patted my back still nodding,

"course you dont bud, course you dont, just wait until she actually goes in the pool...in very very little"

i froze, as a beautiful picture filled my head. he laughed as he realised what i was doing, hannah walked out to see us.

"c'mon guys, harrys going to lend you kit and me and frankie are borrowing gemma's."

i nodded and she walked past, quickly followed by frankie, to save niall i quickly whacked him on the back, waking him up

"what? who? what? huh?"

we all laughed and he smiled weakly at frankie. she smiled back and followed hannah up the stairs to go and get changed

"there she goes niall, although she might be a while, hannah has to have her clothes on perfectly"

i sighed "can we make time go faster?"

we laughed as we walked through to the back garden, where harry hadnt even got changed, he just took his top off and jumped in. his mum and dad were preparing dinner, louis went over to where liam and zayn were sitting/lying on sun loungers topless. Louis took his top off and chucked it on liam, who was clearly trying to get a tan. He jumped up and chucked lou's top on the floor

"really didnt appreciate that lou"

"you know you loved it"

we all laughed and lou looked at me "are you taking yours off or not?"

i shook myself awake, damn these daydreams, i just need to see the real thing. i nodded and grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled it over my head and dropped it to the floor and went over to the lounger next to zayn, who was mirroring liam in lying down, with the big sunglasses. Just as i sat down louis ran past, i turned around confused and saw the best sight my eyes have ever seen. Frankie in a blue bikini. i Stood up in amazement, she noticed this and smiled. Hannah was kissing louis and gemma had gone over to the other side of the pool, where there were 3 sun loungers laid out, probably for her, hannah and frankie. i smiled at frankie and she smiled back, i then realised that i couldnt keep my eyes focused on her face so i quickly turned around and sat back down, telling myeslf off in my head.

When i had finished telling myself that i shouldnt be looking in those places when shes not mine i turned to see her, gemma, hannah and louis all layed out on their loungers. hannah was laying in between louis' legs. I couldnt help myself but look back at frankie, she was staring back at me, i wasnt sure what she was doing but it looked like she was daydreaming. i smiled and it took her a few minutes but she slowly woke up and smiled back.

The afternoon went by really quickly, probably because i was having so much fun, we all were. After about half an hour sunbathing we all got in the pool and had a fight, girls vs boys. even though the girls say they won im pretty sure it was us that just thrashed them. We were all getting out and i had to close my eyes when frankie climbed up the steps infront of me, we all dryed ourselves over with the towels and went into harrys dining room, where his mum had layed out a table full of fajitas, sauces and all of that mexican food. I was in heaven, his mum, dad and gemma ate in the lounge whilst i just dug in. After dinner we all decided to go and kick his parents out in order to watch a film.

We ended up choosing ' Meet The Fockers' and all flopped down on the sofa, harry, louis, hannah, liam, frankie, me and zayn was the order to be precise. We were all still topless and in bikinis so it took all my concentration to not look at frankie, especially as liam was right next to her. Halfway through the film liam went off to get refils on drinks. louis stood up

"i'll give you a hand"

liam nodded and they both walked out, at least i could try to look at frankie without liam being here now


Louis' P.O.V

me and liam walked out to get drink refils but that wasnt the real reason why i wanted to come out. he walked over to the sideboard closest to the fridge and put the tray down.

"lou, can you get the lemonade out please?"

"yeah sure"

i walked over to the fridge and got out the big bottle. i handed it to him and he began to pour it out

"frankies got your sense of humor"

he laughed

"yeah definately, and my looks"

"yeah, she is pretty, i have to admit that"

silence. i wasnt too sure how to say it but i needed to otherwise hannah wouldnt be happy because she really wanted niall and frankie to get together

"so liam..."

"so louis..."

i chuckled before continuing

"so,  do you think frankie will get lots of attention now?"

"of course she will, its part of the job, the families always get attention"

"well... i meant, like... what if she got a boyfriend?... that was famous"

he stopped pouring the drinks and put the bottle on the side and sighed. he looked up at me and his eyes showed pain and confusion

"she wont date anyone famous."


"cause i dont want her having all that attention, she'll have enough from being my sister"

"but what if she wants it?"

"she wont lou, she wont"

"have you asked her?"

he was beginning to get angry

"no. but she wont. i wont let her."

"well, what if she fell in love?"

