I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?

Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down


19. Engaged

1 month later

Lottie's P.O.V

great, so Frankie and Peter are completely smitten with each other and her thoughts about liam have gone out the window. I mentioned him the other day and she said liam who before remembering him, i have a funny feeling that in a few more months she would have completely forgotten him. shes even stopped wearing the hoodie and jewellry, she put them in a box and hides it under her bed. its like shes trying to block out her past and concentrate on her life here and now.

Me, abbie and jess were helping Frankie to pick an outfit for dinner tonight with her special man. He was taking her out to a special resturant but secretly we were happy because we were getting the night off. although because we were frankie's maids whenever we were with her we all had a laugh and she treated us like friends instead of maids. frankie had got changed into a blue strap dress that came just below her knees and was practically stuck to her body.

I was doing her hair using the curlers, Abbie was doing her makeup and jess was just wandering around looking for shoes. jess came over with a pair of blue heels, she slipped them on frankies feet and i finished her hair. she stood up and walked over to her mirror. we all stood behind her and she just stared at herself. i looked closer and saw a tear fall down her cheek. i walked up and turned her around

"dont cry, you'll ruin your makeup"

she nodded slowly and brushed it away, i smiled and we all walked out. We walked downstairs and she hugged peter, she nodded at us as they walked out, when the door was closed we all sighed

"poor girl" abbie said

we nodded

"shes never going to see him again, is she?" Jess asked

i nodded "she has to, theyre family, they cant stay apart for long"

they nodded "what do you think she'll say?"

i shrugged "no clue, we just have to wait"

they nodded and we walked off and went into our rooms and began watching the TV.


Frankie's P.O.V

Peter helped me into the limo and the driver drove off, he helped me into the resturant and we sat down, a couple of people began chattering between themselves whilst pointing. peter sat down and grabbed my hand

"dont worry, its me there looking at"

i nodded slowly "but why?"

"because of who i am"

i nodded again, i had forgot about that. he smiled and the waiter came over

"and what can i get you tonight?"

peter looked from me to the waiter

"well, only the best for my lovely princess"

the waiter nodded "may i recommend something?"

he nodded "as long as its as nice as her"

the waiter gave peter a menu and showed him something, he nodded and the waiter walked off. Peter grabbed my hand and looked at me

"you seriously are too beautiful"

i blushed as he carried on

"and when i first saw you sitting on the table in your trackies and hoodie i knew that you would be the one who would make me this happy, and that night when you walked downstairs in that pink dress really took my breath away. you are truly my princess and-"

he froze, i looked at him confused but saw that he was looking over my shoulder. i turned around and saw something that made me gag and shudder. Liam, Danielle(that was the bit that made me gag and shudder) hannah, louis, rebecca, zayn, harry and niall.


Harry's P.O.V

I swear that if you said the name frankie in front of liam now he wouldnt have a clue who you were on about. Honestly i know we still all miss her, we just dont want to admit it. We had moved out of our own houses and were now living alone as a group, just the 5 of us except the odd night when hannah, rebecca or danielle stayed over. On this night they were all staying because we had scored our first number one with our song Na Na Na(A/N one directions B-Side) Liam and danielle were snuggled up on the sofa, kissing every now and again. louis and zayn were dancing on just dance and hannah and rebecca were just laughing and talking between themselves. Niall was sitting on the table writing something, so seeing as he was doing something normal i decided to go over and sit next to him

"whats up niallator?"

he laughed but quickly turned the papers over so i couldnt see, i raised my eyebrows and laughed

"dude, we live together now, nothings private"

he sighed and slowly turned them over, i took a sheet and scanned through. it was song lyrics

"you hid song lyrics from me?"

he shook his head and handed me another sheet with more lyrics but i ignored these and looked at the top of the paper. Frankie's Song. i sighed and gave him the sheet back

"dude, its sorta time to face the fact that she aint coming back"

he shook his head "shut up, you know she will and do you know why? because you miss her too"

i couldnt argue with that so i put my hands up in surrender

"yeah ok i admit it, i miss her, we all do, but we ALL have to understand that shes happy with that peter dude"

he nodded slowly and i could see it hurt him alot that she was with peter not him. i gently tapped him on the back

"anyway, we're going out for dinner so go get ready and i bet you'll find a girl there tonight better than frankie"

he shook his head but stood up

"no-one could ever be better than frankie"

and with that he walked off and went to get ready, i sighed and nodded

"i know bud, i know"


Liam's P.O.V

we all arrived at the resturant in different vehicles as there wasnt enough space in the one. but eventually we were all together, we all walked into the resturant and asked for a table for 8. As we were walking to our table i began casually looking around the room, making sure there was no crazy fans. luckily there wasnt but then one girl turned around and she was aot more than just a fan.

