I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


17. Horse riding

Frankie's P.O.V

i was awoken by light flooding into my room, i groaned and pulled the duvet further above my head

"get lost liam, im too tired"

i felt someone sit on my bed and i slowly poked my head out to see peter smiling down at me

"get up princess"

i was a little confused then i realised that i wasnt in liams bed. i sat up slowly and looked around. i hadnt seen this room before, i was in a big four poster king sized bed with red silk covers. There was a big window like peter had with a balcony, it had big red curtains draping down, there was a wardrobe the size of jupiter, not actually joking, it was HUGE! i looked at peter

"where am i?"

"your room"

i thought then shook my head,

"this isnt my room... my room was painted by liam and the boys, matt even gave them pointers, my room is where i first saw niall properly, my roo-"

he cut me off with a kiss, i kissed him back then he pulled away

"you wanted to stay here remember? this is your room now"

i nodded slowly and then realised something. i looked down to see i was in a white nightdress. i looked up at peter who had moved and was now looking out the window


he turned "yes sweetheart?"

"why?... who?"

he laughed "the maids last night, you fell asleep on my lap on the way home so i carried you up here and they got you ready"

i nodded slowly, thats sounds fair. i slowly got out of bed and walked over to him, i wrapped my arms around his waist as we both looked out over the gardens. i had to admit that they looked beautiful, there was a waterfall in one part, a maze in another, a beatiful cannopy with a table and chairs, the list could go on and on. he stroked my hands and we just stood there, happy to be in each others company. we stood there for about 10 minutes until he turned

"anyway, your supposed to be getting changed, ive got a suprise for you"

i smiled and gave him a kiss

"but what am i going to wear?"

he gave me a cheeky smile and turned and walked over to the wardrobe

"i believe you'll find everything you need in here and if theres anything else your missing the room opposite is full of more clothes for you"

i smiled

"thank you"

he nodded, gave me a quick kiss and walked out, i stood in shock until i ran out to him


he turned and smiled

"yes princess?"

"can i wear anything?"

he nodded "yep and if there is something your missing the maids will be along in a minute"

i nodded and went back into my room. i sat down on my bed and sighed. what a life. A few seconds later there was a knock at the door,

"come in"

the door opened and the three maids from yesterday walked in, i smiled at them and they walked up to me

"good morning mistress jones, did you sleep well?"

i nodded

"look, peters mum isnt here so can you please call me frankie?"

they all looked at each other then back at me

"so, your not a posh girl that Daniel asked to stay for peter?"

i shook my head "no, im from london and i dont know what your on about"

they laughed and took off their hats and let their hair flow down

"oh good, we're from london too but we moved here to get a job, we hate acting posh"

i laughed, finally someone like me

"it is kinda annoying"

they laughed and sat down on my bed but one went over to my wardrobe and pulled out a short maxi dress, she turned to me

"you should try this"

i nodded and began slipping my clothes off

"so, you know my names but i dont know yours?"

they smiled and one of the stood up and helped me take it off

"im charlotte but call me lottie when the mistress isnt around" she took the dress from the other one but she spoke

"im Abbie but call me abs"

i nodded and turned to the other

"im Jessica but call me jess"

i nodded and smiled "and im frankie but call me mistress jones"

i said that in peters mum's voice, the others laughed and we began joking about whilst i got changed. When i was changed we all walked over to my balcony and opened the door, we walked out and looked out, we spotted peter pulling two horses by the reins, they nudged me slowly

"oooh, looks like someone has a date"

we all laughed but i shook my head

"nah, hes cute but not for me"

they all looked at me confused

"what? hes not really my type"

jess looked at me even more confused "so what is your type?"

i thought for a moment then a cheeky smile appeared on my face and they all giggled

"oooh, someone has a little boyfriend"

we all laughed but i stopped when i realised that niall wasnt actually my boyfriend, we just had a few steamy moments. i felt myself go red when i remembered them, especailly our laser quest time. the girls began laughing and teasing me

"so, whats he like?"

i laughed and thought about it, i could tell them

"well...hes cute and adorable and just perfect"

they aww'd then let me continue

"hes irish" they squealed and i laughd before saying more

"we've kissed a few times and i always feel happier when im with him... hes an amazing singer although slightly buzy, we have our special little moments and i will always remember them, god he was amazing"

they all aww'd but lottie turned me to face her

"so why are you trying hard to impress peter when youve got your man all set out?"

my smile disappeared and i looked at the floor

"cause that boy is niall horan"

the girls all looked confused but abbie lifted my face

"he was one of the singers from yesterday wasnt he?"

i nodded slowly and sighed "the main one was my brother"

they all looked shocked

"ok, so you have an extremely fit brother and an extremely fit man that clearly likes you alot but your still here?"

i looked at them confused and they all sighed, abbie turned me to her

"you like that singer, i could see it and you dont belong here, you belong with him and your brother"

i thought for a moment, they were right. i looked at peter who was preparing the horses then at the girls, they nodded and i ran back into my room, they laughed and followed me back inside. jess closed the door and i turned to them, grabbed my neck. no chains.