"who is there for her to fall in love with that she will meet?"

he froze, i could tell he was going to carry on so i shut up. i thought he was going to say that she could date guys until he said one word that made me think crap.


before i could do anything he ran off and into the lounge, i immediately ran after him just in time to watch him burst through the lounge door

"niall. we need to talk now."

niall looked at me, sadness and pain were in his eyes. god, that made me feel bad. niall stood up, nodded and walked out and into the kitchen. I was about to go and say sorry to niall when liam stopped me

"just me and niall."

i glared at him, which was my way of warning him. he ignored this and walked off into the kitchen, closing the door behind him. i sighed as i walked back into the lounge, everyone looked at me like i was in trouble and i guess you could say i was, i put niall in the bad books of liam. frankie stood up

"why was liam angry at niall?"

everyone gave her a sympathy look but she didnt notice it, she just concentrated on me with a worried look on her face.

"he wasnt angry at him, they just needed to talk"

i went over and sat next to hannah, even she was angry at me. she turned and ignored me watching the film. i sighed and watched the film. Frankie sat back down and pulled her legs up and cuddled them. maybe me talking to liam was a bad idea...


Niall's P.O.V

as liam closed the kitchen door i realised that liking frankie was a bad idea, i should just let her go.

"so... you like my sister?"

i turned to face him

"yeah, shes a cool girl"

"not in that way niall, i can see you like her in a deeper way, ive told you before your whole body movement shows it"


"well, your eyes widen when she appears, especially in that bikini"

i felt my face light up as he mentioned that

"see? even now i can see your remembering how she looked"

i sighed but slowly nodded

"ok, so i tryed not to like her but i just cant help it"

"its ok, i understand"

i looked up confused "you do?"

he nodded "yeah, she likes you too and i really have no idea why im keeping you two apart"

i was more confused than ever now, did he just say that he didnt know what he was doing?

"what do you mean?"

"i mean i was wrong to stop you two from doing what you want"

"are you being serious?"

"do i look it?"

i nodded

"there you go then, i am"

wow, was all that went through my head

"so i can ask her out?"

"i suppose but there are things you have to agree on first"

i nodded "anything"

"first thing, get her pregnant and your dead"

i nodded, i could quite fully believe that

"second thing, hurt her and your dead"

i nodded, yet again i could quite fully believe that

"and finally, dont make out with her in front of me, cause thats just wierd"

i laughed but nodded. he smiled and walked up to me

"good, then you can have her but remember those three things"

i nodded and he gave me a quick man hug and headed to the door but i stopped him

"wait liam?"

he turned "what?"

"were you actually being serious about the whole third thing?"

he nodded "yeah course i was"

before i oculd say anything he smiled and walked out. i sighed, and let out a huge breath of relief, happiness and confusion over what just happened. I walked back into the lounge and sat down, maybe i wont be murdering louis after all.


Frankie's P.O.V

niall came back in looking slightly shocked, he sat down and i leant over to him

"did liam shout at you?"

he shook his head and turned to me

"no, everythings good"

"are you sure?"

he nodded and a cheeky smile appeared on his face


i nodded and went back to the film. i was used to it know but niall just kept staring at me throughout the film.

When it had finished i looked around to see everyone(except niall) was fast asleep flopped on each other, niall looked at me

"you better get used this, the guys always fall asleep during films"

i nodded "i suppose i will"

we laughed and he stood up

"do you want to go outside?"


"i need some fresh air"

"so why do i have to go?"

"cause i dont wanna be on my bill"

i laughed as he began making puppy eyes to me. i eventually gave in and reached up my hands for him to pull up, he pulled me up and our faces were so close i could feel his breath on my lips. i felt a spark rush through my body as he grabbed my hand and walked me along. The stars were out and there was no clouds, he led me over to the loungers and sat down. i sat down next to him and we sat in silence for a few seconds, until i spoke

"feeling better?"

he nodded "yeah thanks"

i smiled and he smiled back, i dont know why but even though i didnt feel tired i yawned. he chuckled and he slowly leant back on the lounger, i smiled and without warning him i split his legs and lay down in between them with my head rested on his belly. he began stroking my hair as i felt my eyes close

"good night niall"

i looked up at him and his blue eyes stared right at me. The moonlight made them sparkle as they glinted down at me, i truly have fallen for this boy and i didnt even plan it.

"goodnight frankie, sweet dreams"

i smiled back at him then turned and leant my head on his belly, even though we were in shorts and bikini it was such a warm night so we were fine. I snuggled into him deeper before closing my eyes and allowing myself to fall asleep, safe in nialls grasp(well legs, but its the same thing) under the stars.

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