I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


8. Girly shopping time

Frankie's P.O.V

Wednesday Morning

I looked at my watch 9:20am. i sighed and leant back in bed. I cant believe i kissed niall, actually kissed him. his lips were so soft, i sighed again as i realised that what happened last night could never happen again because liam didnt want me to date anyone at the moment, let alone any of the boys. i slowly pulled back the duvet cover and stood up, hmm what to wear? It took me a few minutes to decide but i ended up getting changed into a checkerd boobtube, which i brought yesterday with hannah, and some blue hotpants. i had to dig deeper into my bag but eventually pulled out a pair of gold/brown gladiator sandals, i slipped them on and looked in the mirror. My hair had decided to go into natural ringlets, which looked suprisingly good, so i decided to leave them as they were, i didnt want to put any makeup on, i wasnt sure why but i had a gut feeling that i didnt need any.

I slowly headed downstairs and into the lounge, everyone was up and my mum and dad were there.

"morning sweetie, how did you sleep?"

my dad stood up and came and gave me a hug,

"fine thanks" he nodded and walked back over to his chair, i went over and gave my mum a kiss and sat next to her.

"mum, can i use the phone please?"

"yes of course you can, you dont have to ask"

i smiled "thank you" i stood up and headed to the door

"but why do you want to use the phone?"

"i want to give elena a quick ring, make sure shes ok"

she nodded and i walked out and headed down the corridor to where the family phone was. i knew elenas mobile off by heart so i quickly dialed it in(i had left my mobile there by accident) it rang twice before she answered

Elena - "wassup?"

Frankie - "oi, elena its me"

Elena - "frankie my girl, hows it going with your amazingly fit brother?"

i sighed

Frankie - "fine, fine, i've got so much to tell you"

Elena - "lets hear it then"

Frankie - "not here, not over the phone"

Elena - "you make it sound like its a big deal"

Frankie - "it is, believe me, it is"

Elena - "well, lets meet up"

Frankie - "is it ok if hannah comes?"

Elena - "hannah who?"

Frankie - "hannah walker, louis' girlfriend"

Elena - "sure, where are we going to meet then?"

Frankie - "Odeon cinema at 10:30"

Elena - "sure, but we're not going to the cinema are we? because im sorta out of money"

Frankie - "not planning it but if we do, i'll bring liam's card and hannah will end up having louis' so we're sorted"

Elena - "ok, so 10:30?"

Frankie - "yep"

Elena - "ok, ive got to go now but i'll see you at 10:30"

Frankie - "bye"

Elena - "bye"

i put the phone down and turned around to see Liam standing there

"your going out then?"

i nodded "to see elena, hannah will probably come too"

just at that moment louis walked out pulling hannah along

"whats happening? i heard my name"

"do you want to come shopping with me and my friend elena today?"

she nodded and smiled "yeah sure, why not?"

we both smiled and liam walked back into the lounge, hannah walked over to me

"what time are we going?"

"we're meeting her at 10:30"

"oh cool, how do you want to get there?"

i thought for a moment, i hadnt thought about that. i was just concentrating on meeting elena so i could tell her about niall

"i could drop you off if you want?"

we both turned to see louis holding up his car keys, i laughed and nodded whilst hannah went over to him and gave him a kiss

"love you"

"love you too"

she let go and walked back over to me "i need to get changed though, im still in yesterdays clothes"

"you can borrow some of mine if you want"

she nodded "cheers"

"no problem"

i nodded and we began walking up the stairs to my room. When we got there i flopped down on the bed and sighed whilst hannah searched through my wardrobe. She pulled out some black skinnys, a pink floaty cape top and a pair of black heels(although they werent very high)i nodded at her as she walked out to go to the bathroom to get changed. A few minutes she walked back in


i nodded and we both walked downstairs and into the lounge. She sat down in between niall and louis and gestured for me to sit next to her, i sighed as i knew that she knew that i liked niall, so i went and sat next to him and to make it even more awkward she began talking to louis. Looking around i noticied that zayn and liam were missing, zayn was probably still at rebecca's and i dont know where liam was. harry was blanking everyone, sitting on the laptop so i turned to niall

"wheres liam?"

he turned to me, as soon as i saw his lips i felt my stomach double up, god i hate it when boys do this and whats worse is that he is the only guy thats made me feel like this. I must have zoned out because he clicked his fingers in front of my face

"huh? sorry what? i sort of zoned out"

he blushed slightly

"daydreaming again?"

i smiled at him and he smiled back, i could tell he was reminsicing times of when i daydreamed about him when he came to wake me up.


he winked at me and i felt myself fall further and further into his lock. I was interupted by louis and hannah standing up and drawing my eyes away from niall's tight top.

"are we going then?"

i nodded and stood up, harry was wearing his headphones and was slowly nodding along to whatever music he was listening to. Lous tapped me on the arm then used his charade skills to try and tell me to go and make him jump. i nodded and slowly walked up behind him, the others were trying not to laugh so i smacked my hands down on his shoulders. he jumped up and screamed and we all burst out in fits of laughter.