"girls where are my chains?"

i quickly checked my hand, no ring. "and my ring?"

they all looked at each other

"probably in peters room"

before they could say anything else i ran out and along the corridor, i wanted to go home. my real true home. i went inside peters room and went straight to one of his tables, the ring and two necklaces were there, i quickly put them on and looked around for my hoodie. it was slung over a chair, i smiled as i walked over and slid it over my dress, i reached into the pocket and pulled out liams picture. he was smiling up at me and i kissed it before putting it back and walking out, the girls were there but i just ran off towards the front door but i heard them call out as i went off

"dont forget to call" they all laughed and i shouted back "i wont"

we all laughed as i continued my journey outside. i practically jumped down the stairs, i nearly went flying into the door but i was saved by it opening. instead of flying into the actual door i flew into Peter, i tryed to hide my disappointment by smiling, he smiled back and kissed me. i could tell that my heart truely wanted niall when i didnt feel the usual spark. he smiled as he pulled away and i smiled back, eager to get outside and go home.

he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and i saw two, very strong looking, horses. i smiled at him

"are we going on them?"

he laughed "nah, there for show"

i laughed and thanked him but inside i was wondering how long it would take to horse ride from glasgow to London. my thoughts were interupted by peter

"what are you wearing?"

"a dress"

he shook his head "above that?"

i realised he meant the hoodie, i stuttered as i tryed to think of an answer.

"err...well, its... um"

he cut me off by kissing me, he pulled away and smiled

"wear whatever you want" i smiled and he smiled back, then pulled one of the horses towards me. it was a beige one with cream hair and tail, it nudged me and i began stroking its face

"its gorgeous"

"like you" peter said and i felt my cheeks go red as i carryed on stroking it

"whats its name?"

"it is a girl and it hasnt been decided yet"

i looked at him confused "why?"

he leant closer

"its yours"

i was taken back "your being serious?"

he nodded "your horse, your choice of names"

i smiled and turned to him

"i really dont know what to call her"

he laughed "well maybe you want to think about it when shes racing around the fields?"

i was shocked

"yes of course, yes yes yes"

he laughed and pulled his horse(a dark brown one) towards us

"now watch how i climb on"

i nodded and watched as he turned his back to me and began to climb on, i tilted my head as i watched his rather very nice arse move about... what? niall focus on the iri-

"see that princess? you try"

i nodded slowly and climbed on, he began clapping his hands as i began to adjust to the height change

"very good sugar, most people fall off on their first try"

i stared at him shocked but he shook his head

"dont worry, im sure you'll be fine and besides the horse will protect you"

i nodded slowly, feeling slightly reassured but he could tell i was still nervous

"do you want to ride with me this first time?"

i looked at his smiling face, he was extremely gorgeous, literally i didnt know posh guys could be this good looking. i nodded and tryed to climb down, i was obviously too nervous because peter climbed off and grabbed my waist

"jump... 3...2...1"

i did as he said and i soon found myself back on firm ground. we both ended up laughing and he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his horse. he climbed on and reached down his hand, i smiled at him as i grabbed it and he pulled me up, he made me go in front and as he flicked the reins i felt myself lean back and snuggle into his chest, he smiled and i looked up at his hair that bounced along as we rode down the path.

he nudged me and i looked up to see we were approaching a fence, i turned to him shaking my head quickly but he just winked and carried on, i quickly buried my head into him as i felt us rise into the air. a few seconds later we were galloping along as normal speed, i slowly pulled away and looked to see that we were now riding through a field, i didnt know what type of flower we were crushing but it was beautiful. i looked at peter who let go off one of the reins and quickly pulled a flower out as we rode through them going so fast i couldnt think. he handed me the flower with a smile on his face, i took it and snuggled into his chest as he continued to make the horse go faster.


Liam's P.O.V

The boys ripped my duvet off me and i shot up, still very tired. i had cryed alot last night

"oi! fatso, get up, we're going out"

i stared at louis evily, he smiled cheesily and i just laughed, it is impossible to stay mad at him. Harry walked to my wardrobe and pulled out a top and chinos, he chucked them at me. i got up and they walked out and closed the door. i sighed heavily as i began to get changed, frankie was on my mind.

i cant believe i left her, i should have stayed. she could be in danger. i have to get her back, she was my girl not that stupid peter's. I had got changed and sat down on my bed and sighed again, i had to go to her. thats it.

i walked out my room and went downstairs and into the lounge, everyone but my mum and dad were in there, they were probably still in bed. everyone looked up at me

"liam, are you ok? you look different?" ruth asked, i turned to her

"i need to do something, lou i need your help"

he stood up

"as long as nothing bad happens then ok"

he smiled and walked to me, i turned to niall


he looked confused and i walked around to the table and put my hand out

"im going to get frankie back once and for all"

harry and zayn put their hand on mine, louis ran over and put his on. i looked up at niall

"come on niall, you want her back as much as i do... well maybe a little less but its the same thing"

he thought then sighed, i thought he wasnt going to say yes but a smile crept on his face and he put his hand in, then we all raised our hands

"FRANKIE!" we all said together then walked outside and got our coats on, Nicola came downstairs still in her pajamas

"and where do you think your off to?"

