I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


12. I dont want to go home

Frankie's P.O.V

Friday Morning

"i wish you werent my sister" liam shouted from the window, i walked down the driveway to see niall. he turned smiling. i ran up to him and tryed to give him a hug but he pushed me away, i stumbled backwards

"niall hun its me"

he laughed "so what? i dont partically care who you are"

i felt my heart crash

"but i thought you cared?"

he laughed again "i couldnt care less about you, what on earth gave you that idea?"

"but... but... niall?"

i tryed to give him another hug but he pushed me away, i fell on the floor,

"get off me, you freak!"

he walked around me and went inside, i tryed going to him but something was stopping me. tears flowed down my cheeks as i screamed his name


i heard a car horn behind me, i turned to see sarah and elena walking towards me

"time to come home hunni"

sarah smiled but it was one id never seen before. it was one i never wanted to see. she came up to me with open arms, i couldnt return, not after the time id had with my brothers(harry, louis and zayn)

i ran past them and ran off down the street as fast as i could ignoring all the shouts


---- ---- ---- ----


i shot up and smacked something hard. i opened my eyes to see everyone sitting around me, niall was gently rubbing his head. i looked around trying to take everything in, i was still in liam's bed, wearing the same clothes. i was breathing heavily but liam moved next to me and pulled me into him, i was shaking but i felt myself calm down as liam stroked my hair and made soothing noises. he gently rocked me and i felt my breathing patterns return to normal. i wrapped my arms around liams body and gently squeezed it, which only made him pull me closer. he was still making soothing noises and strokin my hair when louis let out a deep breath

"you scared us half to death there frankie"

the others nodded,

"i... im sorry guys... i didnt mean to"

they all shook their heads,

"its ok, we understand, you were having a bad dream, thats all"

i nodded slowly, reassuring myself, thats all it was. a dream. a bad dream.

"are you ok?" zayn said, as well as the others he looked genuinely concerned. i sighed and slowly sat up, not letting liam go. he moved so we were both more comfortable  but still kept his protective arms wrapped around me.

i nodded and looked at the tray harry had in his hands. he looked at the tray then at me

"you hungry?"

louis nodded but hannah playfully slapped his head

"its for frankie dumbo, not you, besides she looks like she need it"

everyone nodded and harry put the tray on my lap. there was 3 pancakes covered in syrup, with a glass of orange juice. i smiled at them as i moved one hand off liam and drank some of the drink, i made sure that i still had a hold of liam. having that dream only made me realise how much i didnt want to go back to the care home. i wanted to stay here. with louis, hannah, niall, zayn, harry and most importantly liam. they were my new family. i put the glass down and turned slightly so i fell back into liams chest, i wrapped my arm around him and snuggled deeper.

liam must have quietly asked the others to leave as they slowly walked out, niall leaned over and gently kissed me on the head and took the tray, he shut the door as he walked out. i sat there with liam for a few minutes until i couldnt hide it anymore. tears began to fall down my face. liam quickly realised and sat both of us up and lifted my face so it was in line with his

"hey baby, dont cry, it was just a dream"

i tryed to stop for him but i couldnt, i didnt want to leave him. ever. as i continued to cry liam pulled me into a hug and i felt his strong hands rub my back, calmingly. i heard him snif and pulled away, he quickly brushed his eyes, and tryed looking away. it was my turn. i brought his face to mine only to get a big shock.

"liam are you... are you crying?"

he tryed looking away but then looked back at me

"your... your worrying me sick frankie, please tell me what happened"

i smiled weakly, he was crying because i was crying.

"it doesnt matter, like you said, it was just a dream"

"i dont care... frankie, its upseting you and i dont like it... i dont like it at all, so can you please tell me"

i thought about it for a moment, should i tell him?