"honestly frankie, your definately a payne"

"no im not"

he nodded "yeah you are, liam does that to me all the time"

i looked down "im a jones"

he looked a bit upset "oh yeah, jones, i forgot"

i nodded and walked out, someone followed and stopped me before i flung the front door open, she spun me around and pulled me into a tight hug, i hugged them back not caring who it was. I felt a tear fall down my cheek as the truth hit me that i wasnt actually a payne yet, i was still a jones. the one and only jones.


Hannah's P.O.V

niall ran after frankie whilst we all just stared in shock, or actually lou and haz stared in shock, i just smiled and slowly walked out to see niall and frankie in a tight, very strong hug. Harry and louis came out and stared in amazement as we just watched niall gently rock frankie, trying to calm her down. A few seconds later they pulled apart and faced us, they both looked a bit shocked as they probably werent expecting us there, harry and louis still had open mouths but i just grabbed louis' hand and pulled him outside, grabbing frankie as we went along. If niall wanted her, he would have to come and get her. True to my feelings we were just getting into the car when niall ran out and stood next to frankie, he reached into his pocket and grabbed a credit card. He passed it to her and she looked confused

"whats this?"

"its a credit card"

"i know that but why have i got one?"

"err.. umm.... its liams, he left it for you"

she smiled and nodded "thanks"

he nodded and she got in the car, he walked back inside and we set off. Halfway there i turned around to talk to frankie

"i swear you had liams card in your pocket before?"

a cheeky smile appeared on her face "i did"

i looked at her confused so she passed me the card that niall gave her. I turned it over to look at the name. Mr N. Horan. i laughed and turned back to frankie "oopps, someone forgot to cover their name"

she laughed and reached into her back pocket and pulled out another card and handed it to me. Mr L. Payne. i laughed and gave it back to her "guess someone forgot to check if i had one already"

we both laughed as louis just drove off, completely confused


Niall's P.O.V

i went back inside after giving her my card. I walked back into the lounge, where harry was sitting on the sofa on his phone

"you know niall buddy, if your going to give a girl your card at least cover your name"

i blushed "yeah well, she thinks its liams"

"not if she looks at your name"

crap. i completely forgot about that. oh well, i just hope she doesnt notice.


Elena's P.O.V

i waved Sarah off(she had dropped me off) and walked over to the cinema entrance. I only had to wait for a few minutes until I saw a sliver car pull into the parking lot. It stopped and a blonde girl and frankie got out, i smiled as i ran over


she turned and smiled and began to walk over


we both laughed and embraced each other in a hug, we pulled apart and i looked at the girl who was standing next to frankie

"im elena"

she smiled "hannah"

we both pulled each other into a hug and then stood there in silence for a few minutes until i remembered why frankie had wanted to meet me

"so, whats this news?"

"lets go get a coffee and i'll tell you everything"

i nodded and we walked over to the closest coffee shop, starbucks. we ordered a cup of coffee and found a table.

"so, we're in a coffee shop, so tell"

"well, theres quite a few things really" she gestured to hannah "you know some of them already"

hannah nodded then the coffee arrived so she waited until the waiter had gone before continuing

"promise neither of you will interupt me until i've finished?"

we nodded and she took a sip of her coffee

"well, when i first arrived i found all the boys fit, sorry hannah, but anyway i liked all of them but then niall came to wake me up one morning because liam told him to and i began to feel something for him and then we watched a film and he said he would protect me from the shark in jaws then we had a pizza fight and i ended up liking him even more then when we went to the cinema because liam hired out the whole screen i sat next to him and we got really close but liam interupted. Then last night i was thirsty and i wanted to think things through so i went to the kitchen then he came in to get a drink and then we talked for a bit then we kissed! we actually kissed! then he said we couldnt be together because liam doesnt want me to have a boyfriend yet and i walked off because i was really hurt then he gave me his credit card saying it was liams and now im really confused about how i feel and what to do"

she took a deep breath and let her head fall on the table, i was still trying to take it all in and by the looks on hannahs face im guessing that she definately wasnt told the whole story. We sat in silence until frankie sat up

"so? what do you think i should do?"

i wanted to help but to be honest i didnt know how to. I dont live with them so i couldnt be there all the time and ive never really been in that situation before. I knew Frankie hadnt had alot of experience with boys and i even think  that-

"wait.. did you say you kissed him?"

she nodded "yeah, it was amazing, his lips were so-"

i interupted "that was your first kiss right?"

she thought about it then nodded

"oh yeah, do you think that this is why i feel like this?"

i looked at hannah, who shrugged but turned to her

"maybe, i can see you like him alot and he obviously likes you alot too"

"yeah but i cant have him, can i?"

"maybe, there might be a way"

i was confused "how? liam doesnt want her to date them"

"i could talk to him or if not i could get lou to talk to him because im sure he agrees that you two would look cute"

we all thought about it for a moment until frankie looked up

"can you and louis talk to him?"

hannah nodded "yep sure, anything else?"


she shrugged "i dont know, anything to do with niall?"

she thought but shook her head "no, we need to deal with liam first then niall"

we all nodded and finished our drinks. We all stood up and hannah turned to frankie

"whos paying?"

frankie smiled a very cheeky smile "niall"

we laughed as she pulled out his card and payed, we walked outside and headed towards the shops. we all needed it and with 3 credit cards in hand im guessing it shouldnt be too hard.

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