Frankie's eyes locked on mine and i couldnt move away, she was with that peter which just made me angry. i was about to go over there when louis came over and tapped me on the shoulder

"come on, were all-"

he froze too, i knew he was staring at frankie, she had changed alot. and there i was thinking she couldnt get any prettier, i guess i got proven wrong. Louis began to speak slowly but remained staring

"were all waiting" i nodded and he managed to pull me away, i sat down next to danielle and hannah . i had my back to frankies direction and to be honest i wasnt sure whether that was good or bad. danielle wrapped her arm around me but i just zoned out staring at the table. she looked so radient, i seriously dont know how anyone could get any prettier. i shook myself and looked up at louis

"you alright?" he mouthed, i nodded slowly and he nodded back but leant over and whispered in hannah's ear. her mouth dropped but then she kissed him, im guessing he didnt want to make it obvious. she looked at me then back at louis then to me, i nodded slowly and louis leaned over to niall, who was next to him, niall's face mirrored hannahs and he leant over to harry. it carried on around the circle with zayn even telling rebecca. he had filled her in with everything that had happened and she had said she would always be there for us which i really appreciate.

The only person that didnt know was danielle and although we were all whispering she still didnt notice which was good because she could have easily got it out of me but for some reason i didnt want to tell her just yet.


Frankie's P.O.V

louis went up to liam and they both stared at me for a moment before louis pulled liam away and when we lost eye contact it felt like my heart had just been ripped out of my chest. i quickly turned back around to see peter. he smiled at me

"erm... where was i?"

i shrugged, seeing liam had just erased everything else. peter stood up slowly and walked next to me

"i was going to wait until after dinner but i cant wait that long"

i looked at him cluelessly so he bent down on one knee, i looked around to see that everyone had stopped eating to look at us. i looked down at peter who reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring with a bloody(excuse my language) bloody massive diamond. i gasped as he offered it to me

"i know it feels like we have just met but i love you frankie jones and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, so im asking you now in front of everyone in this resturant... will you marry me frankie?"

i froze and felt my heart skip a beat, maybe two. i looked down at the ring, it shone in the light. i didnt even want to know how much a diamond like that would actually cost, let alone the ring itself and smaller diamonds around the edge. i practically lost my breath but managed to nod

"yes" i whispered, a huge smile appeared on his face as he slipped the ring onto my finger. everyone began clapping as peter pulled me into a kiss. this was every girls dream but to me... this is reality.


Liam's P.O.V

a waiter came over and as we began to order what we wanted the whole resturant burst out into claps and woohoo's. we all looked at each other confused so i stood up and tapped the waiter

"excuse me, but why is everyone clapping?"

"wedding proposal, some rich kid, nice girl though"

i felt anger rush through me as i pushed past him, the boys quickly jumped over things as we all pushed through the crowd to see peter pulling frankie through the crowd heading towards the door, i felt slightly heartbroken as frankie showed off the ring, they went outside and as people began settling down i rushed off through the door. the boys followed but i didnt care.


 i shouted as i burst through the door just stopping them from getting in the limo, she turned to me and i was, yet again, taken back by the way she had grown up. she grew up way too fast. shes only 16 and there she was, dressed like a 20 year old with an engagement ring on her finger. we stared at each other for a moment before i walked up to her, peter got in the limo and i stood there with frankie just staring into her eyes. oh how i had missed them. she coughed and i smiled

"well, your engaged!"

she lifted up her hand and fiddled with the ring but the only thing that caught me was how bloody big it was! im on about huge!

"well.. yeah"

i nodded slowly, wanting to say congratulations but feeling so annoyed at how young she was

"well congr-...frankie, what the hell are you doing with your life? your 16 for gods sake, your growing up way too fast!"

she smiled as i started the congratulations but it disappeared when i began to lose it

"well then maybe you should stop trying to rule my life and let me live it" and with that she got in the car, i realised my mistake and began shouting her name and banging on the windows, trying to get to her but it drove off leaving me standing there feeling crap. again. i turned slowly to see the boys looking down

"its your fault she doesnt want to come back liam!" niall shouted before storming off back inside, i sighed as i realised he was right. i went to speak to the boys when they just shook their heads before walking back inside. i decided to go for a walk, i started off down the street and felt a tear fall down my face. i felt my pocket vibrate and i pulled out my phone, danielle's picture was on the screen but i sighed. i didnt do anything about it until i reached a water fountain. i looked one more time at her picture before chucking it in the water and watching it sink to the bottom. for some reason i realised that seeing that mirrored what my heart was doing. sinking.

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