"it... it was sunday"

he looked confused and raised an eyebrow

"what about sunday?"

i sighed "whos leaving sunday?"

it took him two seconds and instead of saying something he just, quickly, pulled me into a hug. i hugged him back, yet again i heard him sniffle, i felt water running down my back which only made me cry more too. we continued to cry and hug for a few minutes until he pulled away

"dont leave me please, your my sister and i love you and really dont want you to leave"

this was probably the time when he was at his weakest, but i couldnt exactly nod. i had to leave sunday. and neither of us wanted it to happen. i slowly shook my head

"i have to, we both know that"

more tears fell down our faces, he pulled me back into a hug

"well... well then, you can always come and visit right?"

i nodded,

"course i will and you can come and visit too"

he laughed and we pulled away again but still holding each other

"and see that wonderfully obsessed friend of yours?"

i laughed too


he gave me a kiss on the forehead and looked into my eyes


i smiled and we had another hug until we both pulled away and looked around

"well, c'mon lazy bum, its half ten and we're going out for lunch"

i nodded and we both got off the bed, i walked to the door and he took his top off. before i left i turned to face him

"i'm holding you to that promise by the way"

he nodded and smiled, i smiled back and walked out and into my room. I quickly got changed into a boob tube top and a pair of dark blue shorts, i slipped my pump shoes on and walked outside. It was perfect timing because just as i walked out so did liam, he smiled and gave me a hug, although this one was much longer than the usual ones. he began to walk to the stairs when i ran and jumped on his back, we both laughed as we tryed to sort out this piggyback. eventually we slowly walked downstairs with me on liams back, he headed into the kitchen where everyone was putting different things into a big picnic bag. they just laughed when they saw us but harry called out

"liam, push frankie up and get the bag of doritoes on that top shelf"

i tapped liam on the head "you heard the curls"

we laughed as he walked over there and gently tryed pushing me up, i grabbed the crisps and gently chucked them at harry. he laughed and chucked them at louis, who tossed them in the bag. eventually it was full and hannah and zayn were trying to zip it up, zayn picked it up and put it over his back and we all headed out into the hallway, with me and frankie in the lead.

We were about to go to the door when my mum and dad blocked the path, there was only one word to describe the way they looked. unhappy, liam slowly lowered me and i got off his back,

"yes mum?" he asked shyly,


Liam's P.O.V

they looked at each other then back at us. they held up the morning newspaper and we were all shocked by the photos and headline we saw. 'THERES ONLY ONE GIRL FOR ONE DIRECTION' there were three pictures on there. one was frankie and niall outside the bowling alley hugging but he was twirling her around, the other was me and frankie hugging in the cinema, i had picked her up and we were mucking about, the last one was frankie and harry, they were walking side by side and laughing at something, although i was there when that photo was taken and the editor had cropped everyone else out.

i quickly grabbed the newspaper, anger stirred inside of me. how dare the press do something like this? i walked into the lounge slowly and the others followed, i laid the paper out on the table and the others crowded around, more and more anger flowed through me as i read the article aloud.

"well, it seems that sensational pop band, one direction, have finally found themselves girls. although it seems that they all cant decide which one gets this one so they clearly decided to share. The girl's name is yet to be known but it seems that the boys clearly know alot more than her name. She has been seen on many occasions with the boys for the past week varying from the cinema to laser quest. Boyband member Niall Horan, 17, was seen kissing the mysterious girl outside their local bowling alley just yesterday when a couple of days before she was seen leaping into other member's, Liam Payne 17, arms, resulting in a twirl."

everyone was just as shocked as i was as i carried on.

"Other members Louis Tomlinson, 19, and Zayn Malik, 18, are still in a relationship with different girls however they were also seen getting close to the mysterious girl, that seems to have won all of their hearts. The band's huge fan base have also been enquiring about this girl, with arguements bursting over different social networking sites, with some people saying shes a close friend, a girlfriend to one of them, there has even been reports of death threats getting sent to this mysterious girl."

my fists clenched as i read over that last sentence, there better be no death threats to her otherwise i will not be happy. niall noticied the fact that i was angry so he continued

"it seems that no -one truly knows who this girl is but im sure most girls agree that she is a very lucky girl, I guess now all we can do is wait until the boys can comfirm anything."

we all sighed and leant back, except louis who fell of the stool as it had no back, none of us said a word. harry helped louis up and was about to say something when frankie just stormed off, she stormed past mum and dad and stormed upstairs. i ran after her but mum and dad stopped me.