"to get my sister back."

she smiled and nodded before walking into the kitchen. i turned to the boys

"lets go then"

they all nodded and we walked out and got in louis' car. We set off with one person on our thoughts, frankie. i felt myself smile as we got closer and closer, even though we were still ages away. After about 25 minutes louis pullled into a gas station, he turned to us

"wont be a minute"

and with that he got out and began to fill up his tank whilst harry got out and walked into the station. Me, zayn and niall were quiet until louis' phone went off, i reached over into the front and grabbed his phone. i looked at the caller ID to see that it was simon. i held the phone up to the window, louis gestured for me to answer it so i did

liam - "hello?"

simon - "louis, is that you?"

liam - "no, its liam, louis' just filling up the car"

simon - "oh ok, well i need you boys to come in today, you have meetings about the album release"

liam - "but-"

simon - "no buts liam, im sorry to interupt any other plans but i expect you guys to be here in half an hour, no later"

before i had a chance to reply he hung up. i huffed and turned to niall and zayn who were looking at me expectantly

"well?" niall asked, i sighed before answering

"it was simon, we have to go to meetings today so we cant go and get frankie"

they both looked down but louis got in the car

"is harry still in there?"

we nodded but speaking of the devil harry walked out smiling cheekily. he got in and louis turned to him

"what you got?"

his smile remained there as he told us

"free petrol, her number, a kiss, all because i told her i was harry styles"

louis high-fived him and was about to start the car again when i put my hand on his shoulder

"take us to the studio"

him and harry both turned, looking very confused

"what? i thought we were rescuing frankie?" harry asked

i felt tears in my eyes "simon said we had to go, frankie will have to wait"

harry's cheeky smile disappeared and louis turned slowly and drove much slower on the way back. we pulled up at the studio and got out, we walked inside and began walking upstairs. My shoelace was undone so i bent down to tie it up, the boys stopped but i shook my head

"go on, i'll catch you up"

they nodded and walked off. i tied up my lace then began to do the other one just to make sure. i was about to stand up when i realised someone was standing in front of me, i slowly looked up the bare legs to see a short skirt and a very gorgeous girl, Danielle Peazer. i felt my heart race as i quickly stood up, realising i must have looked like a bit of an idiot. she smiled at me and i tryed to smile back

"err... um, hi?"

she laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck

"oh liam, your so cute when you stutter"

i was leaning in just like her when an image of frankie appeared in my head, i had never had a wierd vision like this before but when i looked harder i saw it was frankie riding on a horse with that Peter guy, they looked really loved up which hurt alot. she was wearing harrys hoodie and had all of our stuff on, i quickly pulled away from danielle as our lips were about to touch. she looked confused

"what? whats wrong?"

i tryed making sense of what i saw

"i cant"

she wrapped her arms around me again but i pushed her back

"frankie's happy"

she wrapped her arms around me again but this time i was too in shock to push her back, she leant closer so our heads were touching

"so if shes happy dont you think that you should be happy?"

i thought "if shes happy im happy"

she smiled "good" she kissed me but i pulled away

"im sorry, i have meetings"

she smiled but nodded and grabbed my hand, she lifted it up and pulled out a pen from her back pocket. i was clueless until she began writing a phone number on my hand. i smiled as she finished and put the pen back

"call me when you want to be happy"

i smiled and nodded, i was obviously zoning out becuase she clicked her fingers in front of my face


i nodded, suddenly remembering. and run off. i burst in to see the boys were sitting around a table and talking to the others, everyone turned to me as i walked in and sat down in between louis and harry. the others began talking when louis leaned over to me

"ive planned it, the moment we finish we run to my car and set off, we should be at fran-"

i cut him off "no, shes happy"

he stared at me blankly "who are you and what have you done with liam?"

i laughed but harry gently lifted up my hand

"hes Mr Danielle Peazer and hes been abducted by aliens as she couldnt get enough of him"

i felt myself blush as i looked at louis

"so danielle is more important than frankie now?"

"look, shes happy with peter trust me, i should be happy for her"

this even took harry by suprise

"so your not going to help her?"

i shook my head "trust me, everything will work out"

they both turned away looking very shocked and slightly disappointed, i could tell they were going to tell zayn(who was next to harry) and niall(who was next to louis) i felt my smile disappear as i realised that i might have made another stupid mistake. danielle over frankie. again. my mind began working overload as i tryed to reassure myself that things would work out, even if they didnt last time i chose danielle. frankies happy and i should be but the only question i could ask myself is... why am i NOT happy?

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