"let her calm down, shes just like you"

i sighed but nodded, they were right, whenever i was angry i wanted to be alone. they gestured for me to go and sit down so i did, mum and dad followed and sat next to me. We sat in silence for a few minutes until louis spoke up

"so, i guess we're not going on this picnic then?"

i shrugged, frankie wasnt happy, i wasnt happy. what kind of picnic would that be? i sighed, hannah was next to me and she leant closer

"want me to go talk to frankie?" she whispered, i thought about it for a moment then nodded


she smiled, nodded then stood up and walked out. my dad came and sat down where she was sitting, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in

"relax, im sure she'll be fine, shes got your mum's temper"

we all chuckled except mum, who huffed and crossed her arms

"my temper huh? well, looks like someone doesnt want lunch then"

we all laughed and harry turned to my dad

"you've sorta lost that one"

he ended up nodding and we all began joking about with each other. although on the outside i was laughing, the inside was full of nerves, anger, upset and confusion. i really wanted to see frankie but i knew that hannah was talking to her, im glad hannah's staying with us to be truthfull, that way she can be another person that frankie can talk to. i found myself zoning out of the conversation as i tryed to imagine what was going on upstairs.


Frankie's P.O.V

i fell back on my bed and sighed as i tryed to imagine what everyone was doing downstairs. i sat up and was about to do something when i heard the door knock. i opened it to see hannah standing there smiling. i tryed smiling back at her but somehow it didnt work, she pulled me into a hug and tryed comforting me

"its ok, you can cry if you want, im not going to stop you"

a few tears fell down as we pulled apart and i opened my door wider so she could walk in. we sat on my bed and she grabbed my hands

"its ok, it really is, the press were wrong to do that and liam's furious, but im sure he'll sort it out, he always does. he keeps all the boys in order and im sure he'll be able to do the same to some stupid newspaper"

i nodded slowly, she always made me feel better. i wiped away the tears that had fell and smiled, she smiled back

"so, im guessing that we're not going out anymore?"

she laughed "only if you want to"

"but what about you and the boys? liam?"

"they'll do whatever your comfortable with"

i thought for a moment, i really didnt want to go outside today but didnt want to ruin the day

"if you really dont want to go i'm sure they'll understand"

i smiled "are you sure they wont be mad?"

she laughed "if you go out and get attacked by the press or mad fans then the only mad people will be you and liam, we can get niall to kiss you and liam will be happy when your happy"

we both laughed "i suppose... can you tell them?"

"tell them that you dont want to go out?"

i slowly nodded "i want to, i really do but... i just cant"

she nodded and gave me a hug

"its ok, i understand"

we pulled apart and she stood up and walked to the door, she was halfway down the hallway when i ran after her


she turned "yes?"

"ermm... thanks"

she smiled and nodded "anytime"

i smiled back and she went back downstairs. i slowly walked back into my room and flopped back on my bed. i let out a deep sigh as i thought of what i could do to make it up to everyone, even though they didnt want it. i coulnt think of anything so i decided to go for a walk about the house. i heard the sounds of the TV coming from the lounge so i decided to stay upstairs, i ended up in liams room sitting on his bed. his ipod was on the side so i picked it up and plugged the earphones gently in my ears as i slowly climbed into his bed. i pressed shuffle and Ed Sheeran - The A Team began playing, i was about to fall asleep when i looked on his bedside table and saw a photo of him and the boys with robbie williams in a frame. i moved it out of the way and there was another photo, i picked it up and slowly kissed it before lying back down and putting it next to me. i let out a deep breath and closed my eyes. i wasnt looking forward to sunday. i wasnt looking forward to sunday at all.

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